1 October 2018

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Is Bitcoin Really On The Brink Of A Mass Breakout?
Nigel Green, the CEO and Founder of deVere Group has spoken out about Bitcoins capacity to embark on a global level breakout, one that will see ...
Blockchains Don't Have to Be Perfect, They Just Have to Be Better
A blockchain can contain garbage data but in many cases, it will still be better than the status quo. We might even find often that it's a lot better.
Morningstar Analyst: Bitcoin and Other Digital Assets will Never Replace Gold
Analysts from investments ratings firm Morningstar have stated that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will never be a threat to gold as a store of value.
Wyoming Eyes Creation of Blockchain-Friendly Bank to Lure Bitcoin Startups

With regulations being one of the main reasons why traditional commercial banks give bitcoin a wide berth, state senators and representatives in Wyoming are eyeing a legislative fix to the problem. Wyoming Blockchain Group Mulls Bitcoin-Friendly Bank Legislators in the “Equality State” are currently considering drafting legislation that would allow the creation of a cryptocurrency

Bitcoin (BTC) Tycoon Li Xiaolai Quits Investing in Crypto and Blockchain Projects
Li Xiaolai, a famous Bitcoin (BTC) tycoon, founder of BitFund, and renowned BTC holder announced that he quits investing in crypto and blockchain ...
China's Oldest Tech Publication Begins Accepting Bitcoin Payments
The oldest Chinese publication for science and technology news will begin accepting Bitcoin as subscription payments in 2019. As such, it's going to ...
Who Is Investing in Bitcoin? Meet the Bulls and Bears
Bitcoin's investment community can be a loud environment. Bulls heralding in the coming of a new era and bears casting shade onto unbridled ...
eToro's Bitcoin Guide for Beginners
Have you heard of Bitcoin but never taken the time to learn what makes it so different from regular money or payment systems? Well, if you have an ...
Bitcoin (BTC) May Not Have a Merry 10th Anniversary Due To Its Price Trend This Year
Bitcoin (BTC) will soon be hitting its tenth-year level, but the celebration wouldn't be as expected due to the numerous circumstances surrounding the ...
Bitcoin: 10 Years Of Smoke And Mirrors
Ten years after bitcoin launched, it remains the go-to currency of criminals and a way for cybercrooks to wash their money. Well, that's when it's not ...
'I know about the secret:' Bitcoin blackmail scam targets men through mail, cops say
In the threatening letter, the blackmailer included “detailed instructions on Bitcoin exchange procedures” and identified themselves as “SwiftMood54,” ...
Ripple Event Reveal: 3 Companies Are Now Using XRP for Real Payments
During Ripple's annual Swell conference, CEO Brad Garlinghouse announced three firms that will use XRP in commercial cross-border payments.
Bill Clinton: Over-Regulation Could Kill Blockchain's 'Golden Goose'
Former U.S. President Bill Clinton highlighted the need to avoid too much regulation of new technologies like blockchain on Monday.
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Daily Price Forecast – October 1
Supply zones: $800, $900, $1000. Demand zones: $300, $200, $100. BCH is in a range in its medium-term outlook. The hovering of price on the ...
Ripple (XRP) Gains 67% to Become September’s Best Performing Coin

When Bitcoin began crashing from its all-time highs in late 2017, it sent shockwaves across the cryptocurrency industry, helping lead the crypto economy into a spiral of depression. Ripple was among the worst-hit assets as crypto-demand plunged. The XRP value depreciated more than 90 percent against the US Dollar this year. It was not that

