8 September 2018

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Cryptocurrency This Week: While Uzbekistan Legitimises Bitcoin, Iran Recognises Mining As ...
Despite Bitcoin tumbling at $6.5K, the popularity and acceptability of the cryptocurrency continue to rise. While you could now even use Bitcoin to buy ...
Bitcoin ATMs Targeted by Malware for Sale in Underground Markets
Malware aimed at Bitcoin ATMs is being sold in underground markets, according to Trend Micro security researchers. For $25,000, malware exploiting ...
“Bitcoin Is Broken” Dice: Roll To Generate A Critique And Promote An Alternative
He posted a picture of dice that has multiple sides, encouraging users to “roll to generate a critique and promote your Bitcoin alternative.” Basically, the ...
Bitcoin will rise again above $7000 in September, says trader
Speaking with CNBC, Strutland said that September will see Bitcoin surge above $7,000 again, despite the alarming drop this week not just for Bitcoin, ...
Litecoin [LTC] overtakes Bitcoin [BTC] in SegWit usage, approaching 50%
Litecoin [LTC] has taken over Bitcoin [BTC] in terms of SegWit adoption, as it the percentage of blocks utilizing SegWit nears 50%. This comes after a ...
Bitcoin Price: Expected Decline to $5000 Becomes a More Likely Scenario
Things are not looking too hot in the world of cryptocurrencies right now. The Bitcoin price is taking another dump out of nowhere. At this rate, its value ...
Bitcoin price analysis: The fall is overdone; after the false breakout, will the breakdown be false too?
Bitcoin, the uncrowned king of cryptocurrencies had a rising wedge breakdown of the prices on the medium term charts, that over-achieved its price ...
Bitcoin Price Stabilizes at $6,400 While Analyst Sticks to Crypto Downtrend

Since falling from $7,400 to $6,300 on September 6, Bitcoin has stabilized in the $6,400 region, providing the crypto market with a small breathing room. Bitcoin has been fairly stable at $6,450 throughout the past 48 hours, recording a movement that has allowed tokens to minimize losses against BTC and other major cryptocurrencies. Still, Edward

This Tech Lets You Send Any Cryptocurrency to the Lightning Network
A new type of lightning tech for swapping different types of transactions is seeing new tests with real money on the line.
Bitcoin A Global Currency? That's A Myth
Bitcoin isn't a global currency ready to replace national currencies, including the mighty dollar. That's a myth. At least, that's the message from the ...
Angry And Confused Writer Calls Bitcoin “The Swindle Of the Century”
There are some who understand bitcoin and others who don't. The people who don't understand bitcoin often resort to calling it a scam or a pyramid ...
Bill Cosby Using Bitcoin to Keep Feds and Wife From $500M Fortune
“He moved close to $5 million in Bitcoin after an expert told him it's practically untraceable and impossible for anyone but him to retrieve,” an insider ...
Cryptocurrency Market Approaches Yearly Low as Bitcoin, Ethereum Sell-Off
All major assets booked heavy losses on Saturday. Bitcoin cash fell 6.2% to $469, XRP declined 6.6% to $0.274 and EOS traded 7.7% lower at $4.70.
A Billion People Will Be Using Cryptocurrency in 5 Years: Brian Armstrong

The world of money is revolutionizing in front of our eyes. Cryptocurrency is creating new paradigms for alternative payment systems and decentralized banking. There is no doubt that the user adoption of various cryptocurrencies is rapidly increasing. The cryptocurrency industry has become more fluid as the borders between it and mainstream finance continue to blur.

Terrorists Turn Away From Crypto, Criminal Money Argument No Longer Relevant

Foreign terrorist groups such as Isis and al-Qaeda have failed at repeatedly trying to raise money to fund their criminal operations using crypto, according to a testimony made today at a House Financial Services Committee hearing. Crypto Is Terrible For Terrorists, Cold Hard Cash is King While speaking in front of Congress today at a...

Dash Breaks Bear Paralysis as Strong Fundamentals Add 25% Gains

Dash on Saturday continued to trend upwards amid a strong buying sentiment phase that started mid-week. The DASH/USD pair on Wednesday has established its weekly low towards 156.60-fiat. After that, the pair underwent a decent recovery towards 186.70-fiat intraday high, crossing through crucial resistance areas during the Thursday’s trading session. The sentiment continued to flourish

Bitcoin Velocity Drop-Off Shows Usage as 'Reserve Currency'
Bitcoin is “functioning well as a reserve currency” for cryptocurrency investors as its transaction volume looks set to halve in 2018, Placeholder VC ...
Bitcoin's Mining Costs Will See It Bottom out at $6000, Traders Argue
Two well-known traders, Brian Stutland and Jim Iuorio, have recently revealed they believe bitcoin has a major support at the $6,000 thanks to its ...
BlockEdge Capital (BEC) Bitcoin Price Analysis For September 2018
Bitcoin's transaction volume has declined in recent months. After reaching a peak in transaction volume in November/December 2017, bitcoin's ...
Crypto Exchange Giant Binance Outlines Plans to Expand in Africa

