21 November 2018

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Bitcoin Cash ABC update exposes potentially catastrophic vulnerability
Shortly after BSV (nChain's implementation of Bitcoin BTC Cash) suffered from a bug that split its network in two, it appears that BAB (Bitcoin-ABC's ...
Why Has Bitcoin's Price Fallen So Sharply This Week?
The year-long cryptocurrency slump is devolving into a further downward spiral this week. The price of Bitcoin fell 13 percent on Tuesday and more ...
Bitcoin Mining Firm Giga Watt Declares Bankruptcy Owing Millions
U.S.-based bitcoin mining firm Giga Watt has declared bankruptcy with millions still owed to creditors.
Bitcoin: I'm Surprised That You're Surprised
Willy Woo has predicted a market bottom in Q2 2019. The Bitcoin Value Indicator predicted a mean Bitcoin Market Cap of $66B on the last day of ...
“Crypto King”: Bear Market Aside, Bitcoin (BTC) Still Has Inherent Value

Again, as Bitcoin fell into Tuesday, with the popular digital asset establishing a new year-to-date low (yet again) at $4,200, proponents of this nascent innovation quickly took to its side. Unlike the unexpected appearance of Stephen Palley, a crypto-friendly lawyer at Anderson Kill, on Bloomberg TV, this time, CNBC Fast Money brought on Bart “Crypto...

No, Jamie Dimon and Warren Buffett Won't Have the Last Laugh on Bitcoin
In a bizarrely self-congratulatory article about Bitcoin and its recent price plunge, a Bloomberg journalist has attempted to discredit practically every ...
Circle’s Dollar-Tied Stablecoin Fully Backed, Auditor’s ‘Attestation’ Says
Circle Internet Financial had $127.5 million at the end of last month, enough to back the total number of USDC stablecoins in circulation.
Bitcoin and Crypto Bull Anthony Pompliano: The World Is Not Ending

Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano, founder and partner at blockchain and crypto investment firm Morgan Creek Digital Assets, has been fielding a flurry of phone calls from his clients about the plummeting price of Bitcoin – off 75% from its all-time-high nearly one year ago. In an open letter, Pomp fans the flames with the long view, […]

Nearly 500 Crypto Startups Bank at Silvergate, IPO Filing Reveals
The California-based operator of Silvergate Bank has detailed its relationships with the cryptocurrency industry as part of its IPO filing with the SEC.
The Crypto Insurance Market May Total $6 Billion. That’s Nowhere Near Enough
There is less than $5 billion of global capacity to insure crypto wallets held in custody. Coinbase has secured a significant chunk of that.
Bitcoin: The Moment Of Truth Has Arrived
Bitcoin is melting, again, and with the recent 33% drop in a week, the digital asset is now 78% below its all-time high. The Bitcoin Cash war has ...
IBM Cloud Joins Blockchain Startup iExec to Increase the Security of Decentralized Computing

This is a submitted sponsored story. CCN urges readers to conduct their own research with due diligence into the company, product or service mentioned in the content below. November 20, 2018 – Lyon, France. Empowered by the unique IBM approach to cloud security, iExec is extending the value of its cloud marketplace by helping enterprises run

Bitcoin Crashed: Are Stablecoins The Way Forward?
Bitcoin crashed, and it took the other cryptocurrencies down with it—most of them, at least. Some currencies, however, were designed to keep their ...
Thanksgiving Survival Guide: How to Talk to Relatives You Convinced to Buy Crypto Last Year

For crypto investors, no Thanksgiving is complete without the annual bitcoin pitch. Every year, you deliver your best elevator speech, emphasizing blockchain technology’s ability to disrupt the central banking system and revolutionize data security while your relatives smile with condescension. You’ve done this for three or four years now, making it one of your family’s

VC Investor Outlines 3 Major Factors Behind $65 Billion Crypto Market Wipeout

Chris Burniske, a Placeholder Management partner, said that the US stock market retracement, sell-off of Ethereum, and the Bitcoin Cash hard fork were the three major factors behind the recent crypto wipeout. In the past seven days, more than $65 billion has been deleted from the cryptocurrency market as every major cryptocurrency including Bitcoin (BTC),

Chain Open Research, a Deep Analytics Platform for Cryptoassets, Is out in Alpha and Available to All

