8 November 2018

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BORA Project Progress Update

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The Little-Known Ways Ethereum Reveals User Location Data
At Devcon4, Geth developer Péter Szilágyi detailed the little-known ways that data about ethereum users can become public.
Innovation Behind Bars: the Arrest of India's First Bitcoin 'ATM' Operators
Earlier in October, the developers of India's first Bitcoin (BTC) “ATM” were arrested in the city of Bangalore under criminal charges, in a case that has ...
Brian Forde: Bitcoin and blockchain can restore trust
Bitcoin and blockchain can restore trust in financial transactions, one of the foremost authorities on cryptocurrencies, Brian Forde, told the World ...
Is Bitcoin A Better Hedge Against Market Corrections Than Gold?
Bitcoin has remained unusually calm and less volatile while the S&P 500 has entered correction territory. This has given life to the thought that Bitcoin ...
IBM, Seagate Team Up to Tackle Hard Drive Fakes With Blockchain
IBM is to use its blockchain platform to track Seagate-produced hard drives as a means to guarantee their authenticity.
Coinbase Users Can Now Buy and Sell Brave's Basic Attention Token
Coinbase is listing Brave's Basic Attention Token to its retail platform, 6 days after adding it to Coinbase Pro.
Bitcoin PR Buzz Upgrades PR Services Drops Price up to $800

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Mining Giant Bitmain Hurries to Deploy 90000 S9 Antminers Ahead of Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork
Ahead of the imminent Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hard fork, mining giant Bitmain has rushed to deploy around 90,000 Antminer S9 machines to the western ...
Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis: Despite +30 Percent Gains, BCH/USD is Technically Bearish ahead of ...
Freedom of choice is at work ahead of Bitcoin Cash hard fork. Two “warring” factions with different ideas on how the network should proceed are not ...
Op-Ed: Bitcoin $6500 plus mostly today but drops below after the close
Bitcoin's(BTC) price rose today almost from the opening and hit a high of $6,555 and ended up closing above the $6,500 level. The technical signs ...
Bitcoin ALERT: Cybercriminals launch MAJOR campaign to steal a fortune, are YOU affected?
Bitcoin owners are being warned after cybercriminals launched a large-scale campaign to steal truckloads of the cryptocurrency. Security experts ...
Bitcoin Pioneer Who Gave Away Over $100 Million Has No Regrets
Jeff Garzik started writing software code for Bitcoin after reading a blog post about the digital currency in July 2010. At the time, he was working ...
War: Bitcoin Cash Startup Launches Mining Pool to Attack Altcoins & BCH Forks
A prominent bitcoin cash startup has launched a mining pool designed to attack altcoins and BCH forks that it does not believe fulfill Satoshi ...
Key Technical Indicator Shows Bitcoin Price Poised for 'Santa Claus Rally'
The trend indicated by Bloomberg Galaxy Digital Index's cryptocurrency MACD corresponds to that being manifested by Bitcoin in the last one week.
French authorities are pushing a 30 percent flat-rate Bitcoin tax
French regulators are realigning the taxes imposed on hodlers of Bitcoin BTC and other cryptocurrencies. The French finance commission supported ...
Square's Bitcoin Revenue Increases by $6 Million in Q3, Profits Top $500000
U.S. financial services company Square revealed it generated $43 million in Bitcoin (BTC) revenue for Q3 2018 in its most recent shareholder letter ...
Square, Boosted By Its Bitcoin Business, Posts First Ever Profit in Q3
Jack Dorsey's financial services provider, Square, has reported its first quarterly profit of $20 million. The bitcoin-integrated payments company also ...
XRP, Bitcoin Cash, & Dogecoin Down the Most among Top Altcoins & The Glorious Victory of BAT
The leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin is currently down by 0.46 percent at $6,499 maintaining its stability around $6,500 level. As for the top altcoins,.
The problem bitcoin solves
He added that, unlike bitcoin, 'fiat currencies have underlying value because men with guns say they do. And this means that their value isn't a bubble ...
WAY2BIT Launches Transparent Platform for Blockchain Users