Binance Labs Director Benjamin Rameau has stated that Africa is front and center of the company’s expansion strategy as it bets on a vision of the 21st century driven by the world’s youngest population gaining increased access to technology and opportunities. In June, CCN reported that Binance began actualizing its African expansion strategy when it

Bitcoin [BTC] prices will never go back to $20000; claims Wall Street titan
Dan further explained by pointing out three different fractions in the Bitcoin world. According to him, the first fraction consists of the speculators who ...
SEC's Perfect Bitcoin ETF Rejection History: Does Cboe VanEck SolidX Have A Shot?
The ProShares Bitcoin ETF, which was rejected by the SEC on August 22 never stood a chance. The ETF intended to incorporate leverage trading in ...
The cryptic puzzle of Bitcoin and the Arab world
There is some merit to the argument that the rise of Bitcoin, and a multitude of other cryptocurrencies, was a direct challenge to the centralized ...
Uzbekistan Opens Door to Cryptocurrency Exchanges, Offers Tax Benefits

In efforts to boost its market-based economy, the government of Uzbekistan has decided to take initiatives favorable to the growing cryptocurrency industry. Uzbekistan Goes Fishing for Bitcoin Exchanges The former Soviet nation confirmed that it is legalizing cryptocurrency exchanges and will allow blockchain companies to set up their offices in the state. The legalization came

Tom Lee: First Time Ever Bitcoin Settled Transactions on-chain Exceed More than Gold Globally
“Bitcoin settled transactions on-chain exceeded physically delivered gold for the first time. So, there's more on-chain Bitcoin used for settlements than ...
Weak User Counts Signal ‘Panic Sell’ For Most Cryptocurrency Tokens: Researcher

Last week, cryptocurrency researcher Kevin Rooke questioned the ability of Ethereum and EOS to support decentralized applications (dApps), given the dearth of users on those blockchains. Now he’s wondering if most cryptocurrencies are getting enough use. He recently observed in a tweet that only 27 cyrptocurrency tokens had 400 or more active users in a

Bitcoin (BTC) Long Term Price Forecast
In the first week of September, the price of Bitcoin has lost 10.50% of its capital. Presntly,price of Bitcoin has fallen to the previously bound zone.
OKEx Launched Partner Exchange Program to Nurture a New Generation of Digital Asset Exchanges

This is a submitted sponsored story. CCN urges readers to conduct their own research with due diligence into the company, product or service mentioned in the content below. The world-leading digital asset exchange OKEx has recently launched its Partner Exchange Program, which not only offers an opportunity for the far-sighted teams to own a world’s leading

The Big Legal Issue Blockchain Developers Rarely Discuss
If blockchain projects seek adoption by enterprises, their open-source license will have a material impact on the rate of adoption, say legal experts.
Bitcoin Dominance Index Achieved 55%, as Crypto Market Hustles to Regain Plausibly
As Cryptos lost out hugely against the popular Bitcoin, the dominance index of the Crypto soared greatly from 51% to 55% over the last few days.
Bitcoin (BTC) Long-term Price Analysis
The cryptocurrency's price, by every indication, will keep falling to the accumulation territories of $6,000, $5,500 and $5,000 in the next few days or ...
Biser Community Meet up at Hong Kong Disney

This is a paid-for submitted press release. CCN does not endorse, nor is responsible for any material included below and isn’t responsible for any damages or losses connected with any products or services mentioned in the press release. CCN urges readers to conduct their own research with due diligence into the company, product or service mentioned

Fundstrat Tech Guru: Bitcoin Bulls Lose Upper Hand After Very Damaging Drop
According to a notable technical analyst, the recent Bitcoin price drop significantly deteriorated the case for a pending market reversal, signaling that ...
Bitcoin (BTC) May Be Nearing $6000, But Is A Rebound Inbound?
I may be (currently) short on Bitcoin futures, but I'm long on the physical tokens… I'm looking at the September (Bitcoin) futures contract and I would be ...
Cash still preferred over Bitcoin [BTC] and other cryptocurrencies by criminals, says FBI official
One major milestone that the FBI had achieved was in late June 2018, when the investigative agency was able to seize over 2000 Bitcoin [BTC] ...
Bitcoin Price Will Bounce Back Despite Recent Slump, Trader Says
Bitcoin has declined over 15 percent in the last two days. Nevertheless, cryptocurrency trader Brian Stutland of CME holds that it's going to surge back ...
Guest Spot: Who or What Can Put an End to Bitcoin?
Over the past few years, Bitcoin has experienced a huge number of attacks and external criticism, getting a reputation of Antifragile. This term was ...
India Crypto Exchanges: Supreme Court Hearing to be Inconsequential
This should make affected crypto exchanges and traders worried, but if you ask Ajeet K, CEO, Zebpay (presumably India's first bitcoin exchange), he is ...
Crypto Market Stands Its Ground, Three of the Top 20 Coins by Market Cap See Gains
After facing a sharp decline on the week, Bitcoin is holding its position on the market, down around 0.7 percent over the past 24 hours and trades at ...
Former PayPal COO Joins Security Token Startup 0x in Advisory Capacity

