13 September 2018

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A New Line of Powerful ASIC Miners Is Coming to Ethereum
Chen Min, formerly Canaan's chief chip maker, is releasing a line of ethereum ASICs through her new venture, Linzhi.
Michael Novogratz calls a bottom in cryptocurrencies
Popular cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ethereum and bitcoin cash have fallen sharply this year and are trading well below the highs seen late last ...
Morgan Stanley to Offer Bitcoin Trading, Following Citigroup and Goldman
$83 billion investment bank Morgan Stanley is following the footsteps of Citigroup and Goldman Sachs, and will soon offer Bitcoin swap trading to its ...
Vault Launches Crypto Collectibles Wallet on Apple's App Store
Vault wants to boost crypto adoption with its new iOS wallet that stores non-fungible tokens and other crypto collectibles.
Current Legal System Can't Recognize Bitcoin, India's Central Bank Tells Supreme Court
The Reserve Bank on India (RBI) on Wednesday filed an affidavit in the Supreme Court to clarify its stand on cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. The central ...
AML BitCoin Announces Listing on HitBTC Exchange
LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sep 13, 2018--AML BitCoin (ABTC) continues its banner inaugural year by being listed on one of the world's largest ...
Morgan Stanley Eyes Bitcoin Swap Contracts Based Tied to Futures Prices
According to anonymous sources reporting to Bloomberg, the financial institution is devising price return swaps tied to bitcoin. These derivatives would ...
Blockchain Could Bring $1.1 Trillion in New Global Trade, Says WEF

A new report from the World Economic Forum has high hopes for blockchain with revenue growth predicted to be over $1 trillion in world trade. The white paper published in June examines supply chain management and the enormous role that blockchain will play in the near future, particularly with SMEs (small or medium-sized businesses). The

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Was That a Bullish Breakout?
Bitcoin was recently rejected on the long-term descending triangle top and has since formed a small symmetrical triangle at the bottom. Price has just ...
Local Officials in Ohio Seek Proposals for Blockchain Identity Trial
Dublin, Ohio wants to develop a prototype blockchain platform that will serve as a decentralized voting and identity system.
ASQ Protocol and Skyrora Launch $100,000 Into The Troposphere

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Morgan Stanley wants to sell Bitcoin – without actually selling it
Morgan Stanley plans to offer a new way for clients to invest in Bitcoin and potentially benefit from its growth without actually buying any of the ...
Major Canadian Exchange Announces Support of EOS Token

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Market Rebounds: Ethereum Soars 18% Back over $200, Bitcoin Regains $6500 Mark
The leading crypto has seen a volatile week, with major losses briefly taking hold September 8-9, since which Bitcoin has made a jagged and fragile ...
Binance CEO Zhao: Crypto Market Will ‘Absolutely’ Grow 1000x and More

Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance better recognized as CZ, has said that crypto still has room to grow by more than a thousand times in the years to come. Earlier this week, as CCN reported, Ethereum co-creator Vitalik Buterin stated that while the cryptocurrency sector as an industry can grow by a thousand-fold, it

“Crypto Isn't Dead” — Bitcoin Hits $6400, Altcoins Follow
After a drastic sell-off of upwards of 20%, the cryptocurrency market finally found some much-needed stability (relatively) on Wednesday, with Bitcoin ...
Bitcoin wasn't a response to the financial crisis, says NYU professor
A message on the genesis block, the first 50 bitcoins, isn't enough to convince scholars that the advent of bitcoin can be traced to the financial crisis.
Sentiment Shifts As Crypto Market Surges By 5%, Bitcoin Hits $6500
Unlike the recent performance of the market, Bitcoin actually underperformed altcoins today, only posting a gain of 2.2%, which may be significant in ...
BitPay CCO Predicts Altcoins to 'Never Come Back,' Bitcoin to 'Rebound' in 2019
The CCO of global crypto payment processor Bitpay said that altcoins “will never come back,” while Bitcoin (BTC) will “rebound” in 2019, in an ...
Bitcoin and Ethereum Price Analysis: Buyers Beware
Bitcoin (BTC) remains the 'best of a bad bunch' in the recent bear market and maybe starting to find a base, although it still has potential to trade down ...
How OTC trading is impacting the bitcoin price
Whales are moving billions on the OTC market every day — transactions that influence the price of bitcoin without ever appearing on an exchange's ...
Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC/USD Larger Bounce Underway?
Bitcoin appears to be gaining a bit more bullish traction on its bounce and might be headed for the top of its descending triangle from here. Applying ...
First IOTA, now EOS – ARXUM Becomes Blockchain Agnostic

