2 September 2018

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Elon Musk Plays Along with ETH Giveaway Scam on Twitter

Barely a few hours after crypto giveaway scam bots on Twitter targeted the official account of Pope Francis to promote a fake bitcoin giveaway, Elon Musk has again been targeted while taking a playful jab at the now-ubiquitous Twitter scam. Responding to a thread under a tweet from Techmeme referencing Twitter’s latest purge of scam bots, Musk

Analyst Says Bitcoin More Stable Due to Wall Street
The creation of Bitcoin by Satoshi Nakamoto has had a profound impact. While dismissed by the financial world initially, institutional investors are now ...
Bitcoin price well up over $7000 again with Saturday gain
On Saturday, bitcoin's (BTC) price swung upwards starting the day around $7,042 but after a couple of jumps reached around $7,218 at 20:15 before ...
Bitcoin (BTC) Halvening And Its Effect On Market Cycles
Bitcoin (BTC) halvening has an interesting effect on market cycles as we have seen during the recent correction. The above chart for BTC/USD clearly ...
Global Bitcoin ATM Market to be Worth $145 Million by 2023: Report

As cryptocurrency awareness and adoption grows, the bitcoin ATM market is forecast to expand at a CAGR of over 50% in a five-year period. This is according to a study conducted by business-to-business research firm MarketsandMarkets indicating that the cryptocurrency ATM market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 54.7% between 2018 and

Big Blockin': Bitcoin Cash Stress Test Day Produces 15 MB BCH Block
September 1st marked the Bitcoin Cash Stress Test Day in the BCH community, wherein participants sent around 2 million transactions on the day to ...
Bitcoin Cash Stress Test Results: 2.1 Million Transactions Cause No Surge in Fees
The Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network experienced over 2.1 million transactions on September 1 as a result of the recently launched BCH stress test, ...
Is Wright Wrong, Ethereum Block Reward Cut and Big Raises: This Week in Crypto

Make sure you check out our previous edition here, now let’s go over what happened in crypto this week. Also, make sure you subscribe for this weeks edition of The CCN Podcast on iTunes, TuneIn, Stitcher, Google Play Music, Spotify, Soundcloud, Youtube or wherever you get your podcasts. Price Watch: Bitcoin is up 7.15%  to $7,200 after fluctuating just below the $7,000 mark last Sunday before finally breaking

CoinEx produces a confusing and misleading statement about supposed Bitcoin Cash fork
The statement has caused confusion among investors, who were otherwise led to believe by Bitcoin SV supporting teams that the competing client ...
Bitcoin Still Bullish For 2018 — Three Factors
So far the SEC has denied nine Bitcoin ETFs including those of Direxion, ProShares and Granite Shares. Their main concern seems to be centered on ...
New Study Highlights the Many Positives of Bitcoin Mining
It's become fashionable in public circles to bash Bitcoin on account of its energy consumption. Virtually every week, mainstream media (MSM) attacks ...
Actor Involved in Bitcoin Scam Says He's Innocent
A Thai actor involved in a Bitcoin scam that cost a Finnish man $34 million says he's innocent of any wrongdoing.
Choosing Coins: What Influences Cryptocurrency Exchanges’ Listings?

When it comes to the most well regarded and highest trade-volume cryptocurrency exchanges, even the mere hint of a new coin listing can send enthusiasts, investors and pundits wild – resulting in close speculation and often a certain level of ‘pump’ with regards to coin value. How Do They Do It Normally? An obvious conclusion

One of Crypto's Biggest Firms Says Bitcoin Bears Are Busted, BTC Likely Heading to 10K
One of the biggest firms in crypto says the Bitcoin bears are out of gas, with 10K on the horizon. The CEO of Genesis Global Trading, Michael Moro, ...
Taiwanese Hospital Launches Blockchain Platform for Record Keeping