This is a paid-for submitted press release. CCN does not endorse, nor is responsible for any material included below and isn’t responsible for any damages or losses connected with any products or services mentioned in the press release. CCN urges readers to conduct their own research with due diligence into the company, product or service mentioned

Bitcoin [BTC/USD] Technical Analysis: Will the cryptocurrency submit to the red capes?
At the time of writing, Bitcoin [BTC] was down by 1.29%, trading at $4,511 with a market cap of $78.4 billion. Simultaneously, the 24-hour volume is ...
Amended Suit Against Coinbase Details Bitcoin Cash Insider Trading Claims
A new amended class action complaint has been filed against Coinbase, providing more detail on how insiders allegedly profited from the ...
Bitcoin [BTC]: There is no liquidity in the market to absorb the sell-off, says Bart Smith
Bitcoin [BTC], the biggest cryptocurrency by market cap, continues to be the talk of the town. However, the cryptocurrency which was making buzz to ...
In First Since 2015, Bitcoin’s Price Is Testing a 200-Week Average
The pace of bitcoin’s ongoing sell-off is setting new records with every passing day, the latest being its test of a key long-term moving average for the first time in three years. Indeed, the world’s most valuable cryptocurrency network fell below its 200-week exponential moving average (EMA) of $4,180 yesterday, marking the first break of […]
If you took your brother-in-law's advice and bought bitcoin last Thanksgiving, you lost big
The old advice to keep politics and elbows off the dinner table may need to be updated to include bitcoin this year. Last year at this time, the ...
US Justice Department Is Investigating Last Year's Epic Bitcoin Rally — Report
(Kitco News) - With bitcoin now below $4,600, U.S. regulators are reportedly expanding their investigation into cryptocurrencies to see whether last ...
Bakkt: 'Bitcoin's Profile Creates a Liquid Product on Which to Build'
Bakkt says Bitcoin's status as a commodity, as well as its high customer demand, are the primary reasons for choosing to begin its cryptocurrency ...
Bitfury Adds Former SEC Commissioner to Advisory Board
Former SEC Commissioner Annette Nazareth is joining the advisory board of crypto mining firm Bitfury.
Bitcoin price just hit new 2018 low but cryptocurrency analysts predict dramatic market reversal
Bitcoin has fallen to its lowest price since October 2017, marking the latest losses in a year that has seen its value drop to just a quarter of what it was ...
‘Crypto Bank’ Silvergate Files for $50 Million IPO

California-based financial institution Silvergate Capital, the parent company of Silvergate Bank, is preparing to go public to raise $50 million in an initial public offering (IPO), according to documents filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The bank has applied to list its shares on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the

Bitcoin Goes Crash, Now What?
The bitcoin price has fallen out of bed as I predicted in an article I wrote on November 15 (see Crash: Bitcoin And The Stock Market On The Brink).
Telegram’s $1.7 Billion Cryptocurrency is 70% Complete: Report

An investor update from September pegged completion of the Telegram Open Network — the social media giant’s long-anticipated cryptocurrency project — at 70 percent. Perhaps the most notable element of the report, which was leaked on LinkedIn and had not previously been publicly available, is that the virtual machine (similar in nature to the Ethereum

What Could Have Caused The Year’s Biggest Crypto Crash?

Bitcoin is undergoing a bullish correction on Wednesday, recovering as high as 10% since this week’s low at $4,200. Crypto markets are also recovering slightly. Nevertheless, the insignificant recovery still does not compensate a whopping $70 billion that has been wiped from the crypto market since last Wednesday. The price of BTC crashed by 25%,...

