24 November 2018

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This Silicon Valley jewelry store sells bling for bitcoin
MENLO PARK, Calif. (CIRCA) — At Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry, the first jewelry store in the world to accept cryptocurrency, bitcoin for bling is a pretty ...
Bitcoin Cash [BCH] proponent Roger Ver and Bitmain's Jihan Wu should burn to the ground: Craig ...
The Bitcoin Cash [BCH] hash war has only escalated since November 15, the day of the hard fork. The fork has been propagated by two different ...
Interview: BTC.com's Alejandro de la Torre on Bitcoin, Crypto Mining, & Whether Satoshi is Female
With bitcoin's price hitting new yearly lows daily and hovering around $4,500 at the time of writing, it's also possible that the company will have to ...
Bitcoin Cash Extends Loss to 7%, at Risk of Dipping to New All-Time Low
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) remains bearish on Friday as the vortex adjoining last week's controversial hard fork continued to inject the market with negative ...
Moozicore Holding Company Launches MooziCoin Gold (MZG) Token Sale As They Introduce Groundbreaking Platform

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Blockstream CEO Adam Back on Bitcoin ETFs
What may have seemed like a frivolous Twitter poll, prompted some interesting insight from Blockstream CEO, Adam Back. He covered bitcoin's status, ...
Amazon Survived an Asset Bubble — Bitcoin Will Too: Crypto VC
Speaking to CNBC, Kerner said bitcoin investors should take comfort in the example of tech giant Amazon, which lost significant value when the ...
Will Bitcoin Recover From These Price Drop?
Bitcoin has dropped over 25% between November 14 and 24. In the last two years, this kind of drop has happened only a few times. Although this ...
Top 5 Crypto Performers Overview: XEM, Ripple, EOS, Bitcoin, IOTA
After the recent collapse, many analysts have forecast a further fall in prices and expect Bitcoin to bottom out around $3,000 or even $1,500. Others ...
Bitcoin Faces a Crisis After a Long Slide in Price
A year ago, Bitcoin was the talk of Thanksgiving dinner tables across the country. More than 100,000 people created new Coinbase trading accounts ...
Ambrosus CEO: We're Far From A Bitcoin Bubble, Crypto Bull Run Likely
Since Bitcoin underwent a miraculous rise to prominence in 2017, many have likened the cryptocurrency industry to the Dotcom Boom of yesteryear.
Bitcoin crashes through $4000
The benchmark digital cryptocurrency has crashed through $4,000 in a sudden move Saturday evening. It's the second major fall in Bitcoin and other ...
Crypto Insider: Bitcoin (BTC) Won't Bottom Until $3000
Providing investors with his insider expertise as the CEO of a Digital Currency Group subsidiary, Moro explained that Bitcoin's most recent drawdown, ...
Teenage Bomb Hoaxer Jailed after Banking $800,000 in Bitcoin

An American-Israeli teenager who made bomb threats for a living has been sentenced to a decade in prison by a Tel Aviv court after making a small fortune in bitcoin. According to prosecutors, 19-year old Michael Kadar was responsible for around 2,000 bomb hoaxes between 2015 and 2017, threats which earned him the nickname the

BTC/USD Price Analysis: Bitcoin Moving in a $400 Range with Resistance at $4700
But even as analysts and investors track price, the survival of Bitcoin conjures memories of the dot com bubble. It did burst; birthing Amazon and ...
Big Milestone: Bitcoin on Track to Transfer More Value Than Mastercard Daily
With a daily transaction volume of over $8 billion, Bitcoin (BTC) is on track to overtake Mastercard, the second largest credit card network in the world, ...
Bitcoin [BTC] and other cryptocurrencies reaching $15-20 trillion market cap will be the real bubble ...
Bitcoin's price has depreciated by approximately 80% since its previous high, and ever since the start of 2018, the price has been tumbling down ...
Free Software Messiah Richard Stallman: We Can Do Better Than Bitcoin
Richard Stallman, founder of the free software movement, is building a privacy-focused cryptographic payments system, but says it's not a cryptocurrency.
Bitcoin [BTC] has seen the up-down trend before, says Lou Kerner
The recent market crash and Bitcoin [BTC]'s tumble from the $6000 mark has caused a ripple in the cryptoverse, causing many supporters of the ...
Alleged Bitcoin Launderer Vinnik Announces Hunger Strike to 'Get a Fair Trial'
News. The lawyer for Alexander Vinnik, the alleged former operator of defunct cryptocurrency exchange BTC-e, said his defendant will go on a hunger ...
Breaking: Bitcoin (BTC) Falls Under $4000, Bottom Calls Ramp Up
After days of stagnating at the $4,200 price level, on Saturday afternoon (EST), Bitcoin (BTC) suddenly fell under $4,000, a highly-touted level of ...
Edward Snowden: Bitcoin Is a New Form of Money – Crypto and Blockchain Have No ‘Let’s Be Evil’ Button