As part of efforts to consolidate the government’s Hierarchical Medical system policy, Taipei Medical University Hospital has introduced a blockchain-driven platform for the advancement of medical record-keeping. The Healthcare Blockchain Platform will be used to improve patient referral services and integrates individual healthcare networks for people to access their medical records with relative ease, according to

Washington Utility Increases Power Rates for Bitcoin Mining
Washington Utility Increases Power Rates for Bitcoin Mining ... servers and a lot of electricity to produce Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies that exist ...
Ether Futures May Be Bad for the Crypto but Good for Bitcoin, Says Wall St. Analyst Tom Lee
Wall Street analyst Tom Le has recently argued ether futures contracts may be ba for their underlying cryptocurrency. This as they'll give crypto bears a ...
Covered: Llyod’s of London is Insuring a Crypto Custody Services Firm

HODLers who use the services of Kingdom Trust are now bound to sleep a little more soundly. This is after the Murray, Kentucky-based cryptocurrency custody firm announced that it had obtained insurance coverage for the digital assets it holds via the marketplace of Lloyd’s of London. Currently, Kingdom Trust boasts of US$12 billion of assets

Bitcoin Price Watch: Currency Remains at $7200, Shows More Stability
However, the price has bumped itself up just enough that $7,300 is likely right around the corner granted bitcoin can keep up this momentum.
Weekly Forecast: Crypto Rally Has Legs as Bitcoin Enters Bullish Territory
Could this be the week that cryptocurrencies shake off the bearish headwinds? A look at bitcoin's price action suggests that a more sustained recovery ...
Bitcoin [BTC], XRP, Ethereum [ETH], Litecoin [LTC], and Bitcoin Cash [BCH] perpetual futures ...
And world's first Perpetual BCH/USD, ETH/USD, XRP/USD, LTC/USD, and XRP/XBT contracts Use Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, XRP & BitcoinCash as ...
What is Bitcoin?
You've probably heard of bitcoin, with its spike in valuation of up to almost $20,000 per coin. But many people are probably confused what a bitcoin ...
Bitcoin (BTC) ATM Market To Total $145 Million By 2023, Globally
A new report from the business-to-business research firm MarketsandMarkets indicates that the global Bitcoin (BTC) ATM market will score a ...
Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple Price Analysis for the week August 27 to September 02
Bitcoin adoption just gets real as fruit and vegetable vendors accept cryptos. Yahoo Finance integrates trading for cryptocurrencies. Firefox blocks ...
Bitcoin shorts surge $87 million
Bitcoin shorts spiked earlier today by about ?12,000 ($87 million) following Bitcoin's $500 hike yesterday, bringing up last week's recent low of ...
New USD Crypto Futures Bring Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, XRP and Litecoin to Institutional ...
UK-based cryptocurrency futures exchange Crypto Facilities says it has launched the world's first USD perpetual futures contracts in crypto for ...
Random Person Asks You to Give 2 Interesting Facts About Bitcoin (Top Responses)
Holder P: – Bitcoin is deflationary, so unlike paper money, it's value increases over time – Bitcoin is an asset you can carry in your head or pocket and ...
Bitcoin Shorts Reach All-Time Highs During Low Market Cycle, What's Next?
Bitcoin short positions have been ranging near their all-time highs during the past month, signaling that traders are giving up hope that Bitcoin will ...
Craig Wright Refutes Phil Wilson's Bitcoin Origins Satoshi Story: Shares 'Easter Eggs' Exposure ...
Since the conception of Bitcoin, there have been few stories as significant and long-lasting as the question regarding who might be Satoshi Nakamoto.
Analyst on Why Hasn't Bitcoin Burst: Internet Searches and Futures Introduction
A recent set of remarks by a renowned policy advisor within the Dutch National Bank has some people wondering if the link between interest in Bitcoin ...
Dogecoin Drops 35% as Dogethereum Sentiment Wears Off

