13 December 2018

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mBitcasino Upgrades Website With Big Promotions and New Features

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Wall Street's bitcoin bull Tom Lee: 'We are tired of people asking us about target prices'
The best-known bitcoin bull on Wall Street is getting tired of forecasting short-term prices. For the last time this year, co-founder of Fundstrat Global ...
Bitcoin inches back up over $3400 with a slight recovery today
Today Bitcoin seems to be trading to the upside even though not through a large leap. However, it has managed to trade above the $3,400 level after ...
Bullish on Ethereum But $20000 a Conservative Bitcoin Price Prediction for 2019, Andy Cheung of ...
While Bitcoin is crashing, Andy Cheung, head of operations at OKEx exchange predicts Bitcoin to hit higher than $20,000 next year. However, he is ...
A Built-In Ethereum Wallet Just Got Added to Opera’s Browser
Opera has announced the public release of its "Web 3-ready" Android web browser featuring an ethereum wallet.
Membrana.io – A Trust Management of Digital Assets Platform Announces Start of Token Sale

This is a paid-for submitted press release. CCN does not endorse, nor is responsible for any material included below and isn’t responsible for any damages or losses connected with any products or services mentioned in the press release. CCN urges readers to conduct their own research with due diligence into the company, product or service mentioned

Bitcoin slumps after bomb threats that were emailed across the US demanded it for ransom
Bitcoin was down more than 6% to near $3,300 a coin after the New York Police Department said that bomb threats that have been emailed around ...
Bitcoin Beats Google Trends in 2018 as Internet Users Seek to Know 'What It Is'
Google data shows 'What is Bitcoin?' was the most popular search question in the United States and United Kingdom for 2018, showing Bitcoin (BTC) ...
Now is 'Best Opportunity Of The Year' to Buy Bitcoin, Says Weiss Ratings
International rating agency Weiss Ratings has recommended now as the best time to buy Bitcoin, saying it represents cryptocurrency's “least ...
Scammers are sending bomb scares to nab BTC
The scam is simple: the scammers send an email threatening to detonate a bomb if they don't get a certain amount of Bitcoin within a specified ...
China's Plan to Sideline Bitcoin
When Satoshi Nakamoto introduced Bitcoin to the world in 2008, he or she or they (the mystery endures) pitched it as a way to end the power of ...
Bitcoin Price to Likely Avoid Drop Below $3k as Crypto Loses $14 Billion in 1 Week
Over the past 48 hours, the Bitcoin price has stabilized at around $3,400 after dropping to a new yearly low at $3,210 on December 7. On a weekly ...
The Messy Political Story of Bitcoin
The cryptocurrency price plunge isn't only an economic story—it's political, too. It marks the general public's resistance to the ideological techno-utopia ...
Bitcoin and Crypto Bull Tom Lee Says Fair Value of BTC Is Far Higher Than Current Price

Bitcoin and crypto bull Tom Lee is offering an explanation for why his predictions on the year-end price of BTC have not come to pass. In a new note to clients, the co-founder and head of research at Fundstrat says the market has severely undervalued Bitcoin throughout the year, largely due to a “meltdown” in […]