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Landmark Crypto Crime Case Ends With Jail Sentence for GAW CEO
GAW Miners CEO Josh Garza has been sentenced to 21 months in prison after pleading guilty to a wire fraud charge.
BitGo Receives Regulatory Approval to Custody Crypto Assets
Crypto security startup BitGo has received approval in the U.S. to act as a qualified custodian for digital assets.
Brave Browser Files GDPR Complaint Against Google, Dumps Search Engine

Brave, the web browser founded by Mozilla pioneer Brendan Eich and funded through an initial coin offering (ICO), has fired two shots across the bow at Google. Brave Files GDPR Complaint Against Google Reuters reports that the company, whose browser blocks obtrusive and privacy-infringing advertisements by default, has filed formal complaints against its much larger

Bullish BitPay CEO Predicts When Bitcoin (BTC) Will Bounce Back

Sonny Singh, BitPay Inc. chief commercial officer, appeared on Bloomberg to talk about the future of Bitcoin which tumbled last week, setting off a trail of tears for the entire crypto market. While Bitcoin has been trading sideways between $6,507 – $6,339, at time of writing, altcoins have been posting double-digit losses. Those losses have […]

Bitcoin Price Eyes Recovery After Bulls Reaffirm Key Support
Bitcoin's long road to recovery took a positive step Thursday, as prices rose above $6,400 for the first time since the weekend. What's more, the ...
FOAM Is Live: Decentralized World Map Launches on Ethereum
A project that aims to build a more resilient, reliable GPS using smart contracts is up and running on the ethereum blockchain.
Manufacturing Giant Rostec to Manage Data on Waves Blockchain Platform
The Russian state-owned conglomerate will develop a blockchain to manage data on its vast holdings, which include car, helicopter and firearms makers.
Indian Central Bank Argues Cryptos 'Not Valid' as Currency in Court Battle
The Reserve Bank of India has argued at the Supreme Court that bitcoin cannot be recognized as either money or currency.
Crypto is Having the Most Positive Month in History, When Will Prices Reflect it?

The crypto market is having arguably the most positive month in its nine-year history. Yet, the price of major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have struggled to reflect optimistic developments in the industry. 13 days into September and the crypto market has seen Gemini introduce the market’s first fully audited and licensed stablecoin, EU commission...

Sentiment Speaks: Bitcoin Is About To Bottom
The painful nine month bear market that began when Bitcoin topped in the mid $19,000's is now the second longest bear market in crypto history; ...
Bitcoin Price Looks North After Passing $6.4K Resistance
Having found acceptance above the key hurdle of $6,400, bitcoin's corrective rally looks to be gathering pace.
Japan's FSA Expands Crypto Team to Handle Exchange License Reviews
Japan's financial regulator is recruiting more people next year to handle the growing interest among Japanese companies in a crypto exchange license.
Vee.tech, Led by Sunny King – the Creator of POS, Released Technology Details of Their New Consensus Spos

