17 November 2018

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Tom Lee's Big Bitcoin Price Prediction Dropped to $15000
Fundstrat's Tom Lee, often referred to as the 'crypto bull', has revised his end of year Bitcoin price prediction from $25,000 down to $15,000, which is ...
How SEC’s Paragon Ruling Could Send Many Crypto ICOs to Bankruptcy

The recent crackdown on two initial coin offerings (ICOs) Paragon and AirFox by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) could lead to many blockchain and crypto projects declaring bankruptcy in the coming months. As CCN reported on November 16, Paragon and AirFox were ordered to pay a $350,000 fine to the U.S. SEC and

New York: DFS Grants BitLicense to Crypto Custodian

The New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) has issued a BitLicense to NYDIG Execution LLC, a subsidiary of New York Digital Investment Group (NYDIG LLC). In a statement published this week, the regulator revealed that the crypto custodian had been granted a virtual currency license and a money transmission license. In addition, another NYDIG subsidiary, NYDIG

SEC Takes Down Two Crypto Startups for Illegal ICOs

Dutiful CCN readers may recall this journalist’s questioning of the Paragon ICO over a year ago. Paragon responded to that article with legal threats, as noted in the author’s subsequent analysis of the initial coin offering in question. Now that some time has gone by, and the whole market capitalization of Paragon is about a

Bitcoin Gives Up $6000 Support Level: Price Downtrend Continues
After weeks of boring, mostly sideways price action, the new investment thing called bitcoin finally conceded at least short-term defeat and closed ...
Twitter on the Defensive, Blames Third-Party App for Recent Scams

Twitter is pointing the finger at an unnamed third-party app as the party responsible for a string of cryptocurrency giveaway scams in recent weeks involving some major brands. Throughout the year, the popular social media platform Twitter has been in a losing battle against a massive botnet and cybercriminals who are hijacking prominent, verified accounts...

Bitcoin Sees Biggest Volatility Spike of the Year; Should Long-Term Holders Be Worried?
Bitcoin's precipitous drop over the past 48 hours has rendered the virtual currency highly susceptible to new bear-market lows. According to one ...
Crypto Bull Tom Lee Lowers Year-End Bitcoin Price Prediction, Bets on Recovery
With the close of 2018 in sight, Fundstrat founder and analyst Tom Lee has lowered his year-end prediction on the price of Bitcoin. Lee now says he ...
Bitcoin ABC Holds Onto Its Lead, What It Means For The Bitcoin Cash Community?
By now, every crypto enthusiast knows that Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV are the only two chains that survived the hard fork on Thursday. ABC, led by ...
$50 Million ICO Lands Crypto Lender SALT in Hot Water with SEC: WSJ

SALT Lending, a cryptocurrency loan provider who raised tens of millions of dollars during through an initial coin offering (ICO) with support from crypto pioneer Erik Voorhees, has become the latest blockchain firm to attract the attention of US securities regulators. Crypto Loan Provider SALT under SEC Investigation The Wall Street Journal reports that the

How To Buy S&P 100 Stocks With Bitcoin
But now, WorldMarkets.io users can now use bitcoin to buy stock in Apple, ... It isn't really clear if stock/bitcoin trading pairs have been requested by ...
Bitcoin [BTC] creator reportedly surfaces; community speculates Craig Wright pulling fast one
The creator of Bitcoin [BTC], the very first decentralized cryptocurrency, Satoshi Nakamoto is hailed as a legend around the globe. The identity of ...
Tutorial: How to Use CoinDesk’s Crypto-Economics Explorer
CoinDesk's Crypto-Economics Explorer is our innovative new data tool that brings together a host of data types. Here's how to make the most of it.
Off-The-Grid Bitcoin Transactions Now a Reality
Following October's news that Samourai Wallet was preparing to enable internet free bitcoin transactions, somebody only went and tried it. A Twitter ...
Litecoin’s Franklyn Richards Says Cryptocurrency Will Be Institutionalized — And That’s OK

Everyone’s heard of Litecoin. Not to mention its charismatic creator Charlie Lee who sold all his LTC at the end of last year. A surprise move. Yet one that was meant to remove any conflict of interest between his active social media presence and the price of the coin he created. But did you know

