1 December 2018

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What Is Bitcoin? Crypto Featured as Category on Jeopardy

During last night’s airing of the popular TV game show Jeopardy, cryptocurrency was featured among the categories contestants could choose from. I’ll Take Cryptocurrency for $1,000, Alex On Thursday night’s episode of the iconic TV game show hosted by Alex Trebek, Jeopardy, cryptocurrency was one of the six categories contestants could select from. In Jeopardy,...

Ethereum Co-Founder Vitalik Buterin Calls Out Best Use Case for Blockchain

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin says the term “world computer” is still a good way to describe Ethereum, a public, blockchain-based, open-source platform, because its purpose is to aid collaboration through a shared computing environment. But the corporate titans that are also using blockchain technology to build computing environments are coming up short, according to Buterin. […]

2018's Bitcoin (BTC) Chart Mirrors Last Bear Market: 'Bulls May Awaken'
And interestingly, while 2018's bear era hasn't lasted as long, Sluymer of Fundstrat Global Advisors, a Bitcoin-friendly, New York-based market ...
WePower (WPR) – Why It's Poised to Outmuscle Bitcoin in December
WePower (WPR) is in the spotlight this week for bridging green energy and blockchain technology. WPR looks like a solid contender to outperform ...
November Has Been Bitcoin’s Worst Month for Seven Years

Bitcoin has just emerged from its worst month in terms of price declines for seven years. The big daddy of crypto has shed almost 40% in this one month alone as it pulled the entire crypto market down to new yearly lows. Bitcoin Dumps Over a Third of its Value in a Month Starting out...

Week 2: How the Bitcoin Cash “Hash War” Came and Went and Not Much Happened
In what may well have been the most watched cryptocurrency event of 2018, Bitcoin Cash two weeks ago “hard forked” (split) into two different coins.
Bitcoin Price Watch: Analyst Says It Will Be a Long Time Before Bitcoin Recovers
Bitcoin has fallen by roughly $200 since our last price piece, but the father of crypto is still managing to retain a position in the $4,000 range. Overall ...
Bitcoin BTC at 100k: The “Dark” Prediction by Max Keiser
“The Bitcoin price got way ahead of itself, and we saw a typical pullback. Since I first started buying BTC in 2011 at $1, I've seen a few of these …
Why the Bitcoin Price Could Take a Very Long Time to Reach All-Time High Again
But, according to Bitcoin and technology researcher Boris Hristov, this bear market could potentially last significantly longer than previous corrections.
Bearish signals mount for Bitcoin (BTC) as traders try to guess its next move
Bitcoin is up by 4.7% for the day according to coingecko.com and its market cap is abov $70 billion again after briefly falling below that mark.
Korean Firm Aims to Make Blockchain Faster

According to local news outlet Joongnag Daily, a blockchain company based in Korea believes that it has found what it takes to revolutionize blockchain technology and bring even quicker pace to the way that transactions are being carried out. SymVerse, a blockchain firm that was established earlier this year, hosted an event and held a demonstration

Ohio first state to allow taxes to be paid with bitcoin
On Monday, Ohio became the first state to allow businesses to use bitcoin to pay 23 different taxes at OhioCrypto.com, a website run by the Office of ...
Bitcoin is on the Verge of Falling Apart, Says Paul Donovan
According to CNBC, Paul Donovan, Chief Economist of UBS Global Wealth Management, stated that he didn't have any praises for Bitcoin, instead, ...
Bitcoin Kicks off December with 6% Rise After Its Worst Monthly Drop in 7 Years
A month that brought so much joy last year turned out to be the worst this year. November 2017 was the first time bitcoin hit the $7,000 mark and ...
I Bought Bitcoin When the Price Was Soaring. Here's What I Learned
At the time, Bitcoin's price was surging, courtesy of crypto enthusiasts who believed—as many still do—that a digital-currency revolution would ...
Hackers From North Korea Targeting Bitcoin, Crypto Investors
Due to the decentralized, borderless, and censorship-resistant nature of Bitcoin and related technologies, North Korea, the world's most well-known ...
Laugh Your Stockings Off with the FIRST Crypto Christmas Album, Out Now

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Hands-on with the Sirin Labs FINNEY, the World’s First Crypto-Native Smartphone

