8 October 2018

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Messaging Giant Kakao Launches Its Own Blockchain for Testing
Kakao's blockchain arm Ground X has announced the launch of the test version of its proprietary blockchain network dubbed Klaytn.
Bitcoin Daily: Yale Mulls $400M Investment In Crypto; Fortnite Targeted With Bitcoin Wallet Malware
Malwarebytes Labs reported that a supposed cheat for the popular video game Fortnite actually turned out to be malware designed to steal bitcoin ...
Bitcoin Miner in China Receives Prison Sentence for Electricity Theft
A man has plead guilty to stealing electricity from the Chinese state to power his Bitcoin mining operation. Xu Xinghu will be forced to serve a three ...
A16z, Binance and More Back Oasis Labs' New Blockchain Incubator
Oasis Labs is launching an incubator program for startups focused on privacy applications of blockchain, and some big investors are on board.
Bitcoin Price Crosses $6700 as New Signs of Life Emerge
Bitcoin is showing new signs of life Monday, as declining volatility and rebounding trade volumes put markets on course for bigger short-term gains.
Bitcoin price (BTC/USD) hovers around $6600 after largely uneventful weekend
The Bitcoin price (BTC/USD) continues to hover around the $6,600 mark after a weekend largely absent of big moves in either direction.
Spanish Bitcoin Miner Plans 300 MW Solar Plant with Panels from China

Cryptosolartech, a Spanish cryptocurrency mining firm that uses renewable energy for its operations, has contracted a Chinese maker of photovoltaic solar panels to put up a solar farm with a production capacity of 300 MW. Risen Energy Spain, the Spanish subsidiary of Chinese firm Risen Energy, is partnering with Cryptosolartech to build the solar farm

Binance to Disclose Crypto Listing Fees, Donate 100% to Charity
Binance, the world's largest crypto exchange by trading volume, says all listing fees will now be declared and donated to its charity arm.
NewParts Partners With Shopping Cart Elite to Accept Bitcoin Diamond and Other Cryptocurrency ...
In 2009, the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was created and hundreds of other digital currencies have since emerged. By December 2017, the market ...
Bitcoin price analysis: BTC/USD stability enters week 5; Bitcoin ETF SEC approval is very unlikely
Bitcoin stability has entered the second month. Since the declines the first week of September where Bitcoin dropped like deadweight, the crypto has ...
CNBC's Ran Neuner Says 'Bitcoin Is About to Explode,' Points to Pending ETF Decision
Crypto analyst and host of CNBC's show Cryptotrader Ran Neuner has claimed that the price of Bitcoin (BTC) is “about to explode” in a recent tweet ...
Bitcoin [BTC] scam in France results in a loss of €30 million
The country, which is yet to establish its stance on cryptocurrency regulations, has reported that its citizens have fallen prey to a Bitcoin [BTC] scam, ...
Prominent Investor: Crypto Bear Market Makes it Safe For Institutional Investors to Enter

Institutional investors are pouring in big bags of their money into the crypto world. And, a prominent investor believes it is the rightest time to do so. Garry Tan, co-founder of Initialized Capital, thinks crypto market’s bearish bias this year has reduced investment risks for new entrants, especially institutional investors. The 37-year old entrepreneur, who...

Cpublic Exchange Ready to Shake up Cryptocurrency Markets with Release of Groundbreaking Exchange and ICO

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Bitcoin Stable at $6600 while Altcoins making Good Greens
Bitcoin has been maintaining stability with a reduction in its volatility that has the leading crypto trading at about $6,600. Meanwhile, TRX and XLM are ...
‘Crypto Bonfire’ Incoming? Why Hedge Fund Manager Says Bitcoin (BTC) Will Reach $10K by the End of the Year
The crypto world just had its best news week of the year, according to Spencer Bogart, partner at crypto-focused investment firm Blockchain Capital. So why has the price barely moved? “It’s a function of the market,” Bogart said, appearing on CNBC’s Fast Money. “Towards the end of last year, when we were in the peak […]
Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis: BCH/USD Eyeing Gains Above $525
Bitcoin cash price is slowly moving higher against the US Dollar. BCH/USD is likely to continue higher once buyers gain momentum above the $525 ...
United Arab Emirates to Allow ICOs as Corporate Funding Option
The U.A.E. plans to introduce regulations that would permit initial coin offerings to be used as a means of fundraising for domestic companies.
Chinese Bitcoin (BTC) Miner Nabs Electricity, Authorities Crack Down
Despite the stringent rules placed on China's crypto scene, the Bitcoin and altcoin mining business remains as hot as ever. So hot, in fact, that a ...
Bitcoin ETF Gains Some Hope as SEC Extends Deadline for Decision
The United States Securities and Exchanges Commission (SEC) has extended the deadline for a decision involving 9 previously rejected Bitcoin ETF ...
Prominent Investor: Institutional Investments in Crypto Funds is a Big Deal