Bitcoin and other cryptos won't dent gold's shine, says Morningstar analyst
A functional purpose remains an Achilles' heel for digital currencies, and especially bitcoin, BTCUSD, -0.25% the world's largest digital currency, As a ...
ConsenSys Invests $6.5 Million in Former R3 Exec's Blockchain Startup
ConsenSys invested $6.5 million into DrumG, the blockchain startup founded by former R3 official Tim Grant.
Bitcoin (BTC)'s Breakout And Rise To New ATH Is Inevitable
Bitcoin (BTC)'s breakout from this point forward is inevitable. The price has been consolidating in a bullish pennant since last month. No investor or ...
Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC/USD could be in trouble now, as price slips just below key near-term ...
The Bitcoin price on Monday was seen down just shy of 1%, in the latter stages of the trading session. It initially swung in and out of negative territory, ...
Bitcoin Market Report: $BTC Loses Monthly Ground
Bitcoin tracks sideways over three days but loses ground on the month. Bitcoin is up 0.82% in 24 hours, up 0.74% on the week and down -5.44% on ...
Bitcoin News Summary – October 1, 2018
Major Chinese ASIC chip manufacturer, Ebang, revealed its new E11 Bitcoin miners. The miners feature 10 nanometer chips which are claimed to be ...
Major Chinese Tech Magazine Adds Payment in Bitcoin to Show Blockchain 'Practicality'
“[S]ubscribers can pay subscription fees to the specific bitcoin receiving address of the newspaper to complete the subscription,” Guangming confirms.
October Could be Dull for Bitcoin
Bitcoin and “uneventful” rarely go together in the same sentence, but some cryptocurrency market observers are speculating October could be a ...
Kill Switch Engage: Sia Cryptocurrency to Block Bitmain and Other Big Miners
After months of debate, Siacoin's founder is announcing a fork. That's good news for his other project, which will have the coin's only working ASICs.
I Created ‘The Bernank’ on YouTube. And I Was Mostly Wrong.
Nearly eight years ago, I published a cartoon that was critical of the Federal Reserve’s response to the financial crisis. Here’s what I’ve learned since.
Long-Term Outlook For Bitcoin Cash: September 29, 2018
Bitcoin Cash has moved in accordance with its forked originator Bitcoin; so it's necessary to watch both when trading BCH. Price dips have pushed ...
Crypto Exchange ShapeShift Calls Money Laundering Claims 'Inaccurate and Deceptive'
ShapeShift CEO Erik Voorhees condemned a Wall Street Journal investigation claiming the exchange laundered money as being "inaccurate."
Bitcoin Value Indicator - October 2018
Unique addresses were up. Hash rate was up. Total transactions were up. Bitcoin's price was down. The bottom is near. Looking for more? I update all ...
Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC/USD Bulls Show Hesitation
Bitcoin appears to have broken past its symmetrical triangle top but is still hovering close to the resistance. This reflects some hesitation among buyers ...
FXCM Group Releases Bitcoin CFD
With a successful launch to FXCM South Africa (PTY) LTD (“FXCM ZA”) clients and due to client demand, FXCM has expanded its Bitcoin CFD offering ...
Bitcoin [BTC]'s surge resulted in Fidelity making huge profits, says CEO
It was further added that Fidelity had started Bitcoin mining in New Hampshire when its price was approximately $180. Johnson stated that the firm ...
Morningstar Analyst Reviews Bitcoin Hype, Says Crypto Won’t Replace Gold
Morningstar Analyst Kristoffer Inton says cryptocurrencies are not going to dethrone gold. Despite analysis from leading crypto experts who claim Bitcoin has the potential to replace the precious metal as a store of value, Inton says it’s not going to happen. “With their meteoric price rises in 2017, cryptocurrencies garnered the attention of even the […]
Lacklustre Markets See Bitcoin Dip Below $6600, Top Altcoins See Minor Losses
Bitcoin (BTC) is down just over half a percent on the day, trading around $6,550 as of press time. Following an intra-week high of $6,783, the top coin ...
China's Bitcoin Whale Li Xiaolai Halts Blockchain-Related Investments
China's Bitcoin 'tycoon' and serial investor Li Xiaolai will take a hands-off approach to future blockchain projects, he announced on social media ...
Bitcoin – Bulls Look to Shake Off 2-Months in the Red
Bitcoin rose by just 0.37% on Sunday, partially reversing a 0.65% decline on Saturday, to end the week down 1.31% to $6,621.9, the week's loss ...
Northern Bitcoin Ag Lists on Munich Stock Exchange Mid-Tier Market
German bitcoin mining company, Northern Bitcoin AG, has migrated to a section of the Munich Stock Exchange that caters for medium-sized ...
A Heart Beat: China’s Oldest Tech Publication to Accept Bitcoin Payments

Beijing Sci-Tech Report (BSTR), the oldest technology publication in China, has recently announced that it will soon accept Bitcoin on its platform. Starting 2019, BSTR will sell its yearly subscription at a price of 0.01 BTC, worth around $65. In an official press release, the publication emphasized that it plans to promote the usage of