Sirin Labs, the blockchain startup funded by nearly $158 million in initial coin offering (ICO) proceeds, has released its much-anticipated “blockchain smartphone,” the FINNEY. The firm unveiled the device on Thursday at a release party in Barcelona, which featured presentations from several Sirin executives along with an appearance by football legend and Sirin brand ambassador

Bitcoin [BTC] is revolutionary sound money; ICOs and STOs are ultimately centralized, says Bobby ...
In his tweet, Bobby Lee explained when to buy Bitcoins, the first being after completely understanding how Bitcoin is a revolutionary form of sound ...
Crypto Anarchists Are Building Tools to Resist the State in Eastern Europe
A new centre for "crypto-anarchy" based in Slovakia is pushing for a return to what they believe are the technology's core political tenets.
How Bitcoin Could Have Become Immune to the Effects of Expiring BTC Futures Contracts
Active cryptocurrency traders had assumed that with yesterday's expiration of Bitcoin Futures Contracts by the CME Group, the price of BTC would ...
How Silvergate Became the Leading Bank for Crypto Startups
Silvergate Bank CEO Alan Lane shared his approach to serving the cryptocurrency industry with bankers at the Block FS conference.
Dr. Craig Wright unveils game-changing Bitcoin project—Metanet
This week, the ever controversial Bitcoin visionary Dr. Craig Wright promised to make an announcement that will transform the Internet. And boy, did ...
German Firm Xolaris Launches Two Bitcoin Mining Investment Funds
German investment firm Xolaris has launched a European private-equity fund focused on bitcoin mining. Xolaris expects to raise $34 million to $57 ...
Monero [XMR]'s Riccardo Spagni: Bitcoin [BTC] is still trying to figure out its price
However, this trend, according to him, is not unique to Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies and it often occurs in the stocks market wherein a stock reaches it's ...
Crypto Markets Meet December in Green, Bitcoin Trades Above $4200
30, Bitcoin (BTC) has managed to finally hold $4,000 support today. The major cryptocurrency is now trading at $4,202, up 4.5 percent over the past ...
Bitcoin bulls ask, where's the bottom?
Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalisation and the coin that gave blockchain to the world, has lost 37 percent of its value in the month ...
Crypto Market Adds $7 Billion as Bitcoin and Ethereum Rebound by 5%
Bitcoin (BTC) successfully defended a relatively weak support level at $4,000 with strength and Ethereum (ETH) prevented a further drop below the ...
Bitcoin Opinion: Why Context is Important When Talking about the 'Crypto Bubble'
With the most recent developments in Lightning Network technology, a Bitcoin peer-to-peer scaling solution, we're now starting to see considerable ...
YGGDRASH Announces the Establishment of YGGDRASH Incubation Center and Sharing Cryptocurrency Exchange, DEXRADE

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Chain Open Research (COR Index) Opens Access to a Full Suite of Cryptocurrency Market Analytics