Dogecoin today fell as much as 35 percent from its highest peak since March. The DOGE/USD yesterday established the intraday high near 0.00692-fiat after rising by more than 70 percent in just two days. Just before the yesterday’s close, the pair had undergone a bearish correction towards 0.00540-fiat. The Sunday’s trading session began on a

Understanding Bitcoin and Taxes
As cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin become more mainstream, the Internal Revenue Service is paying close attention. In fact, from the close of 2018 and ...
Bitcoin Price Intraday Analysis: BTC/USD Surges Towards Wedge Resistance
Bitcoin price on Sunday continued to stick to its uptrend path, recording as much as 4 percent gains against the US Dollar. The BTC/USD began the ...
Bitcoin Gets Mentioned in Eminem's New Album Kamikaze
Public awareness is a highly sought-after commodity among cryptocurrencies, as it has the ability to influence markets. Bitcoin has just gotten another ...
Ethereum (ETH) vs Bitcoin Cash (BCH): Comparing a Computer with Currency
Comparing the Ethereum ETH project to Bitcoin Cash BCH might sound a bit odd since the two projects appear to have nothing in common except the ...
Bitcoin Price Hits Monthly Breaching $7300: Google Experts Weigh In
Bitcoin's growth has been less stable if not spectacular over the last twenty-four hours, and at around 10:00 UTC September 2nd BTC peaked above ...
ETH Futures: Bad for Ethereum, Good for Bitcoin, Says Tom Lee
Lee's declaration as the Cboe Global Markets gears up to launch Ethereum futures contracts in addition to its Bitcoin futures trading, which debuted in ...
Hodler's Digest, August 26–September 2: Both Eminem and Yahoo Finance Embrace Bitcoin in ...
Yahoo Finance Integrates Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin on iOS App. Yahoo Finance has integrated BTC, ETH, and LTC on its iOS app this week, ...
Bitcoin Price Weekly Analysis: BTC/USD Targets $7300-7400
Bitcoin price is gaining strength above the $7,100 level against the US Dollar. BTC/USD buyers are now targeting the $7,300 and $7,400 resistances.
Tom Lee: Bitcoin Could Benefit from Ether Futures
If there's one thing you can say about Fundstrat's Tom Lee, it's that he's very optimistic about Bitcoin. In early July, Lee stood by his prediction that the ...
New Satoshi Challenger Tells All — But Is He Legit?
Last year Wilson published a story called 'Bitcoin Origins,' asserting he is 1/3 of the Satoshi Nakamoto group. After the story was published, nobody ...
Anything Besides Bitcoin is 'Useless' – Tone Vays and Nouriel Roubini Square Off
Vays went on to compare Bitcoin to nuclear waste — if you don't know how to properly store it, disaster may strike. Vays still remains a devotee despite ...
Crypto update: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Monero push higher, Ethereum, Ripple, EOS, and Stellar ...
It has been a reasonably positive weekend of trade for the crypto market. Although many coins have given back some of their gains over the last 24 ...
Venezuela's Petro Cryptocurrency Is a Gift to Future Generations
The petro cryptocurrency may be one of the most ill-conceived blockchain projects. But it just might speak to exactly why the tech is gravely needed.
Bitcoin Price is More Reliable in 2018, Says SFOX Exec
Although Bitcoin price and virtually all altcoins dropped during the course of 2018, an optimistic review coming from SFOX, a cryptocurrency prime ...
Crypto Market Adds $8 Billion as Bitcoin's Price Surpasses $7300
The cryptocurrency ecosystem has recently added $8 billion, as the price of most top cryptocurrencies is on the rise. Bitcoin recently surpassed $7,300 ...
Bitcoin 101: Everything you need to know about investing, buying, and mining digital currency
The most well-known blockchain is the Bitcoin blockchain, as Bitcoin was the first application of blockchain technology. However, it is important to ...
Bitcoin breaks above $7200 as Dogecoin, ReddCoin, MonaCoin and Nano lead the alt retracement
Bitcoin broke over $7200 yesterday and several signs indicate that the move is slowly over-extending itself. Indicators are turning short-term bearish; ...
CPChain Introduces the RNode Ecosystem Structure to More Effectively Secure and Validate Cross-Chain Transactions