Google Fraud Fighter Explains Risks Involved in Boasting About Owning Bitcoin
People need to rethink before bragging about owning a lot of bitcoin in a public forum, as this might give way for scammers to target them, says a ...
China's Oldest Tech Publication Now Accepts Bitcoin for Subscriptions
Beijing Sci-Tech Report (BSTR), China's longest-running tech publication that commonly goes by “Technology Life,” is reportedly enabling Bitcoin ...
Bakkt Launch Set for Next Month, Institutional Investors Far More Involved in Bitcoin and Crypto Market Than Many Realize
The owner of the New York Stock Exchange, Intercontinental Exchange, is set to launch its crypto exchange Bakkt next month. The startup aims to offer institutional investors secure new ways to join the crypto craze, including the launch of a physically-delivered Bitcoin futures contract. Our first contracts will be physically delivered Bitcoin futures contracts versus […]
The Daily: Fake Volume, Tether Troubles, Bitcoin's “Inevitable” Mass Adoption
In a recent address to the United Nations General Assembly, the Prime Minister preached ebulliently, espousing his belief that Bitcoin and blockchain ...
Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Bulls Stay in Control
Bitcoin still seems to be stuck inside its symmetrical triangle consolidation on the 4-hour chart but continues to climb inside a rising channel on the ...
MINtokens Announces Its Token Sale

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Bitcoin Stable around $6600, CEO Says a True Global Breakout Driven by FOMO Coming
Bitcoin is maintaining stability with slight movement around $6,600. However, deVere CEO believes an upswing is coming as FOMO will drive the ...
Bitcoin price analysis: BTC/USD retreats below $6600 amid reducing market dominance
Bitcoin has been correcting higher since the slide in the first week of September found balance marginally above $6,100. In spite of the up and down ...
Crypto market overview: Bitcoin hovers above $6600as crypto experts wait for upcoming bull's ...
Bitcoin is hovering above $6,600 handle mostly unchanged both day-on-day and since the beginning of Monday. Ethereum, the second largest coin ...
Most ICOs Didn't Take Funding Hit Despite Ether Price Decline: Research
Despite the big drops in ether prices since late last year, ICO projects haven't lost money on average, according to new research from BitMEX.
Block.one Vows to Use its EOS Tokens to Prevent Voting Cartels

When cryptocurrency development firm Block.one concluded its initial coin offering (ICO) and released the first version of the EOSIO software, it didn’t just raise a record ~$4 billion in crowdfunded contributions — it also received 100 million of the 1 billion EOS tokens distributed through the network’s Genesis block. Now, the well-funded blockchain startup is

Alleged Bitcoin Launderer Alexander Vinnik Questioned by French Investigators, Lawyer Says ...
The legal saga surrounding alleged bitcoin launderer Alexander Vinnik continues to grow more complicated, as law enforcement officials in three ...
Bitcoin Prices: BTC is Technically Bearish and Could Slide if Bulls Fail to Close Above $6800
The failure of Bitcoin buyers to muster momentum and break above the $6,800–$7,200 resistance should be a cause of concern for bulls and altcoins.
Up 80%: XRP's September Wasn't Just Bullish, It Was Record-Setting
XRP broke records in September and was the best performer out of the world's 25 largest cryptocurrencies.
Bitcoin Tycoon Li Xiaolai Says He's Done Investing In Blockchain Projects
BitFund founder and well-known Bitcoin holder Li Xiaolai said that he is going to stop personally investing into blockchain projects. Instead, he's ...
Bitcoin hovers near $6500, but will take months to repair technical damage, says chart expert
Bitcoin, the largest digital currency, which accounts for around 52% of the total share of digital currencies, remained stable, trading on either side of ...
Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis: BCH/USD Consolidating Above $510
Bitcoin cash price is currently consolidating above $500 against the US Dollar. BCH/USD must surpass the 100 hourly SMA to trade to a new weekly ...
Money Morning's Prateek Goorha's Bitcoin Price Prediction Formula Comes From A Biological ...
There are several experts that have been predicting how the price of Bitcoin and other virtual currencies would evolve in the future. Some of them did it ...
Fundstrat's Thomas Lee: “Bitcoin Price Reversal is Imminent Due to Two Key Catalytic Factors”
As most crypto enthusiasts and investors already know, 2018 wasn't a particularly good year for Bitcoin. Not only did the world's premier digital asset ...
Bitcoin vs Ethereum: The battle between world's biggest cryptocurrencies
The cryptocurrency market has long been dominated by Bitcoin but tech experts are predicting that Ethereum could be set to take a chunk of its share.
Industry Insiders: Institutional Money is Steadily Trickling into Crypto

According to multiple sources, there is already much more institutional money in the $220 billion strong cryptocurrency market that people might be aware of. Growth in OTC Trading Highlights Shift from the Retail to the Institutional The largest buyers of crypto were high-net-worth individuals who willing to take a risk on Bitcoin and other digital...

