3 September 2018

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Devvio Appoints Top US Tech VC Ray Quintana as Global President

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Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis: BCH/USD Could Test $600 Before Higher
Bitcoin cash price is positioned nicely above $600 against the US Dollar. BCH/USD could correct lower in the short term, but dips remain supported.
Trader: Bitcoin Break Out Imminent as Weekly Chart Turns Bullish, $8,000 Next?

Over the past 24 hours, many well-recognized traders in the cryptocurrency market have expressed their optimism toward the stabilization of Bitcoin and its positive weekly moving average convergence divergence (MACD). Popular cryptocurrency traders and analysts including Crypto Rand have placed heavy emphasis on the weekly MACD indicator of Bitcoin, which has demonstrated a reverse in...

22 Bitcoin ATMs Seized By Russian Police In Nine Cities
Law enforcement in Russia has seized 22 Bitcoin ATMs which were installed at stores, malls, and restaurants in 9 different cities of the country.
Bitcoin price analysis: BTC/USD stays above $7000 dominated by short-term traders
Bitcoin has settled above $7,000 handle during weekend and gained 1.3% on a daily basis. However, the bulls might find it increasingly difficult to ...
iTrue Empowers Businesses with Better GDPR Compliance and Data Marketplace Capability

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Bitcoin Has Swung 10% In Seven Days -- Is It Really More Stable?
Bitcoin, as well as the wider cryptocurrency market, has been struggling with stability for years. Over the past 12 months, bitcoin has climbed from ...
Google Now Provides a Big Data View of the Ethereum Blockchain
Internet search giant Google is providing a Big Data window into ethereum after adding the network to its analytics platform BigQuery.
Bittrex Waves Goodbye To Bitcoin Gold (BTG) After $18M Hack
The entirety of the cryptocurrency industry has indisputably had a dismal year, with prices collapsing by upwards of 70% across the board. But Bitcoin ...
TOP 3 price prediction Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple: Bitcoin on the rise as the entire Altcoin board falls?
I have long considered a Bitcoin decoupling scenario with respect to the Altcoins as a real possibility. That scenario seems more likely today than ever, ...
World Bank Bond Blockchain Offers Key Insights
Is it time to rethink private blockchains? The World Bank's "blockchain bond" success has reinvigorated that question.
Crypto Update: Bitcoin Slips Again, New Cryptocurrency to Be Launched
Bitcoin prices slipped on Monday, while Ethereum, XRP and Litecoinlost more than 3%. Japan's Line Corp (NYSE:LN) announced on Friday that it ...
Bitcoin price analysis: Is this a reversal? Bulls treading on dangerous ground
Bitcoin price is sitting comfortably above $7,000 in spite of the drop below $7,300 after trading highs of $7,330.39. As covered in an earlier published ...
Bitcoin On Air: 100 Reasons to Explore the World of Cryptocurrency
In less than a year, eight months to be exact, Matt Aaron and his team have grown the Bitcoin.com Podcast Network (BPN) by 100 episodes. Covering ...
Bitcoin [BTC] market to make it or break it at $7300? Bitcoin Shorts skyrockets on Bitfinex
Bitcoin [BTC] recently broke past the $7000 mark after falling in the bear's grip last month due to the postponement of Cboe VanEck ETF by the SEC.
Two Exchanges Publish Contingency Plans for November BCH Fork
This weekend two exchanges have released details on how they will handle the November 15 Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hard fork if there happens to be a ...
CloudMoolah’s Token XMOO Is Now Trading on Coinsuper

This is a submitted sponsored story. CCN urges readers to conduct their own research with due diligence into the company, product or service mentioned in the content below. CloudMoolah was one of the most successful ICOs this year, having raised their target sum of US$15 million USD. They have proceeded to have their XMOO coin listed

CryptoBarons Placed Among the Top Five Finalists at the Alto.io Cryptogame Challenge