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Bitcoin's Energy Consumption in Summer: Rise or Fall?
It's no secret that Bitcoin (BTC) mining is an expensive business, and in more ways than one. Not only has it become less profitable since July 2016's ...
Back Over $200 Billion: 3 Reasons Crypto Prices Could Be Heading Higher
The cryptocurrency markets are rallying today with ether leading the pack. But will it last? Three signs give reasons for investors to be hopeful.
The 2008 global meltdown and the birth of Bitcoin
From a value below $1, its first known value in 2010, Bitcoin's present value is now $6200, down about 70% from about $20,000 in December 2017, ...
Bitcoin price analysis: BTC/USD could break $6500 as bulls parade their prowess
It is the turn for Bitcoin bulls to turn tables and increase their dominance in the market. The buyers have been suffering under the bear pressure since ...
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Price Analysis: Bitcoin Cash Find Temporary Support, could Head Higher Today
A week over week 20 percent drop of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) prices was enough to set the tone for week. From the chart, it's obvious that the trend is ...
Verifer Vows to Illuminate the Blockchain Space with Next-Gen Platform Launch

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Rob Black's Winners & Losers: Bitcoin plunge now worse than dot-com crash
Bitcoin's crypto's 80 percent plunge is now rose than the dot-com crash. Sell-off is now deeper than the early 200s rout in tech stocks. It shows what a ...
Morgan Stanley Plans to Launch Bitcoin Swap Trading
The precise detail about the working of bitcoin-based swaps is not known at the moment. The unnamed source further added that the bank is ...
A Blockchain Startup Can Make Paying Employees Simpler

This is a submitted sponsored story. CCN urges readers to conduct their own research with due diligence into the company, product or service mentioned in the content below. Global payroll is quite inefficient and complicated, which causes big and unnecessary expenses to big companies and corporations. Blockchain could address this issue. A blockchain company Horuspay is

Constantinople Ahead: What You Need to Know About Ethereum's Big Upgrade
Constantinople, ethereum's next system-wide upgrade, is coming soon to a node near you. Here's what it means.
Morgan Stanley gearing up for bitcoin derivative trading, Bloomberg reports
Morgan Stanley is reportedly preparing to offer bitcoin swap trading for clients, joining other top banks in a sector-wide effort to explore digital ...
10 Years After Lehman: Bitcoin and Wall Street Are Closer Than Ever
Bitcoin, born into the flames of the credit crisis, seemed like a rebellion against a broken financial system. Ten years later, is that still true?
The worst is still to come, says bitcoin analyst
Bitcoin BTCUSD, +2.93% the worlds No. 1 digital currency, has remained resilient in the face of the altcoin slump, not surrendering the key support at ...
Morgan Stanley To Give Clients Bitcoin Trading Options
US multinational investment bank Morgan Stanley is preparing to offer Bitcoin swap trading for its clients, unconfirmed sources report on September ...
Bitcoin and cryptocurrency plunge 80% in value – making it worse than the burst of the Dot-Com ...
The value of Bitcoin and other forms of digital currency has plunged by 80 per cent since January – a total loss of $640 billion that has sparked ...
Enter The Morgan: Morgan Stanley's Clients Will Soon Be Trading Bitcoin
Bitcoin has been around for almost a decade now, and it's safe to say that the crypto pioneer has done well in terms of price and overall market ...
Ethereum, Monero Lead Crypto Market Recovery with 17% Gains, Each

The cryptocurrency market capitalization on Thursday recovered by almost 6.8 percent after establishing its yearly low just yesterday. All the top coins recorded decent bullish corrections, with Ethereum and Monero leading the charts with maximum gains. of 17 percent each. Dash, Cardano, IOTA, Tron, and Litecoin closely followed with a double-digit percentage rise in their