Bitcoin Ends September With Lowest Price Volatility Seen in 15 Months
Bitcoin traded in a range of just under $1,500 over the course of the month of September, its narrowest monthly trading range since July 2017, data ...
Bitcoin Price Searches for New Catalysts After Modest Q3 Gains
Bitcoin's trading range further narrowed on Monday, as markets awaited fresh catalysts following a rocky third quarter.
The Future Of Bitcoin Mining In Québec Could Rest On Monday's Parliamentary Elections
Bitcoin could be significantly impacted by an election for perhaps the first time ever today as Québec voters go to the polls in the French-Canadian ...
Prominent Exec: FOMO Will Drive Next Crypto Bull Run, Bitcoin (BTC) To Breakout
It goes without saying that the performance of Bitcoin (BTC), along with its altcoin brethren, have been lackluster, with the collective market valuation of ...
Ethereum Price Decline Hasn’t Hurt ICO-Funded Startups: BitMEX Research

With the ethereum price sitting more than 80 percent below its all-time high in mid-September, the conventional wisdom said that startups who had raised funds through initial coin offerings (ICOs) were likely driving the sell-off. ICOs, after all, had been conducted almost entirely using ETH, leaving hundreds of startups sitting on a steadily-depreciating asset. The

Aranium Is What Happens When Private Equity Meets Blockchain

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Two of Blockchain's Biggest Consortiums Just Joined Forces
The Hyperledger Project and the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) have agreed to collaborate on bringing common standards to the blockchain space.
Bitcoin (BTC) Price Watch: Some Hesitation After Bullish Breakout?
Bitcoin capped off yet another month in the red yet a good number of analysts still expect price to make a strong rebound before the end of the year.
Sign Emerges That Falling Bitcoin Price Just Might Have a Floor
A long-term indicator looks to have been shoring up bitcoin's price over the last four months.
A Bitcoin Mining Moratorium Was Just Avoided in Montana
Officials in Missoula County, Montana, will investigate regulations around bitcoin mining despite local demands for a moratorium.
Shanghai Court Rules Ethereum is Protected Under Property Laws

Shanghai Hongkou District Court has declared that Ether is protected as “general property” by law. The statement was a result of an unjust enrichment case filed by a tech company in Beijing. In September 2017, crypto companies in China started closing their doors after China banned ICOs and crypto exchanges. Caught in the middle of the

XRP Price Analysis: Ripple Investment Rise 30 Percent Tripling Bitcoin's
Fundamental developments as formation of SAIV, objectives of Coil to turn XRP from a facilitator to a medium of exchange and increase coin listings at ...
Art Exhibit in France Celebrates Bitcoin’s 10th Anniversary with a Treasure Hunt

With the release of Bitcoin’s whitepaper approaching its 10 year anniversary on October 31, artists from around the world are celebrating by hosting an art exhibition in France. Open to the public on September 28, the Bitcoin Art (r)evolution exhibit runs until 8 October 5 in Paris, a city known for being the “City of Art”

Bitcoin Trading Volumes in Hyperinflation-Struck Venezuela Hits Record Highs

As the economic crisis in Venezuela worsens leading to a growing exodus of citizens out of the country, the demand for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has exploded. According to Coin Dance, Venezuelans traded bitcoins worth nearly 300 million bolivars last week and the record could be broken again as so far this week bitcoin worth

Bitcoin Posted Positive Gains In Q3, But Ripple Won The Quarter
Bitcoin has posted two consecutive months of losses. This is no news to Bitcoin holders. However, it is important to keep in mind that sometimes you ...
Bitcoin Price Watch: BTC/USD Primed for More Gains
Bitcoin price is trading above key supports against the US Dollar. BTC/USD needs to clear the $6,665 resistance to revisit $6,800 and $6,850.
Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Stellar, Litecoin, Cardano, Monero, Dash: Price ...
Though China has banned crypto trading, Beijing Sci-Tech Report (BSTR), China's oldest tech publication, has said it will accept Bitcoin for its 2019 ...
It's now possible to launch a website on the Bitcoin BCH blockchain
The Bitcoin BCH blockchain continues to show itself to be a versatile and strong platform. Not only is it behind the highly popular cryptocurrency by the ...
Chinese Bitcoin Billionaire Li Xiaoli Exits Cryptosphere “For Good”
Chinese Bitcoin billionaire Li Xiaoli is bidding farewell to the crypto industry. Xiaoli is one of the best-known names in the cryptosphere after he ...
How Can Andreessen Horowitz Profit From its $15m Investment in a Stablecoin?