In a new interview, National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden breaks down the benefits of Bitcoin and blockchain technology. Through loose transcripts and text exchanges with his lawyer Ben Wizner, which were published by McSweeney’s, Snowden explains Bitcoin’s underlying technology and says the core component is trust. “Imagine an old database where any entry can […]

Expert Views, Bitcoin Still Has Huge Value Despite Market Slumps
Even if bitcoin runs with the steep decline, analysts are confident on it. Lou Kerner, the Cryptocurrency expert is bullish on Bitcoin, says it has “huge ...
Below $4k: Bitcoin's Price Drops to a 420-Day Low
At around 16:20 UTC Saturday, the world's largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization sank to an average price across exchanges of $3,970.43, ...
No, Governments Can’t do a Better Job Developing Crypto

Would a state-backed cryptocurrency be better than its decentralized counterpart? International media has already rolled out their opinions on the matter. It’s a YES-IT-CAN. The opinions find their inspirations in comments made by Christine Lagarde last week. The head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said that a government-backed cryptocurrency would eliminate the issues of trust that...

End of the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Hash Wars, Offers Much Needed Relief for Traders and Miners
The last two weeks since the 14th of November seemed like a never ending fall into the abyss for many crypto traders and hodlers. Bitcoin (BTC) fell ...
Bitcoin [BTC] is “up there with Mastercard” in terms of a value perspective, says Pompliano
The bear's attacks have left Bitcoin [BTC] gasping for air barely above the $4000 mark. However, many experts in the field expect the price to correct ...
Bakkt Partnership With Starbucks and Microsoft on Track for Launch

Bakkt, the cryptocurrency platform owned by the Intercontinental Exchange, is reportedly on track for “phase two” of its operation, which includes its partnership with Starbucks and Microsoft. The plan was first announced in August and is now six months from launch, reports The Block, citing a direct source. The update comes on the heels of […]

BitPay COO: Could an Approved Bitcoin ETF Cause a Price Rise over $20k?
In fact, he claims that next year Bitcoin's price will reinvent itself within the first two quarters thanks to a Bitcoin ETF, as reported by Bloomberg. In the ...
Tezos Korea Foundation Joins Forces with Yonsei University to Promote Blockchain

The South Korean arm of the Tezos Foundation has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Yonsei University for the development of unique talents and expertise in blockchain technology, according to a press release  published by Tezos. The release reads: “Through this agreement, both sides will strengthen the expertise of the blockchain and education expertise,

Bitcoin Price Analysis Nov.24: Waiting for the next big move
There is not much change from yesterday. Bitcoin had another re-test of the prior high at $4360 with no success of breaking. Then, a reversal ...
Bitcoin Payments Down 80% in 4th Quarter of 2018: Chainalysis Data
Citing Chainalysis data, Reuters is reporting that Bitcoin retail payments were down 80% in September, and no mention of a rebound was present.
How Crypto Social Network Minds is Using Ad Buys to Create a ‘Semi-Stablecoin’

All the talk about stablecoins has people re-examining the actual value of crypto tokens and the associated markets. The discussion is particularly relevant during a bear assault on the whole crypto market, like the one we’re seeing now. Frequent Bitcoin commentator and Cornell professor Emin Gün Sirer believes there is a distinct difference between a

Bitcoin's haven claim is destroyed amid broad pummeling of riskier assets
In the space of just 10 days, bitcoin, BTCUSD, -1.02% the world's largest digital currency, fell through $6,000, then waved goodbye to $5,000 before ...
Bitcoin crashes through $4000
It's the second major fall in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency prices this week. As is usually the case with moves in cryptocurrency markets, it is hard to ...
Novogratz: Trying to Start a Bitcoin Business in This Market Climate ‘Sucks’

Crypto investor Mike Novogratz has expressed dissatisfaction with the level of difficulty involved in trying to build a cryptocurrency business amidst a persistent bear market, even as he remains bullish on the prospects of his company and the wider crypto space in the long term. Speaking to the Financial Times, the former Goldman Sachs partner and

Bitcoin crashes through $US4000
Bitcoin is getting beaten up again. The benchmark digital cryptocurrency has crashed through $US4000 in a sudden move on Sunday morning, ...
US, Korea, China Stock Markets Plummet: is Crypto Correlated?

The crypto market is continuing to lose its value as the U.S., South Korea, and China demonstrate record high losses in their respective stock markets. As an alternative store of value, cryptocurrencies are considered as viable long-term investments, especially by millennials, in a period of global financial market instability and volatility. However, recent weeks have

Bitcoin ABC protocol update makes attacks easier, more damaging: BitMEX
Bitcoin Cash hard forked on November 15, resulting in Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin Cash SV [BCHSV]. The Bitcoin ABC protocol updated to version 0.18.5 ...
This week we're talking about . . . Bitcoin. Again
It's not just bitcoin. Ether and ripple took a bit of hammering in the market. But there are a few things that are causing the price to slump, namely the ...
Crypto Market Recovers by $3B: Oversold Conditions Show Bitcoin Bottom

In the last 24 hours, the valuation of the crypto market increased from $137 billion to $140 billion after a minor recovery of around 2 percent. Both major cryptocurrencies and small market cap tokens have ended the day with relatively minor losses in the range of 1 to 3 percent. Is Bottom Near For Bitcoin?

