8 December 2018

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Crypto Exchange Bithumb May Have [Temporarily] Propped up Bitcoin Price: Analysts

The bitcoin price touched a fresh yearly low this morning, leaving traders and investors scrambling for answers as the crypto market searches for a bottom. While there are numerous pressures that have weighed on bitcoin as it has taken step after step away from last year’s all-time high, research from CryptoCompare suggests that South Korean

Amsterdam light festival sees illuminated Bitcoin address
On a famous Amsterdam street known as the Herengracht, residents have been witness to an illuminated string of numbers and letters that just so ...
Bitcoin [BTC] could rally upto $333k by December 2021, after reaching $2500 in January 2019 ...
Lee took into perspective the last three cycles of Bitcoin market and compared it to the current bear market that we are all in right now, where Bitcoin ...
Brazilian Bitcoin Exchange Sends User $35M in Bug-Induced Error
Speaking to Portal do Bitcoin, Souza said efforts to get the bug-induced transaction had not gone through as client verification was required, except in ...
Crypto Exchange Gemini Adds Bitcoin Cash, Dodges Bitcoin SV
Crypto exchange Gemini, owned by the Winklevoss twins, just announced plans to support Bitcoin Cash (BCH) trading. Users can deposit BCH into ...
Bitcoin is a "dead man walking", claims investment firm president
Another figure from a traditional financial institution has foretold the death of Bitcoin. According to Peter Mallouk, the President and CIO of Creative ...
Traders Cautious as Bitcoin Plunges to a New Yearly Low at $3210: Can it Recover?
On December 7, the Bitcoin price achieved a new yearly low, as the valuation of the crypto market fell by $16 billion within a 24-hour span.
Morgan Creek Digital Betting Big On Bitcoin (BTC)
Bitcoin has dropped by over 80% in 2018, and the cryptocurrency markets have lost hundreds of billions in market capitalization. The bearish ...
Blockchain – Not Just for Bitcoin
While the term “blockchain” may have been inextricably linked with cryptocurrency in the past, there are other uses for the technology that have ...
Bitcoin Rebounds to Reclaim $3400 as Report Reveals Bithumb's Involvement
Just a day after it hit a record low for the year, Bitcoin has rebounded to reclaim the $3,400 level. The currency gained 4.5 percent to trade at $3,432 ...
10 Cryptocurrency Gifts for the Bitcoin Fanatic in Your Life
Bitcoin is the most popular, but there are approximately 2000 cryptocurrencies tracked by Crypto Compare in December 2018. Many have a low ...
If it were up to these 2 NJ pizza shops, you'd be buying your next slice with Bitcoin
So it may seem as incongruous as spreading the tomato sauce on top of the cheese that some Garden State pizzerias have begun accepting bitcoin, ...
Bitcoin [BTC] will outperform the S&P market in a decade, says Morgan Creek Digital Capital CEO
The CEO added that he believes Bitcoin can outperform S & P markets over the next decade. According to Yusko, investors who do not want to invest ...
Video Demonstrates Double Spending Possibility in Bitcoin Cash SV '0-Conf' Transactions
Bitcoin Cash, which was created in a hard fork from Bitcoin (BTC) in August 2017, uses 0-conf (or zero-conf) to allow almost instant transactions, ...
Florida Man: Judge Begged To Reverse Bitcoin Cash Fork
In a press release yesterday, a Florida-based company announced a lawsuit against the leading figures of Bitcoin Cash—including Roger Ver, ...
Peter Mallouk: Bitcoin is falling to ZERO
Peter Mallouk, the CIO and president of Creative Planning Inc. is predicting the price of bitcoin to fall to zero soon. According to Peter, bitcoin is a dead ...
Crypto, Bitcoin (BTC) Crash Just A “Bump In The Road”
Since Bitcoin (BTC)'s first day on the block, if you will, there have been a number of diehard decentralists that have seen immense value in the world's ...
Israel’s Tax Body Aggressively Pursuing Cryptocurrency Tax Evaders