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Tom Lee: Bitcoin to Hit $20k in 2018 Despite Struggle of Emerging Markets
Fundstrat's Tom Lee, a Bitcoin permabull known for his optimistic price targets for the dominant cryptocurrency, has said that Bitcoin will likely end the ...
Bitcoin Cash Gains 14% as Stress Test Hits Transaction Record
Over the weekend, Bitcoin Cash conducted a stress test designed to prove to merchants and businesses worldwide that its mainnet is capable of ...
Two Sides of the Coin: Litecoin Mining vs Bitcoin Mining
Both Bitcoin and Litecoin use proof-of-work to validate and secure transactions on their networks. Bitcoin uses the SHA-256 algorithm to achieve this.
Bitcoin Daily: Rakuten Plans To Acquire Crypto Exchange, Asia Sees Surge In Blockchain Job ...
Japanese eCommerce company Rakuten is planning to acquire the cryptocurrency exchange service called everybody's bitcoin Inc., according to an ...
Bitcoin Price Holds Key $7200 Level; Tom Lee Maintains $20000 Year-End Forecast
Bitcoin's price consolidated in a narrow range on Monday, as the presence of overbought conditions near the recent monthly high limited the bullish ...
Bitcoin Slips; Line to Launch Cryptocurrency
Investing.com - Bitcoin prices slipped on Monday, while Ethereum, XRP and Litecoin lost more than 3%. Japan's Line Corp (NYSE:LN) announced on ...
Exchanges Round-Up: DMM Bitcoin Launches Biometric Authentication, Ironfx Seeks Gibraltar ...
In recent news pertaining to cryptocurrency exchanges, DDM Bitcoin has launched biometric authentication for Android users of its app, Fxcoin has ...
Bitcoin Price Faces Minor Drop After One-Month Highs
Bitcoin could be in for a minor price pullback as the short-duration charts are flashing signs of bullish exhaustion.
DGAP-News: Northern Bitcoin displays successful first half year 2018
Frankfurt/Main, 03 September 2018 - Northern Bitcoin AG (ISIN: DE000A0SMU87) has succeeded at taking its Bitcoin mining infrastructure in Norway ...
Dread Pirate Roberts Whale Wallet Activity Hints Toward $800 million Bitcoin Market Dump
Almost $800 million worth of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash has been withdrawn from wallets associated with defunct cryptocurrency “black market” Silk ...
Bitcoin (BTC) Price Set to Reach $143900 by 2028, Satis Analysts Predict
Satis Group, a cryptocurrency and initial coin offering (ICO) advisory firm, expects the price of Bitcoin (BTC) to surge drastically over the next 10 years ...
Bitcoin price LIVE: BTC beats resistance to hold above $7k - will crypto-prices increase?
DAILY HEADLINES. Good afternoon and welcome to our rolling coverage of all things cryptocurrency, including price, regulation, innovation, and ...
Russian Police Seize 22 Cryptocurrency ATMs Under Central Bank Request

Russian police have recently seized cryptocurrency ATM machines under orders from the country’s central bank. According to local publication RBC, the ATM developer impacted by the seizure plans to appeal the action, and has incurred economic damage and costs to its reputation, said Sarkis Darbinian, an attorney for the Center of Digital Rights, which defends the company.

Bittrex Delists Bitcoin Gold Amid Lack of Compensation Over 51% Attack
Bittrex, one of the planet's largest cryptocurrency operators, has delisted BTG from its exchange after the Bitcoin Gold Organization declined to pay ...
Bitcoin Is Here to Stay So Try Investing in It
Bitcoin is a controversial topic for investors. There are experts on both sides arguing for and against the once hot cryptocurrency. While the current ...
Billionaire Bitcoin Bashers Buffett, Gates and Munger Take Their Best Shots at Crypto

A new video recaps the very public musings on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency from three well-known figures in the world of finance and technology. Bitcoin bashing is increasingly colorful as the world’s number one cryptocurrency shows its resilience despite several Bitcoin ETF rejections and a bear market that has been going since January. Esteemed entrepreneur Warren […]

Why Bitmain is Purposely Losing Money in its Bitcoin Mining Business
According to BitMEX Research, a group of analysts at major Bitcoin exchange BitMEX, Bitmain has been intentionally lowering the profit margin of its ...
Bitcoin as a Privacycoin: This Tech is Making Bitcoin More Private
Ever since its inception Bitcoin has never really been private. Although Satoshi Nakamoto's white paper suggests privacy was a design goal of the ...
‘New Crypto Investors Should Ignore Volatility, Hold for Five Years’: Charlie Shrem

Bitcoin advocate Charlie Shrem has said that new crypto investors should not be spooked by the volatility of the asset class, but should rather select a token near the top end of the market and adopt a long term investment position. “Learn and Have Fun With It” Speaking to Yahoo Finance at the MoneyShow Conference