Crypto Exchange Binance Tops Bitcoin Rich List With World's Largest BTC Wallet, Aims for Global ...
Cryptocurrency exchange Binance tops the Bitcoin Rich List with a Bitcoin wallet holding 141,096 BTC, worth roughly $789 million, at time of writing.
Bitcoin “Isn't Boring”: Bloomberg Analyst Makes $1500 BTC Call
“Bitcoin [is] no longer boring,” declared Bloomberg analysts/journalists Vildana Hajric and Olga Kharif in a recent piece on the crypto market. And ...
New Bitcoin ABC Client Introduces a Controversial Checkpointing System
One of the main points of concern following the recent Bitcoin Cash hard fork and subsequent network split is the lack of replay protection. In theory ...
Bitcoin Price Analysis: Will Bitcoin Bite Back?
Bitcoin does not appear to have found a bottom yet and at the moment there is an inside bar forming on the daily chart. Depending on one's vision, ...
Fundstrat's Tom Lee Predicts Bitcoin Recovery, But Lowers End-Year Target to $15K
Wall Street analyst and cryptocurrency bull Tom Lee has nearly cut his end-year Bitcoin (BTC) price target in half from $25,000 to $15,000, CNBC ...
Hash Wars: Calvin Ayre & CoinGeek Refuse to Concede Defeat in Bitcoin Cash Fork Fight
“CoinGeek and nChain are in this battle for the long haul. We will mine BCH and fight as long as it takes to protect the original Bitcoin from Bitmain, ...
Debunked: Top European Central Bank Official's False Arguments Against Bitcoin
Benoît Cœuré, a member of the Executive Board of the European Central Bank, condemned Bitcoin (BTC), describing it a bubble, ponzi scheme, and ...
Crisis: After $30 Billion Invested, Most Crypto ICOs Have Nothing to Show

Over the past two years, initial coin offering (ICO) projects in the crypto market have raised more than $30 billion. Yet, most ICO projects have little to show, especially pertaining to user growth, blockchain adoption, and overall user activity on decentralized systems. It Will Only Get Worse A handful of tokens have demonstrated success in

Bitcoin and rats: “They exist without permission. They are hated, hunted and persecuted. And yet ...
The best part of the latest Bloomberg's FUD bitcoin article is certainly a short story about an artist, former hedge fund manager, who sees strong ...
EUR/USD And Bitcoin (BTC) Share Similar Outlook After Dovish Fed Tone
The similarity that the EUR/USD chart shares with Bitcoin (BTC) is that not only do they share the same outlook; they also share the same price action.
Bitcoin Bull Tom Lee Cuts His Year-End Bitcoin Price Prediction to $15000
Tom Lee, a well-known bitcoin bull and the co-founder of Fundstrat Global Advisors, has recently cut his year-end bitcoin price prediction to $15,000.
Bitcoin Cash [BCH] hard fork shouldn't have any drama; miners to decide, states Litecoin [LTC]'s ...
They offered their opinions on the Bitcoin Cash [BCH] hard fork, which has since resulted in the coin splitting in two. The two tokens that are now being ...
Bitcoin Cash [BCH]'s Roger Ver: Even Monero or Dash could be accepted as world currency
The Bitcoin Cash [BCH] hard fork was the main topic of conversation over the past week, with the involvement of several parties within the BCH ...
Pantera CEO Says Billions Will Turn to Bitcoin, Plus Ripple and XRP, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash ...
From the mass adoption of Bitcoin to a shift in transparency for XRP, here's a look at some of the stories breaking in the world of crypto. Bitcoin.
Tom Lee: Bitcoin [BTC]'s dip below break-even point will see cryptocurrency hit only $15000 by EoY
Tom Lee trimmed his Bitcoin end of the year [2018] prediction down to $15,000 from his earlier prediction of $25,000 in a statement recently. Bitcoin is ...
Bitcoin Struggling at $5500 while USD Tumbles & Morgan Stanley says Dollar's Bull days Over
At $5,526 Bitcoin is still in the red but as Dollar weakens coupled with historical movement it might see some recovering. USD tumbled on the grounds ...
World's Largest Chip Manufacturer Nvidia Hurting From Bitcoin Price Fall
Bitcoin (BTC), Cryptocurrency, Nvidia–While investors are still reeling from this week's cryptocurrency price fall, which saw billions shed from the ...
Crypto's Too Expensive? Binance Sent $600 Million in Bitcoin for Just $7
Crypto exchange Binance has been moving bitcoin funds to cold storage the past couple of days, and, of course, such large transfers don't go ...
Fundstrat's Tom Lee Slices Bitcoin (BTC) Price Prediction To $15000
Per an article from CNBC, Tom Lee, Bitcoin's inside man at Fundstrat Global Advisors, recently lowered his Bitcoin (BTC) price prediction by $10,000, ...
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Stablecoin Purchases Surged Amid Wednesday’s Crypto Market Drop
The broader cryptocurrency market plummeted on Wednesday, but stablecoins in particular saw no shortage of buyers.
BuckyCoin Launches First Ever Cryptocurrency Backed by Decentralized Content Distribution Network & Own Content

This is a paid-for submitted press release. CCN does not endorse, nor is responsible for any material included below and isn’t responsible for any damages or losses connected with any products or services mentioned in the press release. CCN urges readers to conduct their own research with due diligence into the company, product or service mentioned