The tax-collection agency of Israel is targeting cryptocurrency traders and investors in an aggressive push aimed at stemming tax evasion. According to the financial daily Calcalist, the Israel Tax Authority (ITA) has taken stern measures aimed at nabbing those suspected of not reporting gains made from cryptocurrency investments and trading. Some of the measures taken

Why 2019 Could Be Bitcoin's Biggest Year to Date
Will bitcoin once again be the dominant cryptocurrency in 2019? According to some analysts, the answer is a solid “yes.” Bitcoin is the oldest ...
Bitcoin (BTC)'s Swift Recovery Towards $6000 And The Inevitable Short Squeeze
Bitcoin (BTC) is due for a swift recovery towards $6,000 as long as it closes the current weekly candle above trend line support. RSI for BTC/USD ...
Interview: Aeternity Team Talks ‘Roma’ Public Blockchain Launch

Aeternity launched the first live implementation of the Aeternity blockchain from a stunning villa on the outskirts of Rome, and CCN went to speak with the team and learn about the scope of the project. Aeternity is a smart contract and decentralized applications development platform founded by Yanislav Malahov whose early contributions to the Ethereum

Bitcoin ETF is like the one tool to bring trading into a more regulated space, says VanEck Director ...
Gurbacs started by speaking about the role of the SEC and the CFTC with Bitcoin ETF. He stated that Bitcoin [BTC] is completely under the regulation ...
Ethereum Recovers 15% Within Minutes, is it Demonstrating Oversold Conditions?

On December 8, within 15 minutes, the Ethereum price increased by more than 15 percent against the US dollar. Several traders expected Ethereum (ETH) to experience a short-term corrective rally after it dropped to a yearly low at around $82. A Local Bottom Prior to its price drop, a prominent technical analyst with an online alias

Institutional Investors Still Interested? Bitwise Releases Bitcoin and Ethereum Funds
The creator of the world's first cryptocurrency index fund has launched two liquid beta funds holding bitcoin and ether exclusively to address market ...
Bitcoin [BTC/USD] Technical Analysis: Bear to dethrone short-term bull rule?
A major bear-attack befell the cryptocurrency market yesterday when all the big coins crashed following Bitcoin [BTC]'s lead. Currently, the bull has ...
How much value Bitcoin lost in 2018
Bitcoin – the world's largest cryptocurrency – was priced at over $16,500 at the beginning of 2018, while as of 6 December it has reached a low of ...
Mining Company Sues Group Behind Bitcoin ABC
United American Corp. maintains Roger Ver, Jesse Powell, Jihan Wu, and Bitcoin ABC all colluded to manipulate the Bitcoin Cash market. Voodoo ...
Bitcoin Cash [BCH] slips by 38% over the week; while Bitcoin SV [BSV] grows by 10%
After yesterday's game of strength, Bitcoin Cash [BCH] and Bitcoin SV [BSV] have settled on the sixth and seventh positions respectively, on ...
Bitcoin Cash [BCH] added on Gemini as Bitcoin SV [BSV] moves to the sidelines
More than a year after the Bitcoin [BTC] hard fork that created the Bitcoin Cash [BCH] cryptocurrency, Gemini Exchange has announced that the ...
Bitcoin (BTC) At $3400: Crypto Analyst Looks To “Cockroach” News
To say that crypto's past 24 hours have been chaotic would, frankly, be putting it rather lightly. While Bitcoin (BTC) recently underwent a slight recovery ...
Bitcoin Price Analysis Dec.8: After 10% Short Squeeze The Situation Is Still Bearish
After capturing a new annual low, Bitcoin was consolidating for around 12 hours before reaching to lower areas and marking the $3200 zone as the ...
Crypto Trader Still Long-Term Bullish After Bitcoin (BTC) “Bloodbath”
The outlet, who has developed a penchant for covering the Bitcoin (BTC) ecosystem, asked the trader, as it did with its other crypto guests, about his ...
Bitcoin Whale Alert: 7989 BTC transferred to Bitfinex
Bitcoin is on a downfall from November with the price falling from over $6500 to $3250 in less than a month. Cryptocurrency analysts had already ...
Bitcoin [BTC]'s bear market is nothing but a bump in the road, says CCLA's Bevan
Major players and enthusiasts in the crypto-verse spoke at the Bloomberg Crypto Summit on Friday, about the current state of the cryptocurrency ...
Corda Blockchain Platform Executes Successful Live Commercial Paper Transaction in Europe

