25 November 2018

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Are We There Yet? When Will Crypto Markets and Bitcoin Hit The Bottom

When things go south in crypto land it happens fast, a digital avalanche sweeping away everything that stands in its path and blasting most of digital coins into oblivion. This weekend’s exodus has been a third wave of selling which has resulted in the loss of over $90 billion from crypto markets this month alone....

Debunked: Bitcoin Dev. Jimmy Song Exposes Fradulent ‘Satoshi’ Tweet

There was some recent buzz from both sides of the Bitcoin Cash chain split regarding an allegedly authentic tweet from pseudonymous Bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto. The tweet, and indeed the entire account, is no longer available from Twitter proper. The text of the original tweet reads: “I do not want to be public, but, there

Bitcoin Price Analysis: Bitcoin Drops Below $4000 for the first time since September 2017
Bitcoin has seen a further 10% price decline over the past 24 hours of trading. The cryptocurrency has now broken below $4000 creating a 14 month ...
Bitcoin Won’t Last, But Crypto is Here to Stay: Edward Snowden

Exiled American whistleblower Edward Snowden has weighed in on the conversation surrounding bitcoin, stating that while the market lodestar will be eventually fade away, the use of cryptocurrencies will not end with bitcoin. Speaking in an interview with Ben Wizner, Director of the ACLU Speech, Privacy and Technology project, Snowden said that the belief which

Bitcoin Falls Further Below $4000
Bitcoin slid another 4.5 percent to $3,635 at midnight Sunday in New York, according to Bitstamp. It recouped most of the losses by 7:50 a.m. but ...
Crypto Week In Review: Binance Makes OTC Desk Investment, Bakkt Delays Bitcoin Futures
Per data from Chainalysis, a leading crypto analytics startup, the U.S. dollar value of on-chain Bitcoin payment processor-based transactions has ...
Why Bitcoin Cash SV is the only top coin rising as crypto crash rolls on
So you thought the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hashwar was over? Not so fast. While bitcoin and the rest of the market has been crashing this weekend there ...
CyBet- A Unique Betting Platform with a Decentralized Approach

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Malta: Does Europe’s ‘Blockchain Island’ Really Live up to the Hype?

Malta. The Blockchain Island. A postage-stamp-sized nation nestled in the Mediterranean famous for its rocky coastline, Baroque cathedrals, Megalithic temples, and centuries of culture. It’s a veritable mishmash of graying British expats, luxurious hotels, exotic women, cars that drive on the left, and a host of other legacies left by the various civilizations that invaded

Bitcoin: All hell breaks lose, 3k in sight
Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalisation has got itself freed towards the downside in a fall that sees no bottom. Any news whether ...
Bitcoin Price Analysis Nov.25: The next big move is already here
Just hours ago, we anticipated a big move. As you all see, it did happen, unfortunate to the HODLers. Bitcoin created in a new yearly low at $3600 (as ...
Paraguay Endorses Plan to Build the World's Largest Bitcoin Mining Farm
The government of Paraguay and the Blockchain Technology Foundation “Commons Foundation” recently signed an agreement that will serve as a ...
Legal Experts Conclude Bitcoin May Not Be Legally Possible to ‘Possess’

In Bitcoin’s cryptographic design, the holder of the key (or keys in the case of multi-signature transactions), whoever holds the key to coins is the decision-maker when it comes to spending them. The fraudulent actions at Mt. Gox and other exchanges were ultimately due to this fact. People made deposits, essentially giving control of their