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Op-Ed: Ohio's Crypto Play Proves Bitcoin is Becoming a Currency
Throughout its history, Bitcoin was not truly a currency, even though it had most properties of currency, because it could not be used to pay taxes.
BTC Price Aside, Bitcoin Fundamentals Booming Beyond Compare
Ardent Bitcoin advocate Anthony Pompliano, better known as “Pomp” in the cryptosphere, recently took to his well-followed Twitter soapbox to tout the ...
Bitcoin (BTC) declines below the $4k level to signal the return of the bears
Bitcoin (BTC), as well as the crypto market, experienced a free fall in mid-November. The value of the coin declined massively below the $6,000, ...
Report: Bitcoin Mining Doesn't Fuel Climate Change, It Benefits the Global Economy
The majority of bitcoin miners — about 78 percent — use renewable energy to power their mining operations, while preventing surplus electricity from ...
Bitcoin price plummet: November's bear market 'of NO concern'
Bitcoin began November trading at an average price of £4,968 ($6,341). But bitcoin is trading at just £3,106 ($3,964), as of midnight GMT on ...
Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar, EOS, Litecoin, Cardano, Monero, TRON: Price ...
Contrary to our opinion, the pullback in Bitcoin did not even reach the 38.2 percent Fibonacci retracement level of $4,712.89. It turned down from ...
Bitcoin begins a dip down again at the end of November
After showing signs of a significant recovery, to end November Bitcoin((BTC) has dipped below the $4,000 level with signs of a continuation of recent ...
Bitcoin, and Cryptocurrency in General, Had a Terrible November
Bitcoin, as well as smaller cryptocurrencies like XRP and ether, had a terrible November that saw $70 billion in value wiped off the market, CNBC ...
Crypto Update: Bitcoin Leads Weekend Recovery as Consolidation Continues
Bitcoin managed to recover above the key $4000-$4050 zone after dipping below it during yesterday's dip, and with that, the most valuable coin held ...
Bitcoin Bears Looking to Finally Make a Surrender: Analysts
Bitcoin price is yet again in the red, circling around $4,000 level. According to the experts, Bitcoin is nearing capitulation with chances of going uptrend ...
Bitcoin [BTC/USD] Technical Analysis: Cryptocurrency succumbs to sideways movement as bear ...
The cryptocurrency market's bearish woes continue as the prices have started dropping again. Popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin [BTC] and XRP ...
Bitcoin ETF Hype Remains: VanEck, SolidX Rendezvous With SEC
Per the release of a VanEck slide deck in tandem with the post-mortem, the consortium seemingly touted that the Bitcoin ETF proposed abided with ...
Bitcoin [BTC], XRP, Ethereum [ETH] begin volley of attacks against the bear: Castle of red crumbles
The past week has been a tough one for top cryptocurrencies Bitcoin [BTC], XRP, and Ethereum [ETH], with the coins demonstrating loss percentages ...
From Shells to Bitcoin: The Evolution of Payment Methods
Crypto startups are betting that payments in cryptocurrency in supermarkets and cafes will be ubiquitous on a short-term horizon. Digital currencies ...
Bitcoin (BTC) Mining Difficulty Is Decreasing But Miners Are Switching Off – What's Going On?
One of the most direct ways to own Bitcoin is through mining, but that comes with some costs in terms of power and time. When the network's hashing ...
Now that bitcoin prices are ugly, decide if it's worth an investment
The wrong time for average investors to talk about bitcoin specifically and cryptocurrencies in general would be when the market for them is frothy and ...
Bitcoin [BTC] mining uses additional electricity that would otherwise go to waste, reveals research
One of the biggest arguments levied against Bitcoin [BTC] is that its mining process consumes a lot of energy for something that a lot of individuals say ...
Asus Wants to Let Gamers to Mine Crypto with Idle GPU Power

Tech giant Asus is now making it possible for gamers to use the excess processing power of their graphics cards to earn some profit from crypto mining. In an announcement made on Thursday, the Taiwan-based tech company stated that it has entered into a partnership with a mining app provider known as Quantumcloud. Under this

Bitcoin Price Ends November With Worst Monthly Decline in 7 Years
The price of bitcoin is on its way to recording its worst monthly performance since August of 2011.
Bitcoin (BTC) Falls Below $4000, Tumultuous Crypto Market Continues
As reported by Ethereum World News previously, Bitcoin (BTC) and its altcoin brethren posted a strong performance in recent days, with BTC surging ...
Vitalik Buterin: Blockchain Utilities To Be More “Purely Digital”

Vitalik Buterin was at Devcon4 recently and gave an interview to Quartz in which he said a few things about Ethereum in general. For one, he feels that a “world computer” is still a valid way to describe the Ethereum project – “a shared computing environment that anybody can build and run stuff on is

German's Xolaris Service KVAG Debuts Private Equity Fund Based on Bitcoin Mining
The latest press reveals that one of the private equity firms from German is focusing on the potentials of bitcoin mining. Consequently, an investment ...
Bitcoin Cash SV [BSV] Technical Analysis: Cryptocurrency is all set for a slow and steady ...
The recent hardfork of Bitcoin Cash [BCH] was one of the major news that caught the attention of many cryptocurrency investors lately. Both Bitcoin ...
Crypto Giant OKEx Deslists Several Trading Pairs

Today brought news of OKEx exchange delisting several additional trading pairs. This is the third time OKEx has delisted a group of assets. OKEx Delisting In an announcement today on their website support page, OKEx stated the delisting of thirty-eight different cryptocurrency trading pairs. OKEx directed the announcement toward its customers, explaining the delisting of multiple

Four Ways to Commemorate Bitcoin's 10th Anniversary
On Jan. 3, 2019, cryptocurrency proponents the world over will commemorate Bitcoin's 10th anniversary. While some will raise a glass to Satoshi's ...
Bitcoin loyalists feeling pinch of epic plunge
On Friday, Bitcoin fell again, this time as much 7 per cent, and is on track for a one-year low as a less-than-inspiring combination of circumstances ...

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