Enterprise blockchain software provider R3 has issued a statement announcing that Corda, its blockchain platform has successfully completed a live commercial paper transaction. In collaboration with Commerzbank, ING, Natixis and Rabobank, the transaction was carried out on the Euro Debt Solution application which was built on Corda. The transaction is a follow-up to a similar

Top 3 Price Prediction Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum: Are crypto whales ready to re-accumulate or are ...
After the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) decided to delay its decision on the SolidX / Van Eck Bitcoin ETF decision to February, the ...
StayBit is Beta Testing P2P Payment System for Short Term Rentals

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The Era of Central Bank Digital Currencies Is Within Reach
A phased roll-out of a central bank digital currency is not only possible, but may be what certain regions need, says R3's research lead.
Bitcoin [BTC], XRP, Ethereum [ETH] price graphs in sync; is correlation inevitable?
The graph depicted an apt correlation of the two biggest altcoins, XRP and Ethereum [ETH] with Bitcoin [BTC]. Here, WhalePanda also wrote:.
Why You Shouldn’t Fear the Blockchain Regulators
Calls for regulation do not represent the end of cryptocurrency innovation; they signal blockchain’s ongoing maturation, a legal expert argues.
American Express: Ripple Powers Cross-Border Transactions ‘In a Matter of Seconds’

American Express is revealing the results of a pilot test of Ripple’s xCurrent solution for cross-border payments. At the Wings of Change Europe conference in Madrid, Amex general manager of corporate payments Carlos Carriedo said Ripple’s technology has the potential to dramatically improve the sluggish status quo of international payments. “We did a pilot. We did […]

Bitcoin is a ‘Dead Man Walking’, Claims Creative Planning CIO

Bitcoin is a “dead man walking” whose price will eventually plunge to zero. That’s the dire prediction of Peter Mallouk, the president and chief investment officer of Creative Planning Inc., a Kansas investment firm that manages $32 billion in assets. The avowed bitcoin skeptic said BTC bulls are delusional saps who don’t realize that their

75% of Bitcoin SV [BSV] hashrate is contained in 4 nodes, double-spending 0-conf transactions ...
Bitcoin Satoshi's Vision [BSV] has been in the news recently due to its inflated price growth over the past week. However, a programmer and computer ...
Bitcoin's Dead Cat Bounce Proves Limited as Price Struggles to Hold $3400
Bitcoin's overnight recovery proved limited on Saturday, as the leading digital currency struggled to maintain $3,400 in the wake of yet another ...
What Caused Bitcoin to Drop to a New Yearly Low? Factors and Trends
When optimists thought it couldn't get any worse, it did. In the past 24 hours, after ranging between $3,800 and $4,200 for a week, Bitcoin (BTC) was ...
Crypto Rankings' Shake-Up Follows Yesterday's Market Crash as Bitcoin Stays Around $3400
Recently, the Winklevoss twins' crypto exchange Gemini announced the listing of Bitcoin Cash custody and trading, adding that their platform will “only ...
Gemini Adds Support for Bitcoin Cash Trading and Custody on the ABC Network
Cryptocurrency exchange Gemini announced support for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) custody and trading today with a post on its official Medium blog, Dec. 8.
Bitcoin Whale Alert: 5174 BTC transferred to Bitfinex
Bitcoin price has also turned to a yearly low of $3278. At the moment bitcoin is trading around $3390 trying to recover but is still facing massive selling ...
UnitedCorps Launches Suit Against BCH ABC Supporters. “Bitmain and Bitcoin.com Hijacked the ...
United American Corp. (UnitedCorp), a digital technologies company focused on developing products related to blockchain technologies, and ...
Crypto May Fulfill Nobel Winner F.A. Hayek’s Vision for Private Money: Economist