BitPay CEO: Fidelity and Bakkt Will Drive Next Major Bitcoin Rally
The chief operating officer of global bitcoin payment service BitPay is not worried about the latest downward moves in the price of the largest ...
Is It Over Yet? Bitcoin Falls Under $4000 Hitting 14-Month Low
Bitcoin price fell through $4,000 support to reach a 14 month low not seen since September 2017, losing 30% in the past week alone.
Bitcoin Bounce: Overstock Shares Surge on Crypto Pivot Rumors
Following news that Overstock founder Patrick Byrne is selling the company's retail business to focus on its blockchain offering, shares of Overstock ...
Forget BCH! There Is a New “Real Bitcoin” In Town According to Calvin Ayre
Since its creation, Bitcoin Cash ( BCH ), the altcoin born after the most important fork in the Bitcoin blockchain has generated a lot of controversy in the ...
Bitcoin price forecast: Expert hopes for BTC 'Santa Claus' RALLY before year ends
There is no viable way to gouge just how well bitcoin will perform in the coming weeks but analysts remain hopeful. Bitcoin's performance last year ...
Why This Might Just Be the Bottom for Bitcoin (BTC)
If you could have suggested to any crypto trader and enthusiast earlier this year that Bitcoin (BTC) would drop to current levels of $3,700 he or she ...
The people of Ohio can now pay their taxes in bitcoin
26), businesses in the state will be able to pay taxes in bitcoin through a new platform, OhioCrypto.com, a first in the US. For many enthusiasts, part of ...
BTC Not Out of The Woods Yet as CME Bitcoin Futures Contracts Expire This Friday
Like clockwork, the CME Bitcoin (BTC) Futures contracts expire every last Friday of the month. This month will not be any different as the investment ...
Bitcoin has lost 40 percent of its value in the last two weeks
Bitcoin is in the middle of an astounding price drop, reaching prices as low as $3,520 in recent days and wiping out all gains from coins purchased this ...
Ripple's XRP Least Value Drop While Bitcoin Hits 14 Months Lowest
With Bitcoin Cash's (BCH) above 50.00% decline in the last seven days, other altcoins together with the leader Bitcoin BTC [keeping in mind the ...
Newsflash: Bitcoin Price Bounces to $4120 after Plunging to Yearly Low
The bitcoin price sought to end the weekend on a high note, bouncing back past the $4,000 level after sinking to a new yearly low earlier in the day.
Why Crypto Traders Might Need to Embrace Shorting Bitcoin (BTC) and Other Cryptocurrencies
Sunday the 25th of November will go down in history as the date Bitcoin (BTC) fell to $3,500 and Ethereum (ETH) went sub $100 when it was valued ...
SEC Commissioner: Bitcoin [BTC] and other cryptocurrencies have similarities with gold
Despite being hailed as the crypto mom, Hester stated that she does not hodl Bitcoin [BTC] or other any cryptocurrency. She revealed that the main ...
Bitcoin Pioneer Files For Bankruptcy
Washington State bitcoin mining pioneer GigaWatt filed for bankruptcy this week in a suspected bid to sell the company. The move follows the ...
'This thing will be a monster': Fears growing over Bitcoin's plunge
The great crypto crash of 2018 plunged deeper over the weekend. Bitcoin slid another 4.5 per cent to $US3,635 ($5,023) at midnight Sunday in New ...
Down 36%: Bitcoin Price Faces Worst Weekly Loss Since April 2013
With bitcoin prices dropping further early on Sunday, the cryptocurrency now looks to be heading for its worst weekly loss in over 5 years.
Bitcoin's value drops to more than one-year low during big cryptocurrency sell-off
What a difference a year can make. Last year at this time, bitcoin was in the middle of a 217-percent rally that saw its value peak in December near ...
Amber Baldet: Don’t Force Public Blockchains ‘Down Enterprises’ Throats’
Until there are well-designed privacy features for enterprise applications on public chains, it's premature for firms to use them, says Amber Baldet.
Bitcoin Price Weekly Analysis: BTC/USD Nosedives Below $3800
Bitcoin price tumbled more than 15% and broke the $3,800 support against the US Dollar. BTC/USD could accelerate declines towards the $3,500 ...
Ohio will soon be the first state to accept Bitcoin for taxes
The state of Ohio will accept Bitcoin for Ohio business tax payments beginning this week — a first for the US, according to a report from The Wall Street ...
Bitcoin [BTC] won't have bottomed till $3000 flat level, says Genesis Capital CEO Michael Moro
Speaking to CNBC, Michael Moro, CEO at Genesis Trading, said that he believes Bitcoin [BTC] will drop in value lower, past the mid $3000s and find ...
Bitcoin Fundamentals Haven't Changed, Says Anthony Pompliano
Bitcoin isn't dead, says Anthony Pompliano, despite the current massive cryptocurrency price plummet. The Morgan Creek Digital Partner believes ...
PirlGuard – Innovative Solution Against 51% Attacks

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Bitcoin sinks below $4000 as the crypto market takes another hefty beating
As we hang out with family and friends this holiday season, it's interesting to look back on the Bitcoin mania that we endured one Thanksgiving ago.
Bitcoin breaks below $4000 as selloff deepens
The crypto rout continues. On Saturday, bitcoin, the world's largest digital currency, crashed through the $4,000 mark, falling as much as 15% and ...
Bitcoin [BTC] is a big learning curve, says SEC Commissioner
The SEC outrightly rejected the Bitcoin exchange traded fund, quoting the main reason being market manipulation. This decision had disappointed the ...
Ohio 'Appears' to Be First US State to Accept Bitcoin for Taxes, WSJ Report
The U.S. state of Ohio is poised to become the first state to accept Bitcoin (BTC) as tax payment, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reports today, Nov. 25.
Bitcoin Slips Below $4000, EOS Overtakes Bitcoin Cash as Markets Plunge
24, Bitcoin plunged below the $4,000 price point, breaking the threshold for the first time since September 2017. Today, the major cryptocurrency has ...
Ohio will let businesses pay their taxes with Bitcoin
Starting this week, Ohio businesses will have a new way to pay their taxes: Bitcoin. The Wall Street Journal reports (via TechCrunch) that the state of ...
Binance Targets Institutional Investors With New Bitcoin and Crypto Trading Desk