Crypto industry has received an unusual amount of funding this year from investors. And a prominent venture capital investor thinks it is a big deal. Garry Tan, an early stage investor with companies like Coinbase and Instacart in his portfolio, commented on the growing amount of institutional money that is flowing into crypto-funds. He stated that he...

When is Bitcoin Going to Do Something? BTC Price Analysis Forecast
It seems like a while since we've done our last Bitcoin price analysis, and for good reason. The price movement for Bitcoin has come a crawl! Anyone ...
Cryptocurrency Market Review: Bitcoin Consolidates Despite Major News [Video]
Cryptocurrency Market Review: Bitcoin Consolidates Despite Major News: Bitcoin and other top-50 altcoins were little changed in value. Bitcoin, in ...
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Daily Price Forecast – October 8
Supply zones: $800, $900, $1000. Demand zones: $300, $200, $100. BCH is in consolidation in its medium-term outlook. The railroad formation at ...
Why Bitcoin Is Struggling to Become a Mainstream Currency
Ten years ago, the Bitcoin whitepaper set the scene for what many believed would be the future of online payments—or even the future of money itself.
5 Failed Bitcoin Forks That Never Made It
While some Bitcoin forks become successful, such as Bitcoin Cash, inevitably most forks fizzle out or die. This list is dedicated to those that never ...
European Securities Regulator to Report on ICO Rules by 2019
ESMA intends to report on how it may regulate ICOs by the end of 2018, chair Steven Maijoor told a European Parliament committee.
Bitcoin (BTC) Is Not Truly Decentralized, Noted Economist Roubini Says
Economist Nouriel Roubini has attacked the notion that the Bitcoin network is truly decentralized, reiterating fears that miners and nodes are actually ...
Bitcoin's Price Volatility Just Hit Another 15-Month Low
Bitcoin price volatility continues to drop, with the weekly price range hitting its lowest level since July 2017.
Bitcoin's (BTC) Volatility at an 18 Month Low as Its Whitepaper Turns 10 Yrs Old This Month
The last one week in the crypto-markets has been characterized by a very stable Bitcoin (BCT) that has oscillated in value between $6,450 and $6,600 ...
Bitcoin price analysis: BTC/USD gets another shot at $6600 resistance
There is a ray of green light that is crossing through the entire cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin (BTC) has corrected higher above the levels we explored ...
From Bakkt to Bitcoin: 10 Signs Crypto Is Leading the Money Revolution
As the Bitcoin bulls await a breakout in price action after the long bear market of 2018, here are 10 key signs that show the cryptocurrency market comparisons to Tulip mania, which collapsed in 1637 – never to rebound – are looking more and more far-fetched. Bitcoin volatility at a low According to Bloomberg data compiled […]
Seoul Mayor Plans $100 Million Fund to Build Blockchain Smart City
The mayor of Seoul plans to invest $100 million over the next five years to develop the South Korean capital as a smart city powered by blockchain.
Safety Can’t Always Be Found in Numbers

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Bitcoin: Not For The Faint-Hearted Even When It Seems So Hated
Normally when something falls over 80% you might think it's a great opportunity. Bitcoin might be such an opportunity, but the charts are so weak that I ...
Bitcoin (BTC) Volatility Reaches Lowest Level in Over a Year
Bitcoin (BTC) has bugged financial regulators around the world partly because of the wild swings in its price. Some good news has now come from ...
China: Man Gets 3.5 Years in Jail for Stealing Train Power to Mine Bitcoin, Local Media
A man in China has been been sentenced to three and a half years in jail for stealing power from a train station to fuel his Bitcoin (BTC) mining ...
Northern Bitcoin to Offer Bpal Wallet in EU, Expand Mining Operations
Northern Bitcoin CEO Mathis Schultz said Bpal Wallet — a digital application that stores, receives and dispatches cryptocurrencies — will be launched ...
Bitcoin (BTC) ATM Scam Targets Immigrants in Australia
Australia's authorities have warned the public about an emerging new type of fraudulent scheme involving Bitcoin (BTC) ATMs, Victoria Police ...
Binance Labs Invests Millions in Blockchain Auditing Platform CertiK
Binance Labs, the crypto exchange's incubator wing, says it has has invested millions in smart contract and blockchain auditing platform CertiK.
Maker Price (MKR) Explodes Through $750 as Dai Cryptocurrency Awaits Augur Integration