Oxfam Formally Launches Blockchain Platform for Rice Farmers in Cambodia

Oxfam has launched a blockchain project for farmers dubbed BloCRice, which seeks to increase the bargaining power of farmers by digitally connecting every player in the supply chain on one platform, local Cambodian news outlet reports. Based on the report, the new platform will leverage on smart contracts to build digital agreements between organic farmers

Australia: Bitcoin Trumps iTunes Vouchers as Preferred Payments for Tax Scammers
During the same period where more than 28,000 scam attempts were reported by the tax body, bitcoin has emerged as the scammers' preferred ...
Venezuelas Walmart 'Traki' Started Accepting Bitcoin
The largest department store in Venezuela, which many refer to as the “Wal-Mart” of the South American country, now accepts cryptocurrencies as a ...
The Cobo Vault Hardware Wallet Will Outlive You
The year is 2140 and the last bitcoin has just been mined. Thanks to the nuclear war, the population has been reduced to a few hundred thousand ...
Another $4 Billion Drop: Crypto Market Downtrend Continues as Bitcoin Cash Falls
Bitcoin Cash, even with the combined value of Bitcoin Cash SV (BCHSV) and Bitcoin Cash ABC (BCHABC), has fallen by more than seven percent.
Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork: Hashwar Continues, ABC and SV Remain At Odds
Now that November 15th has passed, all eyes have been glued to Crypto Twitter and websites regarding the Bitcoin Cash contentious hard ...
Bitcoin almost recovers to near $5600 but then drops back again
While Bitcoin today appeared to be in a recovery mode from its recent large fall, it seems to be starting to decline again somewhat. It reached almost to ...
Bloomberg analysts claim Bitcoin could go to $1500, cite no evidence
Bloomberg recently ran an article claiming that analysts feel that the price of Bitcoin could drop down as far as $1,500. The article references these ...
Pantera CEO: Bitcoin (BTC) Is A “Serial Killer,” Crypto To Reach Global Adoption
Bitcoin has long been touted as a viable alternative to centralized banking systems. As recently put by, Dan Morehead, the CEO at San ...
Bear Effect: SEC Crypto Crackdown Precedes 48% Drop in ICO Funding

The amount of money that initial coin offerings attracted in this year’s third quarter fell significantly compared to the second quarter. According to a report by crypto market analysis firm ICORating, the amount that was raised via ICOs from July to September reduced by 48 percent compared to what was raised from April to June

Crypto Experts Slash Bitcoin Price Predictions: Fact is, No One Knows
“While bitcoin broke below that psychologically important $6,000, this has to lead to a renewed wave of pessimism,” Lee commented. “But we believe ...
Bitcoin prices are collapsing! But is it still a better investment than stocks and shares?
All eyes have been back on Bitcoin in recent days after the virtual currency's value fell through another significant marker. In mid-week trade, the ...
Bitcoin Price Watch: Is the Currency Set to Drop Even Further?
One of bitcoin's biggest bulls has been Tom Lee of Fundstrat fame. Lee has repeatedly commented throughout 2018 that bitcoin will be the subject of a ...
Investment expert Gary Shilling is shorting Bitcoin, it's a “grand Ponzi scheme"
Shilling explained that his company, A. Gary Shilling & Co, looked at Bitcoin and compared it to a traditional fiat currency. Eventually concluding that ...
Switzerland's SIX Exchange, Amun To Launch Bitcoin, XRP, Ethereum ETP
More specifically, just shy of 50% of Amun's ETP will be allocated in bitcoin, while XRP will make up a quarter (25.4%). Ether makes up one-sixth of the ...
Thomas Lee Slashes His $25k End of Year Prediction for Bitcoin (BTC) To $15k
Thomas Lee, the co-founder of Fundstrat Global Advisors, has been one of the biggest Bitcoin (BTC) bulls this year. He has been outspoken in the ...
'Bitcoin's No Longer Boring,' Price Heading Towards $1.5K, Say Bloomberg Analysts
Analysts at Bloomberg Intelligence predict that Bitcoin (BTC) “has further to fall,” Bloomberg reported Nov. 16. “Bitcoin's no longer boring” declares ...
Bitcoin [BTC] has “too much brainpower, research, adoption and money” to fail: Monero [XMR]'s ...
As the Bitcoin Cash [BCH] hash war ensues, the Bitcoin [BTC] community is becoming increasingly known as being toxic. Known as the Bitcoin ...
Industrial-Scale Adoption of Blockchain Likely in 1-2 Years, Says CEO of Russia’s Largest Bank

Industrial-scale adoption of blockchain technology will surge in the next year or two. That’s the prediction of bitcoin advocate Herman Gref, the CEO of Sberbank — Russia’s largest bank and the third-largest bank in Europe. Gref said the hype surrounding blockchain has waned a bit, but its many uses will be applied in the near future.

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