Should’ve Used Blockchain: VA Unable to Process GI Bill Payments for Veterans

The US government has come a long way in thanking its service members. This country has always had a disability pension for injured veterans, according to a document published by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), which is the organization in charge of veterans benefits these days. VA Falls Behind on GI Bill Payments Today,

Newsflash: Bitcoin Price Plummets to $3755 to Set another Yearly Low
The bitcoin price on Saturday dove below the $4,000 mark for the first time in 2018, forcing the flagship cryptocurrency to a new yearly low. Technical ...
Bitcoin Price Will Likely Bottom at $3,000: Genesis Trading CEO

Genesis Trading CEO Michael Moro has predicted that bitcoin will bottom out at about $3,000 after a week that has seen the leading cryptocurrency fall as low as $4,035. Speaking to CNBC, Moro stated that he does not expect the $4,000 support level to hold out much longer as selling pressure from pre-2017 bitcoin investors

BCH SV Yields to BCH ABC while Bitcoin Cash Loses over 66% of its Value
Bitcoin Cash SV no longer wants the Bitcoin Cash name shares Calvin Ayre in a blog on CoinGeek declaring “Bitcoin SV is the original Bitcoin.
Sweden Braces For Migrant Caravan Of Norwegian Bitcoin Miners
Norway cannot continue to provide huge tax incentives for the dirtiest form of cryptographic output like bitcoin. It requires a lot of energy and generates ...
Bitcoin (BTC) Is Not Alone as Tech Stocks Continue to Fall
The Crypto community can be forgiven for concluding that Bitcoin (BTC) is in trouble given the past few weeks of losses in the markets. But taking two ...
US Military’s DARPA Program Hops on the ‘Blockchain Not Bitcoin’ Bandwagon

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is seeking to get a better understanding of permissionless blockchains, but Bitcoin does not appear to be invited to the party. To achieve this enhanced insight into blockchain technology, the US Department of Defense agency has sent out a request for information (RFI) on permissionless distributed consensus protocols,

$2 Million: Lightning Network Hits Record Capacity Despite Bitcoin Price Decline
Perhaps it's unsurprising to readers familiar with Blockstream CEO Adam Back's recent prediction of a $500,000 Bitcoin, but one of the blockchain ...
Tether Exec Refutes Bloomberg, Reassures Investors Crypto Isn’t Manipulated

Leonardo Real, the chief compliance officer of Tether LLC, believes an organized campaign established by many publications is targeting crypto token Tether (USDT) and its partner banks. In an interview with Cryptonews, the Tether executive reaffirmed that its stablecoin known as USDT is fully backed by the US dollar, citing the attestation reports released by

The SEC’s Recent Rulings Are More About Exchanges Than ICOs
The SEC's focus on crypto exchanges may disrupt some business models, add compliance and paperwork costs, and perhaps trigger a sector concentration.
XRP does not have mining, but 80% of Bitcoin [BTC] are mined in China, says Ripple Chief Market ...
Cory Johnson, the Chief Market Strategist at Ripple, recently appeared on a webinar to offer his opinions on the recent market movement of Bitcoin ...
Bitcoin - Stick A Fork In It - It's Done
As of November 15, Bitcoin had yet another fork which triggered yet another wave of price declines (according to coinmarketcap and coinbase) the ...
Introducing The Bitcoin Z-Signal
Building on previous work with the Bitcoin Value Indicator and the BVIPE, I am introducing the Bitcoin Z-Signal. The Bitcoin Z-Signal operates on the ...
Crypto Hardware Wallet Ledger Resumes Bitcoin Cash Services
“Our Bitcoin Cash service is back online in the form of Bitcoin Cash ABC. We're also providing you with a help center article explaining how to claim ...
Bitcoin BTC to 50k in 3 Years. Chinese Billionaire Zhao Dong Predicts
Zhao Dong, one of China's most influential “Bitcoin Billionaires,” recently addressed his followers on Weibo (better known as the “Chinese Twitter”), ...
Bitcoin Drops $400 In An Hour To Trade Below $3800. Is There Really A Bottom?
By now, crypto investors have become mentally prepared for the possibility of Bitcoin dropping suddenly and shedding billions of dollars in the ...
Bitcoin (BTC): How The Recent Slump Differs From The Previous One
Bitcoin (BTC) had two major slumps within less than a week. While the first crash caught most investors and traders off guard, the second one was very ...

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