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Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis: With or Without Consensus, BCH/USD Could Test $850
A week to Bitcoin Cash's half-year software upgrade and BCH/USD is vibrant, adding 45 percent in the last week. Aside from that, BCH is trading ...
California: Midterms See Largest US State Elect Pro-Bitcoin Governor
Gavin Newsom is considered to be “pro-bitcoin.” Certainly, he's willing to accept BTC for campaign contributions. He also has a record of being ...
Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Bulls Waiting for Channel Dips
Bitcoin has formed higher lows and higher highs to trade inside an ascending channel visible on its 1-hour time frame. Price just bounced off the top ...
New Report Shows An Increase In Active Bitcoin Addresses
A new report by the massive crypto exchange, Huobi shows EOS having a good week as well as a number of active Bitcoin addresses continuing to ...
Winklevosses' Foe Wins End to Asset Freeze in Bitcoin Battle
Shrem, who spent a year in prison for helping people use Bitcoins to buy drugs through the Silk Road marketplace, also asked U.S. District Judge Jed ...
Recovery in Doubt as Bitcoin Price Drops Out of Bullish Channel
Bitcoin is painting a less bullish picture than 24 hours ago, following a drop out of an ascending price channel.
Bitcoin trapped in tighter range than Mexican peso, Brazilian real and other popular currencies
Bitcoin volatility has plunged to levels where day traders looking to capitalize on big moves might be better off switching from virtual to tangible ...
Poloniex Opens Pre-Fork BCH Market
The bitcoin cash price had risen considerably in the lead-up to the fork, ... To trade the pre-fork tokens, users must deposit bitcoin cash on the Poloniex ...
“One Bitcoin [BTC] is worth one bitcoin and other currencies will fall away against it”, says Tim draper
Recently, Tim Draper, a Venture Capitalist and Bitcoin Maximalist gave his views on Bitcoin and what the future might hold, in an interview with ...
Overstock CEO Predicts Mass Crypto Adoption as Bitcoin Price Rises
Bitcoin this year has fallen by almost 60 percent against the US Dollar. The hype around the digital currency in 2017 assisted it hitting an all-time high ...
Zambia: Three Arrested in $2.4 Million Cryptocurrency Investment Scheme

Three individuals are currently out on bond in Zambia after being arrested over charges related to a cryptocurrency investment scheme they had operated. The three suspects — Hilda Agnes Raubenheimer, Orient Rio Zekko, and Tapiwa Chirwa — are directors of cryptocurrency investment firm Heritage Coin Resources Limited, per the Zambian Watchdog. They allegedly collected more

Star Trek Star William Shatner Defends Ethereum From Inaccurate Claims

William Shatner, a renowned Canadian actor, author, producer, director and singer famous for his role in the mega-popular media franchise Star Trek, recently defended Ethereum and its technology. On November 7, Shatner tagged Vitalik Buterin, a co-creator of Ethereum, in a Tweet, publicly portraying his interest in cryptocurrencies and the blockchain. His viewpoints don’t take

eToro Analyst: Bitcoin, Crypto To End 2018 With “Santa Claus” Rally

As 2019 looms, analysts have sought to discern where the crypto market could be heading next. While bearish sentiment is still a common sight, a growing number of industry pundits have overtly expressed their opinion that 2018’s crypto winter is on the verge of kicking the bucket. Crypto To Undergo “Santa Claus” Rally Although bears...

Keeping Satoshi Nakamoto’s Dream Alive: Nagezeni and Rootstock to Improve Bitcoin

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Crypto Market Update: Correction after Upward Move (Bitcoin, EOS, Litecoin Price Analysis)
The chart pattern seen on the EOS chart resembles that of Bitcoin as the market is strongly correlated which is why I would be expecting to see an ...
Bitcoin Ownership Hits 9% In UK, YouGov Survey Reveals
Over 90 percent of UK residents have now heard of Bitcoin and up to 9 percent of some demographics own it, an upbeat new survey revealed ...
Breaking: SEC Charges EtherDelta Founder with Operating Unregistered Exchange

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has charged the founder of decentralized Ethereum exchange (DEX) EtherDelta with operating an unregistered exchange. As a DEX, the crypto trading platform allowed users to trustlessly trade Ethereum-based tokens without registering accounts or entrusting their funds to an exchange-controlled wallet. Trading was managed by a smart contract, though

Bitcoin slips, but analyst offers upbeat outlook for other digital coins
Bitcoin, BTCUSD, -0.36% the most famous digital currency, was changing hands at $6,479.97, down 0.6% since Wednesday at 5 p.m. Eastern Time ...
Bitcoin price news: 10-year forecast shows bitcoin 'WON'T DIE' - Latest BTC prediction
Bitcoin's potential to revolutionise the world for the better is greater than originally envisaged when bitcoin was born ten years ago, believes Juan ...
Law Firm Perkins Coie Taps CFTC Veteran for Blockchain Practice
Perkins Coie continues to grow its blockchain practice with the addition of a former counsel for the CFTC.
Bitcoin Mass Adoption Will Happen Naturally
Bitcoin mass adoption, contrary to popular belief, will not occur by “educating” the public. Instead, this transition will happen naturally as young ...
Star Trek's Shatner Defends Ethereum Creator Vitalik Buterin in Tweetstorm
Eighty-seven-year-old Canadian actor and producer William Shatner just made a series of tweets supporting ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin.
How Does Bitcoin Work Inside the Casino World?
The success of bitcoin has resulted in a new avenue for gambling through Internet-based bitcoin casinos. Some casinos have gone as far as to only ...
$43 Million in Bitcoin Trades Help Square Beat Q3 Earnings Estimates
“We deduct bitcoin costs because we consider our role in the bitcoin transactions to be facilitating customer access to bitcoin. Since we only apply a ...
Fake News: SWIFT Denies Rumor it Will Join Ripple’s Blockchain Network