Former Paypal COO David Sacks has joined 0x, an open protocol used for token trading in an advisory role, according to Fortune. Sacks, who is the co-founder of Harbor and a partner at Craft Ventures — a compliance service for token sales — shared the news via a tweet. The move is expected to create an

Uzbekistan is Licensing Crypto Exchanges, Mining Centers, and ICOs

The Korean Blockchain Business Association (KOBEA) and the government of Uzbekistan have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to establish the country’s first government-licensed crypto exchange. The National Agency of Project Management (NAPM) under the president of the Republic of Uzbekistan settled a direct partnership with KOBEA to facilitate the growth of the country’s cryptocurrency

Bitcoin Price Watch: Currency Falls Again as Enthusiasts Try to Stay Positive
At press time, the bitcoin price has fallen even further, and is now sitting at just over $6,100. That means bitcoin has dropped by over $300 since ...
Bitcoin [BTC] reigns as popularity king; 71% of Americans know about it, 36% for widespread use ...
71% of Americans know about Bitcoin [BTC], making it the most well-known cryptocurrency, according to research by YouGov. The survey, which was ...
General Guide: How to Donate with Bitcoin (BTC)
In today's article, we are going to discuss the latest (and possibly the best) way of donating, namely with the help of Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency, and the ...
Crypto Millionares Can Still Buy Bugatti Cars With Bitcoin, Even In A Bear Market
Post Oak Motors is now the first Rolls-Royce, Bentley, and Bugatti dealership in America to accept Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash as a bona fide method to ...
Crypto Market Continues Lower, ETH Falls Below $200, BTC at $6150
As with other recent bearish movements, altcoins actually underperformed Bitcoin, with a majority of crypto assets posting losses of 6% or more, while ...
'Uncanny': Historic Gold & Bitcoin Price Charts Almost Identical
Many have compared Bitcoin to gold with some even referring to the former as “digital gold.” As it turns out, the historical performance of both assets ...
Next Bitcoin Bull Market in the Making: Detailed Study Reveals it all
When are the bulls coming? Weiss Crypto Ratings shares a detailed study that points out key elements and the how's and why's of the next Bitcoin bull ...
Crypto Update: Bitcoin Holds Support as Market Settles Down After Rout
Bitcoin is still below the broken short-term trendline while trading above the key $6275 support level. The August lows are well below the current price ...
Did You Know Bitcoin Mints 1800 New BTC Every Day of the Year
When we talk about bitcoin, we often talk about bitcoin's stationary supply: we talk about how there's a max supply of 21 million bitcoins, for example, ...
Bitcoin's bear market fuels allure of derivatives exchanges in Hong Kong for traders to hedge bets
Once an asset class coveted for its volatility, the slump in the value of bitcoin – which has hovered below US$9,000 since May 11 this year – has cast a ...
Analysis: “Uncanny” Correlation Between The Long-Term Bitcoin And Gold Charts
Since Bitcoin's inception a decade ago, many have likened this decentralized digital asset to gold, with some dubbing Satoshi's brainchild as a form of ...
Crypto's Top Players on Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple and XRP, Tron (TRX), Litecoin ...
Crypto's top developers, co-founders and leading figures in the industry are a refreshingly open bunch, often sitting down for interviews and offering ...
Holochain (HOT)-The Shitcoin that continues to surge in a Bitcoin (BTC) bear market
The blockchain technology, on the other hand, was first released in 2008. Bitcoin (BTC) was the first cryptocurrency to be created by an unidentified ...
Rolls-Royce, Bugatti and Bentley Dealership In Texas, USA Now Accepting Bitcoin
A top U.S luxury auto retailer has announced that it accepts payments in both Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) for its range of luxury cars via ...
Bitcoin Cash Microtransactions Is The Next Big Thing According To EatBCH Demonstration
The organization is driven by Bitcoin cash and it has proven how useful Bitcoin Cash microtransactions are. The organization got about $1,600 worth ...

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