Bitcoin scammers send bomb threats across US, causing evacuations
Spammers have sent a wave of threats to businesses, schools, and other locations, demanding Bitcoin in exchange for not detonating a supposed ...
Bomb threat emails demanding Bitcoin spark fear from San Francisco to New York
SAN FRANCISCO (KTVU) - A waves of bomb threats, sent via email and demanding payment in Bitcoin, sent shock waves around the country on ...
Is Bitcoin At a Turning Point Within the Market?
Bitcoin has had a very turbulent 30-day trading period as price action plummets by a total of 46%. The cryptocurrency now trades around the $3,400 ...
Bitcoin Falls Below $3500, Analyst Claims Likelihood of a Bounce is Diminishing
Bitcoin has been unable to stabilize above $3,500 which has led to a widespread sell-off that has sent most cryptocurrencies down 2% or more.
UAE Remittance Firm Launching Ripple-Based Payments in Q1 2019
Abu Dhabi-based money transmitter UAE Exchange is working with Ripple to launch blockchain remittances to Asia early next year.
Bitcoin: How To Build A Business In The Middle Of A Civil War
The war is bloody. Bitcoin is down more than 80% and other cryptocurrencies and altcoins are down even more. Talk about a scary bear market.
Bitcoin Price Consolidates Sub-$3.5K With Bulls and Bears in Stalemate
Bitcoin is consolidating below $3,500 for the third day straight, but is a bull move building?
Sources: One Bomb Threat Email Demanded $20000 in Bitcoin
One of the emailed bomb threats sent around the country Thursday afternoon promised that "there will be many wounded people" unless its recipient ...
Bitcoin Extortionists Turn From Blackmail to Bomb Threats
Bitcoin and cryptocurrency scammers will try any avenue to try and steal funds. Scammers have made Twitter a hunting ground, preying on social ...
Bomb threats demanding bitcoin funds reported across the country, authorities say
Multiple bomb threats have been reported across the country, according to authorities. The New York Police Department said it was monitoring ...
Bitcoin: To The Moon And Back
2018 is about to go down in history as the worst-ever year for Bitcoin as well as for the cryptocurrency market as a whole. The performance is horrible, ...
The likelihood of a bitcoin bounce is diminishing, says analyst
Bitcoin prices are moving lower on Thursday, inching closer to a fresh 15-month low. A single bitcoin BTCUSD, -1.21% was last changing hands at ...
Online bomb threats nationwide were part of bitcoin extortion hoax
A massive wave of online bomb threats aimed at extorting bitcoins swept across New York, much of the US and Canada on Thursday, leaving several ...
Bitcoin Price Reverses as [Another] Breakout Attempt Fizzles Out
The bitcoin price failed to extend its bounce once again, weighed down by weak bulls. The BTC/USD rate on Thursday dropped as low as 5.38 ...
Bitcoin Price Watch: BTC Sellers Targets Fresh Weekly Lows
Recently, bitcoin price started a short term upside correction from the $3,295 low against the US Dollar. The BTC/USD pair traded above the $3,400 ...
Bitcoin Price Near $3400, Wider Crypto Markets See Another Mild Slump
Top cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) has not managed to hold $3,500 support, dropping to as low as $3,406 earlier today. As of press time, the coin is ...
Bomb threats demanding bitcoin across the country appear to be hoax, authorities say
A wave of bomb threats emailed Thursday to hundreds of schools, businesses and government buildings across the U.S. triggered searches, ...
Ethereum (ETH) Futures Rumors Mount, As CBOE's Bitcoin Foray Turns One
And now, amid the market lull, catalyzed by the absence of Bitcoin bulls, CBOE's enamorment with halting trade is as apparent as ever. Case in point ...
Major German Stock Exchange to Launch Crypto Trading Platform
Germany’s second-largest stock exchange, Boerse Stuttgart, is set to launch crypto trading in H1 2019, with ICO token trading coming later.
STO Services Startup TokenSoft Acquires Stake in Regulated Broker-Dealer
STO facilitator TokenSoft has acquired interest in a regulated broker-dealer to provide services that were previously impossible for the firm.
Despite Bitcoin [BTC]'s massive crash in the 2018 bear market, crypto-verse sees massive ...
Bitcoin [BTC] has weathered a total of 82% decrease in its market cap from an all-time high in December 2017, while other cryptocurrencies have ...
South Korea’s Kakao Leads $15 Million Raise for Public Blockchain Startup Orbs
South Korean messaging giant Kakao has led an over-$15 million crypto investment in Israeli-based public blockchain project Orbs.
‘Crypto Congressman’ Floats Blockchain to Help Fund Trump’s Border Wall

Yesterday, US Rep. Warren Davidson (R-OH) stated in an interview with NPR that blockchain technology could potentially be used as a means to fund the border wall that has become little more than a political football in Congress, with President Donald Trump recently threatening a government shutdown if congressional Democrats fail to deliver funding for the

Top Stablecoin ‘Basis’ May Shut Down Due to Regulation: What Went Wrong?