On September 25, CCN reported that prominent venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz invested $15 million in a stablecoin network called Maker. Stablecoin is a cryptocurrency whose value remains stable by being hedged to the price of reserve currencies like the US dollar. Hence, Dai, the stablecoin of the Maker ecosystem, will always represent $1, regardless

Bitcoin Price Stabilizes at $6,550, Analysts Optimistic About Stellar Breakout

Over the past 24 hours, the Bitcoin price has stabilized in the mid-$6,000 region. BTC eyed a breakout at a major resistance level at $6,800, but has slightly declined to the range of $6,550 to $6,600. Most major cryptocurrencies including Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), and EOS have recorded fairly large losses in the range of

Bitcoin price: Will bitcoin all below $1 How much does bitcoin cost today?
The year 2018 saw bitcoin peak at £15,000 ($19,562.85) but it has also hit lows of £4,600 ($6,001.50) on February 16. Bitcoin is now trading at ...
Malta's Prime Minister Hails Crypto as 'Future of Money' in UN Speech
Malta's prime minister, Joseph Muscat, has told the U.N. that cryptocurrencies are "the inevitable future of money."
Charting Expert: Bitcoin Technical Damage Will Take Months to Repair
Price analysts and charting experts are conflicted as to whether or not the recent price rise and persisting stability for Bitcoin and the general ...
Mofiler, the First Decentralized Platform for Developers to Monetize Their Ideas

This is a submitted sponsored story. CCN urges readers to conduct their own research with due diligence into the company, product or service mentioned in the content below. A group of innovators observed that the world of applications needed a platform that allowed users to monetize them for developers. They thought that sharing data that users

Analyst: Logarithmic Chart Shows Bitcoin is on Track, $50000 by 2021
Prominent Bitcoin and cryptocurrency analyst Willy Woo recently shared a logarithmic price chart of Bitcoin created by technical analyst known as Awe ...
Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC Ready to Explode In Q4
As Bitcoin closed for the third quarter of 2018, we take a look at the big picture and see what's in store for the final quarter of 2018.
Stasis For Bitcoin and Alts; New Foundations or Calm Before the Storm?
The cryptocurrency market has ended the weekend in a state of relative stability. Bitcoin and the majority of major altcoins ended Sunday in much the ...
Ethereum Startup Parity Adds Casper Code to Custom Blockchain Toolbox
Parity Technologies has added an early version of ethereum's hotly anticipated Casper code change to its blockchain development platform, Substrate.
Did Ethereum Bottom Out at $170? Worst Part of ETH Drop May be Over

On Sept. 12, Ethereum (ETH) dipped below the $170 mark, dropping to $166 to hit its lowest point of the year. Since then, within a 30-day period, ETH has shown promising recovery in its volume and momentum, rebounding from $166 to $230. Last week, on Sept. 23, the Ethereum price achieved $255. Worst Part of

September Cryptocurrency Review: A Miserable Month For Altcoins

Ethereum, EOS, Cardano and Iota got smashed while XRP, Stellar, Tezos and Dogecoin survived the big dip. September has not been a good month for crypto markets. Following the huge rout in August things got worse and new lows were reached once again. September 12 marked the lowest point for 2018 and well over a...

Bitcoin (BTC) Daily Price Forecast – October 1
Last week the price of Bitcoin was range bound. The cryptocurrency reached the high of $6,700 price level twice and was resisted. Price of Bitcoin has ...
Bitcoin Price Intraday Analysis: BTC/USD Supported at $6500
Bitcoin started this week on a bearish note, depreciating more than 2 percent against the US Dollar on a low-volumed Monday. BTC/USD is ...
Opera Browser Operator to Explore New Applications of Blockchain
Opera, which built a crypto wallet into its browser, is partnering with blockchain advisory firm Ledger Capital to further explore blockchain tech.
Massive 'Inevitable' Bitcoin Prediction Made By Malta's Prime Minister
Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchain have already been embraced by the government and people of Malta — which has tried to establish itself as ...
Bitcoin on the Verge of Global Institution-Driven FOMO Rally, Says deVere CEO
“Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are, I believe, on the verge of a true global breakout. This is largely due to 'FOMO,' the fear of missing out,” he said, ...

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