Maker (MKR), the central token of the Maker smart contract platform and the Dai stablecoin system, has experienced a phenomenal rally over the past month, bolstered a major partnership and an investment from one of the cryptocurrency industry’s top venture funds. Less than one month ago, on Sept. 12, MKR was trading below $300. Since

Lack of institutions in Bitcoin [BTC] could be caused by fear of SEC, shows Fundstrat survey
A majority of both institutional investors and Twitter say that Bitcoin [BTC] has bottomed. The second most popular opinion among both the groups was ...
Roger Ver Bashes Bitcoin Core Team at Malta Delta Summit
Roger Ver, known in crypto circles as the “Bitcoin Jesus,” decided to take aim at the Bitcoin Core development team in his presentation at the Malta ...
Bitcoin's Theoretical Price Ceiling Is Now $100k Per Coin
It is possible to identify a theoretical price ceiling for Bitcoin simply by measuring the maximum throughput of the network. The soft limit and the hard ...
Fake News? Cryptocurrency Exchange Bitfinex Denies Rumors of Insolvency

Responding to longstanding rumors of financial struggles and outright accusations of insolvency, major cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex has provided a glimpse into its cryptocurrency balance sheet. The exchange, which is registered in the British Virgin Islands but headquartered in Hong Kong, sought to dispel these rumors in a blog post published on Sunday, which included links

UK Telecom Regulator Wins Grant to Study Blockchain
The U.K.'s communications regulator, Ofcom, received £700,000 to study potentially using blockchain in managing the nation's 1 billion phone numbers.
Why Bitcoin (BTC) Can't Fall Below $5800
Bitcoin (BTC) cannot fall below $5,800. There, I said it. It might not be possible to say what price Bitcoin (BTC) might reach by the end of the year.
Bitcoin (BTC) Price Watch: Is That a Bullish Breakout Yet?
In particular, it lauded bitcoin and ethereum for being pioneers in this space that is resilient to cyber-attacks. However, it did note that scalability is still ...
(MM) If Bitcoin Is a Bubble, Pot Stocks Will Blow Up in Smoke

London Cryptocurrency Exchange Coinfloor Announces Layoffs amid Prolonged Bear Market

Coinfloor, the oldest bitcoin exchange in the U.K., will lay of most of its 40 employees, according to two sources interviewed by the Financial News. The layoffs at the London-based exchange are in response to “significant” change in market volume, according to Obi Nwosu, Coinfloor’s chief executive, and are seen as a setback for the

Wall Street Forays Into Crypto, Bitcoin Stabilizes, Could It Be A Coincidence?
As seen by the recent public outcry, there are many crypto investors that have been irked by the current state of the cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin ...
Preston Byrne Compares Bitcoin Efficiency to a Hungover Hippopotamus
Consultant and financial adviser Preston Byrne said that Bitcoin is 'as efficient as a lame hippopotamus with a hangover.' In a blog post, he talked ...
Bitcoin Price Prediction: Technically targeting $6800 after the quiet ascent – Confluence Detector
The calm is not necessarily bad for bulls, as Bitcoin trades above $6,600. What's next? The digital coin is well supported and may be ready for the next ...
'Bitcoin Price to Hit $10000 this Year, Now Close to Bottom,' Says Spencer Bogart
Coinbase pleased its customets with the launch of three new products and introducing 'Child Pays for Parent' system to speed up Bitcoin payments.
IBM's Food Blockchain Is Going Live With a Supermarket Giant on Board
IBM is taking its food-tracking blockchain into production and has already signed up European supermarket giant Carrefour.
Crypto Firm Prepares £45 Million Bid on Hull City Football Club