Bitcoin BTC Isn't Crashing Due To SEC Actions According To Blockchain Lawyer
Despite the market's up and downs, it would be foolish to dismiss Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Cryptocurrencies in general. Regardless of asset prices or ...
Bitcoin price: Cryptocurrency expert says he is STILL bullish on bitcoin for THIS reason
Bitcoin expert Tom Lee has said he believes the year-end price of bitcoin will be $15,000, cut from the £25,000 target set earlier in the year. Despite ...
Research: Bitcoin Usage Shrinks 80% Across Payment Processors as Interest Wanes
As investor confidence in the long-term validity of Bitcoin being adopted by the mainstream as a means of payment and exchange fades, so has its ...
VanEck Subsidiary Launches Index Tracking OTC Bitcoin Price
MV Index Solutions, a subsidiary of investment management firm VanEck, has launched a new index tracking the OTC performance of bitcoin.
Markets Steady After Yesterday's Plunge, Analyst Says Bitcoin Is Nearing a Buy Zone
At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading down 4% over a 24-hour period at its current price of $4,500. Although it is down 5%, it has recovered ...
5 Reasons Cryptocurrency Prices Are Plunging Again
A year ago, Bitcoin and other digital currencies were booming. Here’s why things look so much bleaker now.
Bitcoin Hashrate Drop Sparks Rumors of $3.8K Miner 'Turn-Off Price'
The drop in Bitcoin hashrate has sparked rumors China has turned off huge numbers of mining rigs as the process is no longer profitable.
Bitcoin Cash: BSV Backer Calvin Ayre Now Wants a Permanent Split
His first claim was that the Bitcoin.com mining pool had engaged in “a form of cheating” by diverting all its hash to BCH, including that intended for ...
Bitcoin plunges below $5000 amid rough 2018 for cryptocurrencies
Bitcoin plunged below $5,000 on Monday, adding to what has turned into nightmare 2018 for investors who touted the cryptocurrency. The continued ...
Chainalysis: Value Of Bitcoin (BTC) Payments Falls By 80% From Jan. 2018 High
According to data from Chainalysis, routed through Reuters, the U.S. dollar (USD) value of Bitcoin transactions processed by this market's 17 foremost ...
Nauticus Exchange Opens Deposits, Announces a Month of Airdrops

This is a paid-for submitted press release. CCN does not endorse, nor is responsible for any material included below and isn’t responsible for any damages or losses connected with any products or services mentioned in the press release. CCN urges readers to conduct their own research with due diligence into the company, product or service mentioned

TransferWise: We Won’t Use Blockchain until More Banks Use Ripple

Major money transfer service TransferWise has indicated that in spite of excitement over the growth of Ripple’s global payment solution, it has not seen a compelling case for using blockchain technology to carry out its business — yet. Speaking to Fortune recently, TransferWise chairman and co-founder Taavet Hinrikus stated that while there exists a lot of excitement over

Bitcoin Price Rises From $4,050 to $4,560 Amid Extreme Volatility Following Bakkt Delay

Over the past 12 hours, the price of Bitcoin, which was dangerously close to breaching the $4,000 support level, surged from $4,050 to $4,560 by more than 12 percent. On Coinbase and major fiat-to-crypto exchanges like Bitstamp and Kraken, Bitcoin dropped to as low as $4,030 for a brief period of time and recovered to

Bitcoin [BTC] has not broken even though panic and sentiment are playing disproportionate role ...
Bitcoin has broken the sentimental support line at $6,000 and has dipped into the $4,200 region after staying in the $6,500 price range for the whole of ...
This $3M Palazzo in Malta Can Be Bought Only For Bitcoin
Despite the BTC price drop, the owner of a $3 million palazzo in Valletta, Malta, refuses to accept anything but Bitcoin.
Bitcoin Price Crash Not Caused By SEC Actions, Says Blockchain Lawyer

It’s too early to write off bitcoin, Ethereum or ICOs due to temporary market blips because the technology is revolutionary. And that won’t change — regardless of whether crypto prices go up or down, says blockchain attorney Stephen Palley. Moreover, Palley does not believe that recent regulatory crackdowns by the US Securities and Exchange Commission have affected

Bitcoin holds $4000, nears a buy zone, says analyst
Following a 10% plunge in the space of an hour late Tuesday, bitcoin BTCUSD, +2.37% has rebounded on Wednesday, trading at $4,460.79, up 2.1% ...
$5K Bounce? Bitcoin Price May Have Hit Bottom For Now
Bitcoin could be in for a stronger recovery rally in the next few days, having found a temporary low near $4,000.
Why Bitcoin Is Plunging (This Time)
Boom and bust cycles are par for the course for bitcoin. ... “In contrast, there are seven days where bitcoin dropped more than 10 percent with the worst ...
The crypto investors who hang on as Bitcoin plunges are the perfect example of a problematic ...
As the price of Bitcoin falls, many cryptocurrency investors are doubling down. This tendency to stick with something even when you're wrong is ...
Singapore’s First Legal Trial Over Bitcoin Trading Disputes Began Today