On December 13, Frank Chapparo at The Block reported that Basis, a crypto stablecoin project that raised around $133 million in April, is terminating its operations and is in the process of returning the capital it raised to its investors. The project was funded by some of the largest venture capital firms in the technology space

Bitcoin Bomb Threat Goes International as Scam Expands to Canada
Ottawa and Toronto became the latest cities to receive bomb threats asking for Bitcoin after the apparent scam spread across the U.S. earlier in the ...
Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Are Bulls Back on Their Feet?
Bitcoin is creating a new ascending channel on its 1-hour time frame as it formed higher lows and higher highs since last week. Price is bouncing off ...
US Lawmaker Suggests ‘WallCoin’ Crypto to Fund Trump’s Mexico Border Wall
Representative Warren Davidson has suggested using a cryptocurrency to crowdfund a wall on the Mexican border.
Overstock Venture Chief Expects Market for Blockchain Products in 2019
Overstock's blockchain arm, Medici Ventures, has big plans for 2019, as the e-commerce giant moves towards a February sale.
Fundstat's Tom Lee Says Fair Value of Bitcoin to Reach $150K Per Coin
Cryptocurrency bull and co-founder of Fundstrat Global Advisors Thomas Lee said that the “fair value of Bitcoin (BTC) is significantly higher than the ...
Bitcoin tumbles after bomb threats that were emailed across the US demanded it for ransom
Bitcoin plunged more than 6% to near $3,300 a coin after the New York Police Department said that bomb threats that have been emailed around the ...
Bitcoin Investors Lied to Themselves to Justify Mania's Prices
Every crypto enthusiast had a method for justifying Bitcoin's ever-climbing price in 2017. They badly needed one: Bitcoins don't pay interest like bonds ...
Shakepay: Bitcoin Buying Continues Despite Bear Market
A Canadian fintech company says that consumer interest in digital assets, and in particular Bitcoin (BTC), has continued to grow, even in an extended ...
Bitcoin bomb threat email sweeps across nation, but cops say it's a hoax
“Please be advised - there is an email being circulated containing a bomb threat asking for bitcoin payment,” the NYPD said. “While this email has ...
(+) Altcoin House of Sand: Only BTC, LTC and XRP Remain From Five Years Ago
Tom Lee Claims Market is Wrong, Calls for Bitcoin to be Valued at $14800
Bitcoin (BTC), Cryptocurrency–While some are calling for the final demise of Bitcoin, with the currency exhibiting price movement that would indicate ...
A Year After the Crypto Bubble Burst, Will Bitcoin Ever Recover?
Bitcoin was worth $3,300 on Dec. 11. That's amazing, considering that cryptocurrency was created out of nothing 10 years ago. But it's also depressing ...
Pro-Crypto Fintechs Robinhood & Revolut Aim to Replace Bitcoin-Hostile Banks

Earlier today, two of the world’s hottest fintech startups, the US-based Robinhood and the UK-headquartered Revolut, separately announced new product offerings that could greatly benefit the crypto industry over the long-term and put pressure on bitcoin-hostile banks to begin modernizing their service lines. Bitcoin-Friendly Fintech Startups Want to Replace Banks Revolut, which recently achieved a

Mainstream: 2018 Brought 54 Million New Crypto Users Despite Bear Market

The crypto market may have taken a tumble this year, but that has not diminished interest in the nascent technology. Crypto User Base Booms amid Price Decline According to a report by the Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance, a research center at the University of Cambridge’s Judge Business School, the number of crypto users has