Speculation that RippleNet and the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) were planning to integrate may have caused the market cap of ripple (XRP) to briefly overtake that of ethereum to take the second position in the overall crypto market. SWIFT Says it isn’t Joining RippleNet This was based on the belief that with

Cryptocurrency market on brink of 'price explosion' but bitcoin won't trigger it, experts predict
In November 2017, bitcoin was in the middle of a remarkable price surge that would see its value rise 10-fold over the course of six months.
Ripple (XRP) Leads Altcoin Retreat as Early-Week Rally Fizzles

Led by ripple (XRP), the bitcoin and the altcoin markets edged lower on Thursday after staying on the bulls’ side for most of the week. Ripple Price Headlines Pullback The cryptocurrency market as a whole witnessed their uptrends getting stalled. Other top performers during the previous rally, including stellar (XLM), bitcoin cash (BCH) and EOS,

Crypto Exchanges Must 'Grow or Die,' Says Exec at Fintech Firm Cinnober
Cinnober, a fintech company founded a full decade before the bitcoin white paper came out, wants to help today's crypto trading platforms mature.
Bitcoin Price Watch: BTC/USD Near Make-or-Break Support Zone
Bitcoin price corrected lower below $6,500 against the US Dollar. BTC/USD is currently testing a major support at $6,440, which holds the key.
Bitcoin slips, but analyst offers upbeat outlook for other digital coins
Bitcoin, BTCUSD, -1.21% the most famous digital currency, was changing hands at $6,479.97, down 0.6% since Wednesday at 5 p.m. Eastern Time ...
Shrem's Lawyers Fire Back: Bitcoin's “First Felon” Never Owned 5000 BTC
After his one year in the slammer, the America-based Bitcoin expert was reportedly left with pennies in his bank account (and close-to-zilch (0) crypto ...
Canadian Bitcoin Mining Firm Hut 8 Sees Record High Revenue in Q3 2018
Canadian Bitcoin (BTC) mining company Hut 8 has reported record revenue in the third quarter (Q3) of 2018, according to the company's quarterly ...
Chinese School Principals Caught Mining Ethereum At Work
Two principals at a Chinese school got in hot water after installing ethereum miners at the institution, according to a report.
Surprising Bitcoin Survey Reveals UK To Be A Nation Of Crypto Believers
Bitcoin, despite its and other cryptocurrencies' struggles throughout this year, appears to remain an attractive alternative to the current financial system ...
Will Bitcoin End Life On Planet Earth?
Climate change alarmists have proclaimed that Bitcoin could raise global temperatures by 2 degrees Celsius in less than 30 years. The Independent ...
Bitcoin price analysis: Must reclaim $6500 for the next bull run
After Bitcoin escaped the range resistance earlier this week, the buyers increased their grip on the price. BTC/USD skyrocketed past $6,400 reclaiming ...
Roger Ver: ‘Maybe I’ve Been Fooled’ by Craig Wright

Early cryptocurrency adopter and outspoken Bitcoin Cash evangelist Roger Ver said that he is having second thoughts about his former alliance with self-described Bitcoin creator Craig Wright. Ver, the owner of crypto wallet service and bitcoin cash mining pool Bitcoin.com, stated in a newly-uploaded YouTube video that Wright — whose firm, nChain, is the developer

Early Trading Shows Clear Preference In Divide Over Bitcoin Cash Fork
An experimental market on a major crypto exchange suggests that bitcoin cash users may favor the more established version of the software, Bitcoin ...
UK survey reveals 93% of Brits have heard of Bitcoin, but only 4% have bought BTC
YouGov, a global public opinion and data company, carried out a Bitcoin survey amongst British citizens in the UK, and found out that 93% of Brits ...
Bitcoin Cash [BCH] hard fork sees another spat; Faketoshi sends bitter regards to Roger Ver
On November 8, two proponents of the Bitcoin Cash [BCH] community were found having a serious battle when one of them, Roger Ver, revealed an ...
Bitcoin and Altcoins Consolidating Gains Above Key Supports
Recently, there were positive moves in bitcoin above the USD 6,550 level. BTC/USD even traded above the USD 6,600 level and later started a ...
Korean Lawyers Urge Government to Draw Up Blockchain Rules
The Korean Bar Association has called on the government to introduce blockchain regulations, ASAP.
Bitcoin proponent equates cryptocurrency custodial services to modern-day bank robbery schemes
Andreas Antonopoulos, a well-known Bitcoin proponent and author of Mastering Bitcoin, gave his opinion on whether Bitcoin custodial wallets and ...
Will EtherDelta Charges Lead to the Demise of Decentralized Crypto Exchanges?