Yorkshire-based championship football team Hull City may be about to change hands as international bidders make their interest known in what is being referred to as a takeover in the UK media. Last weekend Paul Duffen, former chairman of Hull City AFC, announced his intention to buy the club with the backing of Saudi Arabian

Bitcoin Opinion: Mixed Signals Arising. When Moon?
Bitcoin price continues to move side-ways and there isn't much volume coming into cryptocurrency. There are some catalysts that could potentially ...
Bitcoin Price Intraday Analysis: BTC/USD between Breakout and Bull Trap

The Bitcoin-to-Dollar exchange rate on Monday surged 2 percent against the US Dollar from 6590-fiat to 6729-fiat on bottom formation sentiment and increased institutional investments. The Bitcoin had a steady week, rising and dropping within a specific range with its trend facing upward. Many believe the digital currency has found its bottom and a massive

Crypto Exchange Bitfinex Denies Accusations of Insolvency
Bitfinex has hit back against claims it is insolvent, disclosing wallet addresses appearing to show it holds over $1.5 billion in crypto assets.
Court Authorizes Cryptocurrency Firm to Reclaim 530 ETH Sent to Wrong Address

The Supreme Court of British Columbia has issued a major ruling in a case stemming from a dispute over ethereum (ETH) tokens mistakenly sent to an initial coin offering (ICO) investor, and it could have implications for cryptocurrency users or exchanges outside of the litigants involved in the case. The ruling, which was issued by

Bitcoin (BTC) Daily Price Forecast – October 8
Nevertheless, the MACD line and the signal line are above the zero line which indicates a buy signal. The price of Bitcoin is above the 12-day EMA ...
No, SEC isn't Approving a Bitcoin ETF This Month, Don't Get Too Excited
Many investors and traders have started to anticipate the next deadline of Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) filings with the US Securities and ...
Legal Bitcoin Trade Massively Exceeds Illegal Use, According to US DEA
Bitcoin has officially left behind all negative connotations relating to its use for funding illegal and criminal activities. One of the most reputable ...
Bitcoin prices mildly higher as blockchain bulls tout volatility lull
In early Monday trading a single bitcoin BTCUSD, +1.32% was changing hands at $6,604.87 up 0.9% since Sunday at 5 p.m. Eastern Time on the ...
Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Stellar, Litecoin, Cardano, Monero, TRON: Price ...
One event that will be keenly watched is the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission's (SEC) decision on the fate of nine Bitcoin exchange-traded ...
Bitcoin miner jailed for 3.5 years for stealing electricity from train network
A Chinese man has been sentenced to three and a half years in prison and fined RMB 100,000 (around $14,500) after pleading guilty to stealing ...
Bitcoin price analysis
During the past three sessions, bitcoin price traded in a range with a bullish angle above the $6,520 support against the US Dollar. BTC/USD is still ...
UK Bitcoin Exchange Coinfloor Cuts Staff Amid Crypto Rout
However, the number of number of transactions in Bitcoin has declined significantly from late last year, so the volumes may be too low to sustain all of ...
The Ledger: Soulja Boy's 'Bitcoin' Millions, PwC Backs a Stablecoin, Tether Sinks Below $1
While the original dollar-backed stablecoin, Tether, has become so popular that it accounts for more Bitcoin trading volume than the U.S. dollar itself, ...
Bitcoin [BTC]s rock-solid foundation makes it the Supreme Court of altcoins, says blockchain expert ...
Eric Wall, the blockchain and cryptocurrency lead for Cinober Financial Technology, recently tweeted an interesting insight into how Bitcoin is the ...
French Citizens Lose €31M in Bitcoin Scams
French crypto holders have fallen prey to a Bitcoin (BTC) scam. According to French news site Le Parisien, 700 crypto holders in France have lost up ...
Alibabacoin Foundation Announces New Goal of Collaboration with Shopping Malls

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Crypto Expert Says Bitcoin Is Ready To Surge
Last Friday, a partner at the crypto focused venture capital firm, Blockchain Capital has claimed that he believes Bitcoin price is about to surge after it ...
Bitcoin Price Watch: BTC/USD Holding Key Supports Above $6350
Bitcoin price is trading nicely above the $6,350 pivot level against the US Dollar. BTC/USD is likely to make an attempt to surpass the $6,640 ...
Cryptocurrency ‘More Centralized than North Korea’: NYU Economist