Binance Labs has reportedly invested $3 million in Koi Trading, an over-the-counter (OTC) cryptocurrency trading startup headquartered in San Francisco. Koi is designed to be a reliable OTC pathway for institutions to enter the crypto market while also offering research and consulting services. As reported by CCN, Ella Zhang, head of Binance Labs, says the platform aims […]

Bitcoin prices collapse amid cryptocurrency rout
The great cryptocurrency crash of 2018 had its worst week yet. Bitcoin sank below $4,000 Saturday after it and most of its peers tumbled on Friday, ...
Paraguay Backs Plan to Build World’s Largest Bitcoin Mining Farm

The Blockchain Technology Foundation, which is also referred to as the Commons Foundation, has been based in South Korea since its inception, but recently completed talks with the government of Paraguay regarding the establishment of something rather massive: the world’s largest bitcoin mining farm and crypto exchange. Many readers may be surprised to know that

Pay Taxes With Bitcoin? Ohio Says Sure
Ohio appears set to become the first state to accept bitcoin for tax bills, a show of support for a technology that has garnered lots of hype but failed to ...
Only a fool would have bought into bitcoin late last year. So guess what I did?
And prices were rocketing – bitcoin, the original and most well-known cryptocurrency, reached a record high of almost $20,000 (£15,500) shortly ...
$63 Billion Deleted From Crypto in 7 Days, Ethereum Drops Under $100

In the past seven days, the crypto market has experienced a drop of more than $63 billion, as major cryptocurrencies recorded double-digit drops. Bitcoin (BTC), the most dominant cryptocurrency in the market, fell by 12 percent from $4.300 to $3,800, achieving a new yearly low. At its lowest daily point, on fiat-to-cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase

Bitcoin Price Plunges to New Yearly Low at $3456: What's Causing it?
On Coinbase and other major fiat-to-cryptocurrency exchanges, the Bitcoin price (BTC) has dropped to a new yearly low at $3,456. Over the past 24 ...
Nigeria’s Biggest Opposition Candidate Promises Cryptocurrency Regulation

Ahead of Nigeria’s general elections in February 2019, Atiku Abubakar, the presidential candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP)-  the country’s largest opposition party – has included the creation of a “comprehensive blockchain and digital currency policy” in his policy document. The move comes as a significant surprise as the country’s regulatory establishment led by

Ohio becomes the first state to accept bitcoin for tax payments
Starting Monday, businesses in Ohio will be able to pay their taxes in bitcoin — making the state that's high in the middle and round on both ends the ...
Ohio set to become first state to allow use of bitcoin to pay taxes
Starting this week, Ohio will allow businesses to use bitcoin to pay taxes, State Treasurer Josh Mandel said in a Wall Street Journal article published ...
Ethereum Stablecoin Will Migrate to Upgraded Bitcoin Cash Network

DiamCoin, not to be confused with Diamco.in, a similar token by different folks, is intended to be a version of a stablecoin that is pegged to the value of a diamond. Each token will be pegged to the value of a millicarat of a diamond. So a thousand tokens equals 1 carat of diamond, and

Bitcoin [BTC] regulators can roll out the red carpet or the red tape, says CryptoOracle official
Bitcoin [BTC]'s performance on the charts has been tumultuous, with the cryptocurrency breaking not just the $6000 barrier but also the $5000 barrier.
Bitcoin Op-Ed: Welcome Darkness, My Old Friend

For those doubting price could go lower, this month has been rather interesting. More than 90B in marketcap burn. Gone like the wind. A literal bloodbath. I don’t know if I should laugh or cry. Honestly. In one hand, great, I can purchase more Bitcoin at cheaper prices. On the other, goddamn it. Did we seriously

Ohio is the first state to accept bitcoin for paying business taxes
As of this week, it'll be the first state to accept bitcoin for paying tax bills. The Wall Street Journal notes this will be limited to businesses purposes and ...
Bitcoin extends losses, slides under $3500 to lowest since September 2017
Bitcoin had a rough weekend. Coming off a week of heavy losses, bitcoin fell 10 percent and set a fresh low at $3,447.58 on Sunday, according to data ...
Bitcoin Falls to $3.4k as Retailers Panic, are Institutional Investors Accumulating?
The depressive price action is visible all across the bitcoin exchange space, which essentially is made up of retail traders. There is a huge possibility ...
Fake News: Analyst Falsely Claims Bitcoin Price Decline Will Spark Gold Rally

Stephen Innes, the head of trading for the Asia Pacific region at foreign exchange (FX) trading giant Oanda, has said that the plunge in the value of bitcoin and crypto will lead to a surge in the price of gold. In an interview, Innes said: “There’s still a lot of people in this game. If

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