Bitcoin Cash – ABC, Litecoin and Ripple Daily Analysis – 13/12/18
Bitcoin Cash ABC gained 0.76% on Wednesday, partially reversing Tuesday's 4.99% slide, to end the day at $95.69. A relatively bullish day saw ...
Bitcoin – The Pendulum Swings Again
Bitcoin found some respite mid-week, rising by 2.92% on Wednesday, reversing Tuesday's 2.49% fall, to end the day at $3,535.6. The upside through ...
Blockstack Won’t Need to Sell Bitcoin or Ether to Survive Crypto Winter
Blockstack limited its access to funds raised last year, so it couldn't spend faster than it gained traction. Now that's paying off.
Pro-Crypto Trading App Robinhood Launches Checking & Savings Accounts

Menlo Park-based Robinhood has launched savings and checking accounts for its US customers, according to a company blog post. The new accounts would follow the similar trend that we have become accustomed to: “fee-free, commitment-free and surprise-free” were the words used lavishly on the company’s website. Robinhood, which operates a crypto trading platform in addition to

What's Going on With the Price of Bitcoin?
What's going on with the price of bitcoin? Experts, speaking at Fortune's Most Powerful Women Next Gen summit in Laguna Niguel, Calif., on ...
Bitcoin scammers are now using bomb threats as a scare tactic across the US
Over the past year or so, the type of crime associated with Bitcoin scammers has evolved in an unpredictable and somewhat frightening manner.
Basis Stablecoin Confirms Shutdown, Blaming ‘Regulatory Constraints’
Basis, the most well-funded stablecoin startup, says it couldn't overcome regulatory hurdles and is returning money to its investors.
Bear Market Hinders Coincheck’s Stabilization Effort after $530 Million Theft

The bear market that the crypto industry is facing has had a lot of adverse effects, with companies shutting down services and laying off staff members in their droves. Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck seems to be the latest company to feel the brunt of the dire crypto market state, according to reports from Nikkei Asian

When To Buy Bitcoin
I assume that you, the reader, are interested in bitcoin (BTC-USD)(COIN)(OTCQX:GBTC), and you understand the risk. This is a new technology and ...
Crypto Protocol Wanchain Integrates MakerDAO’s Dai Stablecoin

For a particular set of crypto users, the need for centralized exchanges is one of the biggest stumbling blocks on the road to a completely decentralized future. Not everyone is going to prefer to use Bitcoin, and not everyone is going to prefer to use Ethereum. Indeed, not everyone is going to prefer any cryptocurrency.

'What is bitcoin?' tops Google's most-asked question in 2018
Bitcoin's mesmerizing rise and fall in the past year has left investors and regulators asking: What just happened? Many are also asking an even more ...
ETH/BTC Analysis: Ethereum Price Facing Uphill Task Vs Bitcoin
Ethereum price declined further below the 0.0250BTC support bitcoin and below $90.00 versus the US dollar. ETH/BTC is still facing a lot of hurdles ...
Bitcoin analysis: Could THIS alternative to BTC be the safe future of cryptocurrency?
Stablecoins have largely existed unnoticed over the years but, as bitcoin trips and stumbles, the spotlight is being moved away from the main player ...
Bitcoin (BTC) Stable At $3400: Analyst Compares Crypto With Dotcom Bubble
Interestingly, after a multi-week bout of lower lows, the crypto market at large stabilized on Tuesday and Wednesday, as Bitcoin (BTC) found itself ...
Crypto 2018 Was a Tale Told By An Idiot – But It Doesn’t Have to Signify Nothing
Culturally broken? A frustrated crypto entrepreneur argues 2018 was a money grab filled with broken promises.
Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis: BCH/USD May Soar to $150 if Bulls Close above $115
As the year comes to a close, events around Bitcoin Cash will surely be a highlight. Straight from CSW—Roger Ver publicized differences to the very ...
Bomb threats demanding bitcoin flood US cities, including Nashville
In all four cases, suspects sent emails to the locations demanding bitcoins in exchange for not detonating a device they alleged to have placed in the ...
Tom Lee Declines to Update Year-End Bitcoin Price Forecast
Outspoken Bitcoin bull Tom Lee is one of the cryptocurrency's biggest cheerleaders, and has made a number of lofty price predictions that have ...
Bitcoin Will Be Worthless Until You Can Pay Your Taxes With It
When faced with the charge that cryptocurrencies have no inherent value, believers often counter that paper money doesn't either. Such a defense is ...
Bomb Threats Made Across Metroplex With Demands For Bitcoin Payments
COM) – Numerous bomb threats, coupled with demands for Bitcoin payments were made against all types of locations across the metroplex Thursday.
COVA, a Promising Smart Contract of Data, Proudly Announced Partnership with BitMax.io (BTMX.com)