It only took 37 seconds for two bitcoin 'celebs' to start fighting on a cruise ship
Jimmy Song, a venture partner at Blockchain Capital LLC, was to argue the relative merits of Bitcoin (BTC). Early Bitcoin adoptee and Bitcoin Cash ...
Morgan Stanley to offer bitcoin swap trading - Bloomberg
(Reuters) - Morgan Stanley plans to offer trading in derivatives tied to bitcoin, Bloomberg reported on Thursday, citing a person familiar with the matter.
John McAfee: Bitcoin [BTC] is “The Number One Coin For Processing Payments”
John McAfee remains true to his vision of Bitcoin (BTC) as the number 1 cryptocurrency in the ecosystem, contradicting opinions that deny its nature as ...
Bitcoin price analysis: BTC/USD in recovery mode, bulls set their eyes on $6400 handle
Bitcoin is changing hands at $6,388 at the time of writing. The digital coin No. 1 has gained over 1% since the beginning of Thursday amid slow but ...
Ontario Securities Commission Approves Bitcoin Mutual Fund
While the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission continues to contemplate whether or not to approve a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF), ...
BitPay Exec: Bitcoin Will Bounce Back, Not So Sure About ICO Market

An executive at cryptocurrency payment service BitPay has stated that he believes Bitcoin is far from dead. Sonny Singh is much less optimistic about the future of the altcoin and ICO markets, however. Lots of Potential Catalysts for Another Bull Run for Bitcoin Every time the cryptocurrency market takes a nosedive, those who do not...

Bloomberg: Morgan Stanley Plans Bitcoin Trading for Clients
U.S. banking giant Morgan Stanley is planning to offer clients Bitcoin trade swaps, anonymous sources told Bloomberg Thursday, September 13.
Morgan Stanley Plans to Offer Bitcoin Swap Trading for Clients
The U.S. bank will deal in contracts that give investors synthetic exposure to the performance of Bitcoin, said the person, who asked not to be identified ...
US Morgan Stanley Mulls Bitcoin (BTC) Swap Trading – Report
One of the world's largest banks, US Morgan Stanley, plans to offer Bitcoin (BTC)-based financial instruments for its clients in the form of swaps, ...
Throwback Thursday: ConsenSys Exec. Predicted Ethereum Price Would Hit $2,000 in 2018

The unfortunate side effect of making specific predictions about future events is that you eventually have to measure your claims against reality. For cryptocurrency bulls who made 2018 price targets in December and early January, that reckoning is rapidly approaching, and one such price prediction has been making the rounds on social media this week.

Mystery of the $2 Billion Bitcoin Whale That Fueled a Selloff
When Bitcoin plunged as much as 15 percent over two days last week, a theory emerged -- where else? -- on the Internet: a whale was on the move.
Bitcoin (BTC) Price Watch: Bearish Pullback Underway?
Bitcoin appears to be drawing a bit more support as bulls continue to defend the long-term floor. It also helps that this particular digital asset has been ...
Mt Gox's Corporate Creditors Can Now File Claims for Bitcoin Refunds
Corporate creditors of the long-defunct bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox can now enter online claims for refunds of trapped bitcoin assets.
Bitcoin triangle could provide strong buying opportunity
This fall in interest I have clearly reflected in the charts below, with both news and web searches for bitcoin falling in a move that mimicked the ...
Morgan Stanley Has Bitcoin Swaps Ready, Waiting For 'Institutional Demand'
American investment bank Morgan Stanley is reportedly preparing to offer Bitcoin swap trading to its customers, according to Bloomberg. Anonymous ...
Mexico to Tighten Bitcoin Regulations Through Central Bank-Issued Permits

The Bank of Mexico (Banxico), Mexico’s central bank, has recently revealed through a circular that bitcoin exchanges and other businesses dealing with cryptocurrency assets in the country will require a government permit. The circular, published on the government’s official daily, Diario Oficial de la Federación, says that crypto exchanges and related businesses will need to