New York University (NYU) economist Nouriel Roubini is scheduled to testify later this week during a U.S. Senate hearing on blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, and the noted bitcoin basher appears to be preparing for his testimony by trying out some new criticisms of the nascent asset class. Ethereum Co-Creator a ‘Dictator for Life’ Writing on

After Record High Stability, is Bitcoin Finally Ready to Bounce?
On October 8, Bitcoin achieved a 17-month low volatility. Experts have stated that the cryptocurrency market is maturing as more funds from the ...
Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC In Accumulation Phase With Bullish Bias Intact
We are getting some movement on Bitcoin (BTC) and starting to flirt with this trend line. I want to point out this chart so people are aware. Most everyone has probably seen a chart like the above. When people think BTC is going to go to 4k, they have it going to the moon right after, as seen above. […]
Dubai to Launch Blockchain Payments with State Digital Currency ‘emCash’

Dubai residents will soon have the means to make payments for school fees, bills and other retail purchases with emCash, a state-developed blockchain-based digital currency. The UAE’s first official credit bureau – emCredit – under the Dubai Department of Economic Development is pushing its official blockchain-encrypted state digital currency emCash for wider adoption by rolling

Insane Bitcoin Volatility Coming? Technical Analyst Says So
As Bitcoin volatility hits its lowest of this year, it is expected a wild swing is on the way. Industry participants share it is a sign of a maturing market and ...
Good Money's Master Plan: A Stealth Bid to Get Celebrities Promoting Crypto
Can flat abs gurus and mommy bloggers sell the masses on using crypto? Inside the stealth startup that's raising big to do just that.
Bitcoin Price Prediction: A fog of volatility makes visibility difficult in the short term
A new week of analysis begins for the main actors of the Crypto board. The news continues to be the absence of news that could activate a market in ...
Soulja Boy Drops 'Bitcoin' Single
Soulja Boy's latest single, titled 'Bitcoin', comprises a slightly confounding attempt to brag about the riches Soulja has accrued through cryptocurrency ...
Venezuelans Forced to Use Petro Cryptocurrency to Pay for Passports
Venezuelans must now pay for passports with the country's controversial petro token, according to a report.
Japan's Ruden Holding Real Estate Firm To Use NEM And Bitcoin Blockchains For Crypto ...
Ruden Holding, a Japanese real estate company that's listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, said that it would be using Bitcoin and NEM blockchains ...
Bitcoin Mining Profitability Declines Despite Increase in Revenue
Bitcoin mining in 2018 hasn't been as profitable as in 2017 despite an increase in overall revenue. With the network hashrate continuing to increase ...
Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Bullish Breakout Finally Happening?
Bitcoin has been stuck inside its symmetrical triangle consolidation for quite some time now, but bulls seem to be getting the upper hand. Price is ...
NewParts Partners With Shopping Cart Elite to Accept Bitcoin Diamond and Other Cryptocurrency ...
By now accepting the cryptocurrencies Bitcoin Diamond (BCD), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Gold (BTG), Dash, Ethereum (ETH), ...
Blow To Bitcoin As Coinfloor CEO Makes Worrying Warning
Bitcoin, known for its wild price swings, has hit a period of stagnation in recent months after last year's massive bull run — with bitcoin's volatility rates ...
Bitcoin at $10000 by the End of 2018: Hedge Fund Manager
Bitcoin has lost two-thirds of its value since its $20,000 peak at the end of 2017 – but according to hedge fund manager Spencer Bogart, the original ...
Bitcoin Price Update: Breakout Imminent as Price Looks to Move Beyond Descending Triangle
Bitcoin looks set for an imminent price breakout. The price action chart for the top-ranked cryptocurrency shows a classic breakout pattern which could ...
Tron Says its Community is More Active Than Ethereum, Hackathon Shows Otherwise

During an interview with Investopedia on Oct. 5, Tron CEO Justin Sun stated that its developer community is more vibrant and active than Ethereum. When asked by the publication to provide five reasons why Tron is better than Ethereum, Sun said: “At TRON we always emphasize the importance of accessibility and our dedication to the

Market Update: Still No Major Moves (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple Price Analysis)
Looking at the Bitcoin's dominance chart I have spotted something interesting. As you can remember I have stated many times that Bitcoin's ...
Alibabacoin Is Listed on Top Exchanges from around the World on 8th October

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