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Competition Is the Fuel of Innovation

This is a paid-for submitted press release. CCN does not endorse, nor is responsible for any material included below and isn’t responsible for any damages or losses connected with any products or services mentioned in the press release. CCN urges readers to conduct their own research with due diligence into the company, product or service mentioned

Former Apple Exec Joins Decentralized Identity Startup Civic
Blockchain startup Civic has hired Apple veteran Phillip Shoemaker as executive director of Identity.com.
Binance Is Expanding Its Crypto Incubator to 5 New Cities
One goal of the incubator is to foster projects that could get their tokens listed on Binance's exchange.
'What is Bitcoin' Tops Google Questions Category for 2018
Interest in Bitcoin around the world isn't waning, according to the latest data from Google Trends, as many people are interested in finding out 'What is ...
Unabashed Bitcoin Bull Thomas Lee Says the Market Is Wrong
Bitcoin's fair value, given the number of active wallet addresses, usage per account and factors influencing supply, is between $13,800 and $14,800, ...
UAE Firm Taps Ripple Blockchain RippleNet to Launch Cross-Border Payments

RippleNet, the blockchain-based global payment network of Ripple, is set to increase its footprint in the Middle East with a United Arab Emirates-based remittance firm set to unveil cross-border payments using the technology. According to Reuters, remittance firm UAE Exchange will roll out RippleNet-powered cross-border remittance services to Asia in the first quarter of 2019

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Thunderous Collapse or Slow Revival?
Bitcoin price is struggling to gain pace above $3,600 and $3,700. BTC/USD must settle above $3,600 and the $3,650 resistance to recover towards ...
Davinci Jeremie Shares His Prediction After Stellar Track Record of Bitcoin Calls
Davinci Jeremie, Chilean software developer and little known Bitcoin guru, who has a stellar track record of Bitcoin calls is back.
Bitcoin-Friendly Revolut Receives European Banking License, Aims to be ‘Amazon of Banking’

Revolut, a digital banking alternative that features an in-app bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange, has received a European banking license as it seeks to expand its offerings and position itself as the “Amazon of banking.” Revolut to Offer Bank Accounts in Europe The London-based unicorn, which remains one of the hottest fintech startups in the United

Bitcoin price analysis: BTC/USD may retest 2018 low
Bitcoin is changing hands at $3,379, unchanged in the recent 24 hours and down 1.5% since the beginning of Thursday. The largest digital currency ...
Crypto Investor Eric Dalius: Next Bitcoin Bull Run is Inevitable
Eric Dalius, a real estate and marketing professional turned bitcoin investor and cryptocurrency expert, says the next bitcoin bull run is a matter of ...
Gaming PC Maker Razer Offers Store Credit in Return for Crypto Mining
Gaming hardware manufacturer Razer has launched an app that rewards users for mining, but not with crypto or cash.
Can Cryptocurrencies Survive the Start of Government Regulation?
The government has finally begun to seriously investigate the market for cryptocurrencies and digital tokens. Expect casualties.
'Spam' bomb threats at schools and businesses nationwide demand Bitcoin ransom payments
Thursday morning, emails went out to schools and businesses across the country demanding ransom payments in bitcoin. The University of ...
Russian Company Telecor Announces Construction of Data and Mining Centre Redstone, with Operations Set to Commence in June 2019

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