Almost $1B in Bitcoin Moved Around in Silk Road Wallet Addresses
Over a billion dollars in Bitcoin are being moved from several wallets that are all tied to the supposed original Silk Road cold storage wallet.
Bitcoin Technical Analysis
It's a triple bottom affair for Bitcoin and the result is a morale boosting recovery above $7,200 or week ending Aug 12 highs. Even though we anticipate ...
Bitcoin Price Analysis: Strong Rally Tests Trend-Changing Behavior
In a potentially trend-changing move, bitcoin has now managed establish its first *higher* low since the beginning of this years crypto bear market.
Former Estonian Prime Minister Becomes Blockchain Startup Advisor
Former Estonian prime minister Taavi Rõivas is joining cryptocurrency startup Lympo as the chairman of its supervisory board.
Dogecoin Recovers Losses, Rises More than 18 Percent

Dogecoin on Monday recorded more than 18 percent gains against the US Dollar. The DOGE/USD kickstarted the day adding value to its prevailing upside momentum. During the early Asian trading session, the pair had made higher highs towards 0.00572-fiat. It only began to stumble as the session matured and fell towards 0.00498-fiat at the beginning

Azbit Private Sale Starts Today!

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Bitcoin (BTC) Price Watch: Don't Miss This Bullish Pullback
Bitcoin price does seem to remain support, especially after landing back above the $7,000 major psychological mark that many are watching.
Bitcoin ATMs Find Love In Greece, Market To Boom
Crypto ATMs allow users to buy or sell their digital assets like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dashcoin, and others. Greece is one of the countries where ...
Year-to-Date, Bitcoin Outperformed 3 National Currencies Despite Major Correction
Bitcoin, the most dominant cryptocurrency in the global market, has still managed to outperform three national currencies year-to-date despite its steep ...
Walmart Explores Blockchain for Connecting Automated Delivery Drones
Walmart's patent efforts have showcased how the retail giant is investigating blockchain, this time it's a project that sees a way for drones to talk.
Google Dives into the Ethereum Blockchain with its Big Data Analytics Platform

Google BigQuery, Google Cloud’s Petabyte-scale data warehousing solution, has made the Ethereum dataset available to enable the exploration of smart contract analytics, the company announced on a blog. BigQuery has made it possible to explore all of Ethereum’s historical data. Ethereum’s ETL project on GitHub includes all source code that can be extracted from the

Former PayPal CEO Brands Bitcoin a 'Cult', Trashes Use Cases
Bitcoin believers and enthusiasts beware, you could be unwitting members of a cult if Bill Harris is to be believed. Speaking on CNBC's Fast Money ...
Microsoft Is Connecting Its Major Products to Blockchain – Here's Why
The software giant's Azure cloud division is building bridges between its blockchain services and other, widely used infrastructure and platforms.
Laos Central Bank Warns Public Against Cryptocurrency Trading

Laos’ central bank has published a notice cautioning the public against cryptocurrency trading and their usage in payments. In a notice [PDF], dated 29 August, the Bank of Laos (BOL) said the public is warned against the use of “unregulated” cryptocurrencies, specifically naming Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin as examples. Addressed to merchants, traders and residents, the

Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC/USD Another Quick Pullback Play
Bitcoin continues to climb inside an ascending channel as it recently busted through the key $7,000 handle. Price is hitting a roadblock at the ...
Bitcoin (BTC) Technical Analysis: Bulls Squeeze out Shorts, Can Momentum Continue?
Bitcoin continues to perform well throughout this week, with an overall gain of 7% despite mounting pressure from bearish opposition. Bitcoin shorts ...
Year-Low Bitcoin Volatility A Temporary 'Lull', Says Voorhees
Bitcoin volatility is at one of its lowest ebbs in the past 12 months, although it is expected to be more a temporary blip rather than a permanent trend.
Japan Introduces New Screening Requirements for Crypto Exchanges
Only three quasi-operators are left: Coincheck, Lastroots, and Everybody's Bitcoin. This week, the e-commerce giant Rakuten Inc. announced that it is ...
Silk Road Sell-Off? $800M Bitcoin Wallet Sees Mysterious Movement
Bitcoin community members continue to piece together the story behind a huge wallet containing over 111,000 BTC ($802 million) — which suddenly ...
Bitcoin Price Watch: BTC/USD Correcting Gains After Hitting $7300 Target
Bitcoin price climbed further higher above $7,200 against the US Dollar. BTC/USD traded above the $7,300 target and it is currently correcting lower.
No, Marxism Does Not Explain Bitcoin's Value
A widespread view is that Bitcoin is valuable only because of the proof-of-work method that demands some CPU power be applied to solving complex ...
CitiCash – Unblocked the Blockchain for the People