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has charged Zachary Coburn, a co-founder of decentralized crypto exchange EtherDelta, for operating an unregistered national securities exchange. SEC Charges EtherDelta Founder With Operating an Unregistered Exchange https://t.co/KYRBmn2UHw — SEC_News (@SEC_News) November 8, 2018 In its official statement, the SEC also emphasized that EtherDelta illicitly distributed unregistered securities

Crypto Exchange Poloniex Announces 'Pre-Fork' Trading for Bitcoin Cash
Poloniex will be the first exchange to offer trading for the pending bitcoin cash (BCH) hard fork amid the debate that has raged since mid-year.
Bitcoin is the Real Winner of US Midterms
Mainstream news groups are fixated on the 'blue wave' sweeping America during last night's midterm elections. But here at Bitcoin Australia, we're ...
Civic CEO Bets That Bitcoin (BTC) Won't Hit $28000 By 2020
World Crypto Con, which calls itself the “first experiential conference for the cryptocurrency and blockchain space,” saw some of this industry's ...
Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Downside Correction Before Fresh Upside
Bitcoin price started a downside correction after trading close to $6,620. BTC/USD could spike towards $6,480 before it starts a fresh upward move.
Bitcoin Cash Declares War: Why This Could Mean Another Split
Lobbed at those bitcoin cash enthusiasts supporting Bitcoin ABC, the main implementation of the blockchain software, Craig Wright seems to have no ...
Bitcoin Cash Drops 5% as Crypto Market Retraces, Tokens Take a Hit
After demonstrating nearly a 50 percent gain within a three-day span, Bitcoin Cash dropped five percent of its value against the US dollar. The volume ...
What Caused the Sudden Drop in SegWit Blocks on Bitcoin?
A Bitcoin newsletter familiar with the deep technological aspect of Bitcoin has a theory that makes sense: at least one major mining pool accidentally ...
Bitcoin Mining Consumes Over 3X the Energy of Gold Mining: Research
According to the report, between the beginning of 2016 and mid this year, the energy required to mine bitcoin worth US$1 was 17 megajoules while ...
BitMart Announces Strategic Partnership with RatingToken

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SEC Charges EtherDelta Founder Over 'Unregistered Securities Exchange'
The SEC has charged Zachary Coburn, founder of EtherDelta, with running an unregistered national securities exchange.
Havven Launching First Decentralised Multicurrency Stablecoin

This is a submitted sponsored story. CCN urges readers to conduct their own research with due diligence into the company, product or service mentioned in the content below. This month, Havven will launch the first decentralised stablecoin system in a variety of currencies all backed by a single cryptoasset collateral pool. The first batch of currencies

Bitcoin Analysis: BTC Faces Bearish Reversal as Dollar Strengthens
The bitcoin-to-dollar exchange rate has dipped close to 1 percent on Thursday, now trading at 6470-fiat. The outcome of the US midterm elections with ...
Altcoins Drop After Week of Gains, Bitcoin Stable Near $6500
At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading just below $6,500 at its current price of $6,460. Although it fell slightly (just over 1%) from yesterday's levels, it is ...
Bitcoin Cash [BCH] hash war progresses as Bitmain's Jihan Wu calls Craig Wright a “Blockstream ...
The upcoming Bitcoin Cash [BCH] hard fork on November 15 has had the cryptocurrency community in a tizzy concerning its outcome. Those involved ...
Can you explain the difference between blockchain and Bitcoin?
Earlier this year, research and development consortium AdLedger teamed up with IBM and Salon Media Group to educate marketers about blockchain ...
Circle's Poloniex Is Offering Support for Bitcoin Cash Hard Forks
Customers of Poloniex cryptocurrency exchange can trade in BCHABC and BCHSV pending the Bitcoin Cash hard fork. Poloniex is the first exchange ...
ETH/BTC Analysis: Ethereum Price Remains Buy On Dips Vs Bitcoin
Ethereum price started a solid upward move above the 0.0318BTC resistance against bitcoin. ETH/BTC is currently correcting lower, but dips remain ...
Crypto Doom and Gloom: Banking CEO Says There’s “No Interest” from Institutions

The CEO of Revolut has claimed that large institutional clients, which are often cited as the drivers of the next crypto bull run, have shown very little interest in investing in assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Revolut CEO: Institutional Investors Show “No Interest” in Crypto While speaking at the Web Summit 2018 in Lisbon, Portugal this week,...

Expect the SEC to Target More Token Exchanges After EtherDelta
The SEC's settlement with the founder of EtherDelta is likely the first of many enforcement actions to come against crypto token exchanges.

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