Singapore’s first cryptocurrency trial over questionable trading practices began today as the market maker and liquidity provider B2C2 sues cryptocurrency exchange Quoine. The charge? B2C2 maintains that Quoine wrongfully reversed seven trades in April 2017 that lead to proceeds being deducted without B2C2’s authorization. In the case unraveling in the Singapore International Commercial Court, B2C2

Bitcoin Cash Is Now Two Blockchains – That Might Not Change Anytime Soon
It’s been six days since the bitcoin cash split and the ongoing threat of one chain sabotaging the other has yet to materialize.
Uh Oh! Bakkt Crypto Futures Delayed Until January

Oh, the timing… Amid a crypto bear market sell-off, which sparked Bitcoin’s foray under $4,500, one of this industry’s most-awaited, to-be-launched platforms have claimed that it will be formally delaying its launch. This announcement, frankly, couldn’t have come at a worse time. ICE-endorsed Bakkt “Target” January Release For Crypto Futures Since the announcement of Bakkt...

Volentix Plans an Incentive Program to Build a Decentralized Community

This is a submitted sponsored story. CCN urges readers to conduct their own research with due diligence into the company, product or service mentioned in the content below. November 18, 2018– The vast majority of people view the ups and downs of the world of Bitcoin and other so-called cryptocurrencies as terribly risky. Volentix is developing a

Pilgrims Didn't Talk Bitcoin at Thanksgiving. Neither Should You
That cousin who peddled Bitcoin to you last Thanksgiving will have some explaining to do tomorrow. This time last year, recent adopters were ...
Bakkt Focusing on Bitcoin Due to Its Liquidity and Classification as a Commodity
“We've been asked why we're starting with Bitcoin. Here's why: Bitcoin today accounts for over half of total crypto market capitalization and has been ...
Let's Not Talk About Bitcoin's Deadly Spiral This Thanksgiving
Instead of paeans to the virtues of digital money over turkey and pumpkin pie, any discussions this year around the slide that pushed Bitcoin to as low ...
Crypto venture capitalist: View bitcoin as a survivor like Amazon after the 1990s dot-com bubble
Investing in bitcoin is not for the faint of heart, but over any given two-year period holders of the world's biggest cryptocurrency have been rewarded, ...
How bitcoin's meltdown is ravaging hedge funds
Bitcoin was flying more than 1,000% higher in 2017, and with venture capital and institutional firms flush with cash, investors deployed funds to tap into ...
Four More ICOs Hit with Cease-and-Desists by Colorado Securities Regulator
Colorado's securities watchdog has issued four more cease-and-desist orders against suspect ICOs, taking its total since May to 18.
Bitcoin Cash SV Blockchain Reorganization Draws Further Centralization Criticism
Controversy over Bitcoin Cash's (BCH) hard fork continued Nov. 19 after Bitcoin Cash SV (BCHSV), one of the two new forks of the altcoin, suffered ...
NBA Legend Kobe Bryant to Speak at Tron’s Crypto Conference

NBA legend Kobe Bryant has been confirmed for a high profile speaking slot at niTROn 2019, the inaugural international crypto conference organised by Tron. Marketing boon for Tron? Looking forward to having @kobebryant, CEO & President of Kobe Inc and #NBA legend, at our first international conference #niTROn2019!! Excited to exchange insights on entrepreneurship! Join

Blow To Norway's Bitcoin Industry As Miners' Subsidies Suddenly Scrapped
Bitcoin miners around the world have been wrestling with a huge cryptocurrency sell-off that has wiped 30% from bitcoin's value in seven days, and ...
Bitcoin Price Bounces Back — Sustained Recovery or Dead Cat Bounce?
The bitcoin price on Wednesday showed signs of recovery after two weeks of massive selling action. The BTC/USD rate surged as much as 7 percent ...
'Crypto Bubble Went Bust for Good': Bitcoin-Bashing NYU Prof. Nouriel Roubini
As bitcoin suffers one of its worst corrections in its nearly decade-long history, one of crypto's fiercest critics is calling it: the crypto bubble has burst, ...
Craig Wright: “Billions of People Will Use Bitcoin Cash SV In Coming Years”
Away from the unnecessary hash wars, Craig Wright the Chief Scientist at nChain is a decent and have the best interest of the Bitcoin network and ...
Jamie Dimon and Warren Buffett Have the Last Laugh on Bitcoin
Bitcoin turns 10 this year, but there's not much to celebrate. Its price has tumbled to near $4,000, down 30 percent in a month, 50 percent in six months ...

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