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Bitcoin Price Update: Short Squeeze Imminent Based on Current Trading Trend
Bitcoin could be in for another significant price surge based on the current trading trends. The top-ranked cryptocurrency has managed to stay ...
Bitcoin Mining Operators Hit with Substantial Electricity Rate Increases
One county in Washington state is raising the electricity costs for Bitcoin mining substantially over the next three years.
Bitcoin Price Top Prediction: After the California DLT bill, bulls need to jump over this hurdle to run ...
Bitcoin continued its gradual climb over the weekend, extending the recovery. So far, the moves have been steady-handed. We recently learned about ...
Russia's Police Confiscates 22 Bitcoin (BTC) ATMs
The firm has 22 Bitcoin (BTC) ATMs in nine Russian cities including in one of the 2018 FIFA World Cup hosting places Rostov-on-Don. All machines ...
$1000 million worth Bitcoin [BTC] moved to Bitfinex, Binance and BitMEX
On 3rd September, a Reddit user, Sick Silk, pointed out that around $1000 million worth Bitcoin has been transferred to Bitfinex, Binance and BitMEX.
Bitcoin Price Should See 'Glorious' Gains As Unleveraged Buying Shoots Up
Cryptocurrency traders are eyeing a Bitcoin short squeeze of “glorious” proportions on September 3 — as prices surpass and remain above $7000.
Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: More Bullish Confirmation
Bitcoin continues to hover around the resistance of its rising wedge formation and might be due for an upside break. After all, the 100 SMA is starting to ...
Nano Was August's Top-Performing Big Crypto Despite Yearly Low
Nano shone bright on the back of strong volumes in August, despite a yearly low experienced mid-month.
Analysts Debate Valuation of $7K Bitcoin Price
As Bitcoin price remains above $7,000, analysts discuss whether the cryptocurrency is overvalued or undervalued at that mark.
Thailand AML Watchdog Plans to Seize Bitcoin from Criminal Proceeds
A case in point occurred last year when the Thai Royal Police arrested a child-porn website operator who possessed bitcoins suspected to have been ...
Bitcoin Price Intraday Analysis: BTC/USD Could Attempt Pullback
On Monday, bitcoin price corrected weakly to the downside, summing up the pullback close to 3 percent. The BTC/USD looked lazy the whole day.
This Firm is Betting on a 900MW Wind Farm in the Sahara Desert to Mine Bitcoin

As Bitcoin mining becomes more popular, the electrical cost for running the operation is causing a series of problems for local communities and environmental groups. Soluna, a computing company that uses renewable energy to power its systems, wants to offset the carbon footprint of mining Bitcoin by building a wind-powered blockchain computing infrastructure in the

Major cryptocurrency exchange delists Bitcoin Gold following $18M hack
The threat of attack is very real for upstart cryptocurrency projects. Bitcoin Gold, a popular hard fork of Bitcoin, BTC is set to be delisted from ...
Alibaba, IBM Top Global Blockchain Patent Rankings, Says New Research
Major Chinese and American firms are leading a global blockchain push, with Alibaba and IBM having filed around 90 patents each relating to the tech.
Analysts: Bitcoin (BTC) To Hit $144000 In 10 Years, Ethereum To Lose Steam
The value of Bitcoin will be the main talk in a decade to come. That's according to a report by Satis Group. Satis Group is an advisory firm offering ...
Andreas Antonopoulos: A Bitcoin ETF is Inevitable, but Damaging
Author of the book 'Mastering Bitcoin' and noted bitcoin advocate Andreas Antonopoulos believes that a Bitcoin ETF is imminent. However, he insists ...
Major Cryptocurrencies Fall But Bitcoin Price Crucially Secures $7200; Future Trends
Over the past 24 hours, major cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, and Litecoin have fallen by 1 to 4 percent while bitcoin price ...
10 Songs That Show Bitcoin's Influence on Pop Culture
For cryptocurrency enthusiasts there was an extra point of interest in the new album, since one of the tracks, “Not Alike”, namechecks Bitcoin.
In a Mixed Crypto Market, Bitcoin Inches Upward but Ethereum Remains Shy of $300
Bitcoin (BTC) is trading at around $7,255 at press time, down a fraction of a percent on the day to consolidate its freshly won gains, according to ...
Satis Group Report: 2028 Bitcoin Price $140k, XMR $40k, XRP Down 99%
According to the report, bitcoin will continue to dominate the market and will see steady price increases exceeding six figures. Not only that, but the ...
Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC/USD bulls are looking to rock and roll as price looks comfortable above ...
The Bitcoin price was seen trading very marginally in negative territory on Monday, as the crypto market across the board has softened for the time ...
Japanese City Trials Blockchain Voting for Social Development Programs
The Japanese city of Tsukuba has tested a blockchain-based system that lets residents cast votes to decide on local development programs.

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