F.A. Hayek was a Nobel-prize winning economist. In the 1970s, in the middle of a punishing recession and inflationary period that lasted into the beginning Ronald Reagan’s presidency, Hayek proposed that the solution to government-caused inflation and its associated problems was to allow the issuance of private, irredeemable money to compete with fiat issued by

Report: South Korea to Push for Major Adoption of Cryptocurrencies
The South Korean government this week announced it would be taxing cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings – despite bitcoin and other ...
Bitcoin Avoids Large Drop Below $3000 With 7% Recovery, Trend Reversal?
Over the last 24 hours, the Bitcoin price has experienced a seven percent recovery from $3,210 to $3,433, avoiding a further drop below the $3,000 ...
Bitcoin History Part 3: Turning on the Faucet
With no exchanges, P2P marketplaces, or escrow services in Bitcoin's earliest days, acquiring coins wasn't easy. You either mined them or begged ...
Australia: Power Ledger’s Blockchain Energy Platform Goes Live in Fremantle

Australia’s coastal city of Fremantle has kicked off a trial that will allow some residents to trade solar power on a blockchain-based platform provided by renewable energy-focused crypto startup Power Ledger. According to the Minister for Finance, Energy and Aboriginal Affairs in the government of Western Australia, Ben Wyatt, around 40 households in Fremantle will

Crooks lure HECO customers to pay delinquent bills through Bitcoin
The scammers are telling people HECO customers to pay their bills right away at bitcoin machines around town. The bitcoin ATM's are at hotels, malls ...
Bitcoin sees temporary bounce, downside aplenty
Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalisation manages to bounce off a critical long term support that may give a sigh of relief to the bulls, ...
Peter Mallouk, the President and Chief Investment Officer of Kansas-Based Creative Planning, Inc ...
1 Independent Wealth Management Firm in America (2017) with over $36 billion in assets under management, calls Bitcoin "a dead man walking" in ...
Chile Court Says Banks Can Ban Crypto Exchanges: Will Market Survive?

On December 6, the Third Chamber of the Chilean Supreme Court officially sided with the state-owned BancoEstado after it banned a local crypto exchange by shutting down its bank account. Orionx, a digital asset trading platform based in Chile, filed an appeal with the supreme court following an abrupt termination of its account by BancoEstado.

SEC Slaps Crypto Firm with $50,000 Fine for Selling Unregistered Securities

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued a cease-and-desist order against a crypto investment fund for distributing unregistered securities. The US securities regulator also slapped CoinAlpha Advisors LLC, a Delaware-based blockchain financial products company, with a $50,000 fine. According to the SEC order, CoinAlpha declined to register its business, which involved investing in and distribution

Driving Innovation
The second bill, titled the U.S. Virtual Currency Market and Regulatory Competitiveness Act of 2018, seeks to keep the U.S. at the cutting edge of ...
Gazprombank Forges New Partnership to Offer Crypto Assets Services

The Swiss wing of Russia’s Gazprombank will start offering crypto assets services by mid-2019, according to a press release published by its bank-tech partner Avaloq. The financial technology firm announced that it would build a fully integrated solution for the management of client portfolios across all asset classes, including cryptocurrencies. Gazprombank will integrate the said

Why South Korea Will Play a Major Role in Cryptocurrency Adoption

As a high-tech hub known for its consumer electronics, tech giants, esports, and global innovation, perhaps it’s not surprising that a report by Cindicator revealed that South Korea will play a major role in cryptocurrency adoption. By reviewing existing data on exchange volumes, recent economic history, regulation, and trends, the tokenized fintech asset management company

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