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The Petro Probably Doesn’t Exist, Nor the Oil Reserves Backing It: Report

A month after Venezuelan president Nicholas Maduro announced the creation of the Petro, a state-backed cryptocurrency that would supposedly bring the country out of six-figure hyperinflation, the only place the Petro seems to exist is in the media. A Reuters special report recently documented the situation in the oil-rich savanna region around the town of Atapirire,

Bitcoin Cash Stress Test Sees Its Miners Process Over 2 Million Transactions in a Day
A stress test on the bitcoin cash (BCH) network recently saw it process over 2.2 million transactions in the last 24 hours, as its proponents flooded its ...
August 2018 Bitcoin Review: Top Monthly Cryptocurrency Gains and Losses
August has, without a doubt, been one of the worst months in recent history for the cryptocurrency markets. Starting with the crash in price of Bitcoin ...
Stress Test & Big Blocks: BCH Network Confirms 2M Transactions in 24-Hours
On September 1, 2018, the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network was put to the test as BCH proponents flooded the mempool with millions of transactions.
Crypto Facilities Launched Bitcoin (BTC) and XRP (XRP) Perpetual Futures Contracts, Among Others
A Financial Conduct Authority-regulated trading platform, Crypto Facilities, informed about the launch of new perpetual futures contracts for Bitcoin ...
Cryptocurrency Market Update: Bitcoin Cash Boosted on Stress Test Day
Bitcoin keeps climbing, albeit very slowly, it has made 2.3% on the day to trade at $7,230. The next resistance level for BTC is $7,350 which it could ...
Washington utility increases power rates for bitcoin mining
Those firms use stacks of computer servers and a lot of electricity to produce Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies that exist electronically. Commissioner ...
Russian Police Seize 22 Bitcoin ATMs in Countrywide Crackdown
Could the abrupt and unannounced seizure of 22 Bitcoin ATMs spread across nine Russian cities signal the start of a wider crackdown on ...
Bitcoin Exchange Introduces Biometric Authentication To Further Imprve Security
However, DMM.com, the parent company for DDM Bitcoin, believes the addition of biometric authentication is a crucial step towards giving their ...
The Fight Over Masternodes: The WTF New Way to Earn Money With Crypto
There's a battle going on and it displays how popular masternodes have become. But wait, what's a masternode? And how can you earn money with one?
Bitcoin Price Secures $7200 as Shorts Rise Rapidly but Tokens Bleed Out
On September 2, short contracts on Bitcoin started to pile up on BitMEX and Bitfinex, a relatively large portion of the crypto market expressed their ...
Bitcoin Cash Price Weekly Analysis: BCH/USD Rally Could Extend above $650
Bitcoin cash price climbed higher sharply above $600 against the US Dollar. BCH/USD may correct lower, but dips remain supported for more gains ...
Bitcoin Cash proponent Calvin Ayre dissing Bitmain; an insider look into the BCH meetings
On 1st September, Calvin Ayre, the Founder of Ayre Group and Calvin Ayre Foundation, and a Bitcoin Cash proponent released a post talking about ...
University of Malta Launches €300,000 Blockchain Scholarship Fund

Malta continues to take the lead in the cryptocurrency and blockchain sector with an interesting new development in the educational sector. The University of Malta and the Malta Information Technology Agency have signed an agreement where a fund of EUR300,000 will be made available for those students who wish to pursue their studies in blockchain

Tom Lee: CBOE Ethereum Futures May Hurt ETH, But Benefit Bitcoin (BTC)
While many agreed with this hope, Tom Lee, the head of research at Fundstrat Global Advisors, expects this news to benefit the price of Bitcoin (BTC) ...

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