15 December 2018

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Bitcoin Price Watch: Year-End Price Looks to Be Lower Than Anticipated
At press time, everybody's favorite cryptocurrency has fallen below $3,175 for the first time in 2018. The price of bitcoin continues to crash and burn, ...
Bitcoin SV Drops to $65 Following 12% Drop
There is plenty of red across all cryptocurrency and digital asset charts today. This is not entirely abnormal by any means, as Bitcoin dictates the ...
Bitcoin – The Meltdown Continues
Bitcoin fell by 2.16% on Friday, following on from a 5.13% slide on Thursday, to end the day at $3,281.7. It's been a tough week, month and year for the ...
Cryptocurrency This Week: Bitcoin Query Tops Google Trends, Bitcoin Bomb Threat And More
Malta-based Cryptocurrency exchange Zebpay goes live in 21 countries in Europe. Coinbase donates $10K to Venezuelans in Zcash. Bitcoin ...
Bitcoin (BTC) Price Conversation Missing the Point
Bitcoin (BTC) Price Conversation Missing the Point ... While many have found novelty in using Bitcoin as an alternative form for digital transactions, ...
One Month Later, Which Crypto Is Winning the Bitcoin Cash Split?
After a month of wild volatility and 'hash wars,' the public still has yet to pick a clear favorite out of the two new bitcoin cash forks, BCHABC and BSV.
Bitpay CEO: Bitcoin Price Built Off “Speculation”
Since the monumental run-up in the Bitcoin price during 2017, pundits have speculated that traders have ousted investors, creating an environment ...
Top Cryptos See Mixed Gains & Losses, Bitcoin Fights to Stay Over $3200
15: the top 20 cryptocurrencies report a mix of moderate gains and losses, with Bitcoin (BTC) briefly dipping under $3,200 before climbing back above ...
3 Cryptocurrencies Decoupling From Bitcoin into 2019 (PAL, TRX, WAVES)
2018 was underwhelming compared to 2017. The bear market went into full swing and most cryptocurrencies lost over eighty percent. Bitcoin has ...
When There’s Blood in the Street (Why It’s Not Quite Time to Be Long Crypto)
Timothy Enneking is the founder and the primary principal of Digital Capital Management, LLC (DCM). ——————- Two members of the Rothschild family are credited, perhaps incorrectly, with the (in)famous quote regarding investing: “When there is blood in the street” (James in the mid-19th century and Nathan, after the battle of Waterloo). The family has been […]
Bitcoin Tax Confusion Has Accountants Turning to Specialized Software
Every time you convert Bitcoin to anything, be it goods or services, other cryptocurrencies, or even tax payments, it might be a taxable event, ...
Teenage Bitcoin (BTC) Millionaire Not So Bullish
Erik Finman is one of the most famous rags-to-riches stories in Bitcoin history, and it might be because of his age. Specifically, Mr. Finman used a gift ...
Bitcoin Price Driven More by Speculation Than Utility: BitPay CEO
BitPay CEO Stephen Pair has stated that speculation drives a substantial part of bitcoin's current valuation, while the actual use of the crypto market ...
Bitcoin Price Analysis Dec.15: New annual low, the $3000 target is much closer
This brings the price of Bitcoin one step closer to our predicted target at $2700 – $3000, which was written about a month ago when Bitcoin was over ...
Bitcoin [BTC] is moderately oversold while Ethereum [ETH] is significantly oversold, says Circle CEO
“Bitcoin and Ethereum have both decoupled due to overselling. Bitcoin has been moderately oversold while Ethereum is significantly oversold.”.
WORBLI Merges Traditional Banking With Blockchain as it Announces Commencement of Token Airdrop

This is a submitted sponsored story. CCN urges readers to conduct their own research with due diligence into the company, product or service mentioned in the content below. Hailed as the next revolution, blockchain certainly has its merits. The technology is extremely adaptable, efficient, secure and low cost. However, when it comes to banking and financial

Canadian Police Warn Public About Emerging Bitcoin Scams

Canadian police have warned the public about getting caught up in Bitcoin scams and to exercise some caution when investing their money in cryptocurrency. It has been an interesting year for crypto scams and controversies with some of the most famous names in the world such as Floyd Mayweather and DJ Khaled getting caught up

Bitcoin Advocate Mick Mulvaney Announced as the new Chief of Staff by President Trump
President Trump has announced Bitcoin advocate and White House budget director Mick Mulvaney as his new chief of staff. Mulvaney has been ...
Lolli, Sephora Shoppers First Bitcoin Crypto Startup
With the holiday shopping now in full swing, hundreds women can earn their first Bitcoin (BTC) by making purchases with the new in-browser ...
Bitcoin (BTC/USD) Price Breaks Yearly Lows: Here's Why You Shouldn't Panic Sell
Bitcoin (BTC/USD) price has just made new yearly low. The cryptocurrency fell another -2.17% on the day to $3224 (Bitfinex), with most of the market ...
Bitcoin [BTC] being unconfiscatable doesn't apply to exchanges that are going to get regulated ...
Tone Vays, a well-known Bitcoin proponent, spoke about Bitcoin [BTC] being unconfiscatable, in a Q&A session during the Tampa Meetup. He also ...
Litecoin (LTC) Flips Bitcoin Cash (BCH) In Crypto Bear Plunge
At the same time, Lee added that the cryptocurrency of his own creation, Litecoin (LTC), could overtake Bitcoin Cash (BCH), as many believe that the ...
Bloomberg Editor Critical Of Bitcoin (BTC) — Wants Blockchain, Not Crypto
With the essential second coming of the Dotcom Bubble in Bitcoin, the Bloomberg reporter explained that it's hard to value cryptocurrencies by their ...
BTC Hodlers Propose to Withdraw All Their Bitcoins From Exchanges as a New Tradition
A new initiative seems to be gaining strength in the Bitcoin user community after Trace Mayer, investor and host of The Bitcoin Knowledge podcast, ...
President Trump Names Bitcoin and Crypto Supporter As White House Chief of Staff
Mulvaney is a prominent supporter of Bitcoin and blockchain technology. During his time in the House of Representatives, the South Carolina ...
Former Bloomberg Editor Warns About Bitcoin (BTC), Questions What Justifies its Valuation
The meteoric rise of Bitcoin had excited many to claim the new era of digital money. Now, with the sobering market turmoil and downturn, Mr. Winkler, ...
How Givv Is Using AI, Blockchain and the Power of 1.5 Billion Computers to Save the World