Bitcoin fundamentals are no longer present in BTC but are present in Bitcoin Cash [BCH], says ...
Roger Ver, the CEO of Bitcoin.com and a well-known cryptocurrency influence in the space, spoke about why the institutional investors should invest ...
Morgan Stanley is reportedly getting ready to offer clients exposure to bitcoin with a new trading ...
Morgan Stanley is diving deeper into the world of cryptocurrencies and is planning to offer trading of a new product tied to bitcoin, according to a ...
Did Bitcoin (BTC) Reach a Bottom?
Bitcoin (BTC) and all our favorite coins and tokens have once again proven to us that they can get back on their feet after a massive decline. The King ...
Bitcoin the Favorite in 'Winner Takes All Market,' Says Chief Market Analyst
“It's a very likely a winner takes all market — Bitcoin currently most likely,” the publication quotes UK-based Markets.com chief market analyst Neil ...
Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis: BCH/USD Facing Key Resistance Near $450
Bitcoin cash price traded towards the $400 support against the US Dollar. BCH/USD is currently correcting higher, but it could face resistance near ...
Bitcoin Price Watch: BTC/USD's Resistance Turned Support at $6320
Bitcoin price made a nice upside move above $6,320 against the US Dollar. BTC/USD tested the $6,450 resistance zone and it is currently correcting ...
Deeptoken Exchange Breaks the Mold with New Operation Model

This is a paid-for submitted press release. CCN does not endorse, nor is responsible for any material included below and isn’t responsible for any damages or losses connected with any products or services mentioned in the press release. CCN urges readers to conduct their own research with due diligence into the company, product or service mentioned

Blockchain Could Boost Trade Finance by $1 Trillion, WEF Research Says
Blockchain technology can help global businesses generate an extra $1 trillion in trade finance, according to World Economic Forum research.
Fake FUD Blamed For Market Slump, One Bitcoin Whale Proves Otherwise
Last week, after a slow grind up to its most recent peak of roughly $7,400, Bitcoin's price plummeted over 20% in less than 48 hours. All signs had ...
Bitcoin Should Trend Higher For The Rest Of The Year, But Don't Expect It To Exceed $8500
The news sent Bitcoin prices plummeting – erasing the strong gains the cryptocurrency witnessed over the first few days of the month. Bitcoin is ...
Not Just Venezuela, Bitcoin is Seeing Record Volumes Across South America
Bitcoin's mixed price fortunes could not matter less to some South American markets as trade volumes in several countries see major spikes.
Bitcoin Price Intraday Analysis: BTC/USD Invalidates Bear Pennant
Bitcoin price on Thursday escaped its prevailing downtrend and appreciated close to 3 percent against the US Dollar. The BTC/USD started the day in ...
Morgan Stanley is Building a Bitcoin Swap Trading Product: Report
Another of the world's largest investment banks is quietly building a product that will allow its clients to trade bitcoin, at least indirectly. Citing a person ...
Companies race to solve bitcoin's security problem despite slumping prices
Despite investors getting burned by bitcoin this year, companies are building key guardrails that could speed up more crypto adoption. Start-ups are ...
Is A Bitcoin Whale Responsible For The Current Crash In Cryptocurrency Markets?
According to a discussion on the online forum, Reddit, the latest slump in bitcoin's prices, during which it lost approximately 16% of its total value in ...
BitGo's CEO reveals how the crypto universe is fixing bitcoin
Is bitcoin's demise greatly exaggerated? Crypto's complicated relationship with Wall Street. With Mike Belshe, BitGo CEO, CNBC's Bob Pisani and ...
CRYPTO: A Micro-Short Bitcoin Horror Film
Any crossover between bitcoin and popular culture can only help raise awareness of our favorite cryptocurrency across a wider audience. Though we ...
Is Bitcoin Basher Jamie Dimon Floating a Presidential Run?
JPMorgan CEO and noted bitcoin basher Jamie Dimon says he's not running for president, but he wants everyone to know that, if he did, he could ...
Two-Thirds of Cryptocurrency Investors Want to be Paid in Bitcoin
A new survey by HR startup company ChronoBank has found that crypto investors are disappointed in the lack of employers willing to pay salaries in ...

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