This is a paid-for submitted press release. CCN does not endorse, nor is responsible for any material included below and isn’t responsible for any damages or losses connected with any products or services mentioned in the press release. CCN urges readers to conduct their own research with due diligence into the company, product or service mentioned

Bitcoin [BTC]'s prices are significantly lower than its $13000-$14000 fair price, says Tom Lee
Fundstrat's Thomas Lee aka Tom Lee, well-known for his predictions on Bitcoin in the crypto-community spoke about the current market for ...
Cambridge University Study: Speculation of the Death of Bitcoin 'Greatly Exaggerated'
The intense media coverage, which fuelled the market frenzy beginning in April 2017, caused a Bitcoin and cryptocurrency bubble like none before it.
Bitcoin Lightning network is a second layer network not a sidechain, Mastering Bitcoin author
Andreas Antonopoulos, the author of Mastering Bitcoin and a well-known Bitcoin proponent spoke about whether the Lightning network is a sidechain ...
Dubious Bitcoin Price Predictions; Thomas Lee Claims Bitcoin's Value is at Least $13800
Many market oracles are likely to miss their Bitcoin price predictions for the end of 2018. For example, outspoken market soothsayer Thomas Lee said ...
Digital Capital's Timothy Enneking Says Not Yet Time To Buy Bitcoin And Cryptocurrencies
Enneking asks himself the question whether there is enough blood in the streets right now to start buying Bitcoin (BTC). For him, the answer is 'not ...
(Former?) Kid Crypto Millionaire Bashes Bitcoin (BTC), Calls It “Dead”
Erik Finman is likely a name you have heard in crypto's lore. If this name doesn't ring any bells, here's some background on this near-mythical figure in ...
US Coinbase Customers Can Make Instant, Free Crypto-To-Cash Transfers to PayPal

Coinbase — the largest US-based cryptocurrency exchange — partnered with payments platform PayPal to enable instant, free crypto-to-cash withdrawals for US customers. This means customers can now move the crypto balances in their Coinbase accounts to their PayPal accounts immediately, at no charge. “These withdrawals are not only fast; they’re free and incur no fees,”

Blockchain is a ‘Systemic Risk’ for Financial Industry: DTCC Exec.

The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation or DTCC issues a report every year on the stability of the global financial system and has done so every year since 2013. It describes this report in these terms: “[T]he DTCC Systemic Risk Barometer Survey serves as an annual pulse check to monitor existing and emerging risks that

No, the Price of Bitcoin Didn't Drop Because of Bomb Threats
On Friday, as the Bitcoin price fell by around six percent against the U.S. dollar, several reports claimed that the dominant cryptocurrency dropped in ...
Plunge in Bitcoin value hits $262bn since peak of its craze
A wave of hype carried Bitcoin to its peak on Dec 17 last year, but its explosive rise was followed by a dramatic fall. The bubble burst after regulatory ...
Bitcoin Bomb Threats Target Educational Institutions, Businesses and Govt. Buildings in US, Canada

Hundreds of government buildings, schools and businesses in the United States and Canada were on Thursday targets of extortionists who threatened to detonate explosives unless they were paid thousands of dollars in bitcoin. In most of the emailed bomb threats, the sender claimed that they had an associate who had planted an explosive device at

Augur House Elections Market: Alleged Reporter Says Republicans Won The Market

A person claiming to be the designated reporter for an Augur predictions market which asked the question “Which party will control the House after 2018 U.S. Midterm Election?” has posted to Reddit saying that he will be reporting that the Republicans control the house today. The market ends today, 12/10, and the Decmocrats, who won

PSA: If You Mine Ethereum, You’re a Target for Crypto Hackers

Hackers have devised a new way to steal your cryptocurrencies. This time, they are running a massive scanning campaign to pick out Ethereum wallets and miners with a specific vulnerability. Per reports on ZDNet, crypto hackers are targeting Etherum wallet and mining equipment going through devices with an exposed port 8545, the standard port for

What You Missed From Bitcoin & Cardano This Week
What you missed from Bitcoin & Cardano this week. As we creep closer to the new year and as the weeks go by, many of us may now start to feel as if ...
Digital Assets Management Platform, Membrana.io, Announces Token Sale

This is a submitted sponsored story. CCN urges readers to conduct their own research with due diligence into the company, product or service mentioned in the content below. Membrana, the blockchain platform for digital asset management, has announced the start of its highly anticipated public Token Generation Event (TGE). The event seeks to put the power

Where Will Bitcoin Investment Trust Be in 5 Years?
Bitcoin Investment Trust is an open-end fund that tracks the performance of bitcoin. That performance has been disastrous in 2018, which begs the ...
US President Donald J. Trump has recently announced via microblogging platform Twitter that he'll ...
Notably Mulvaney is just one of the various pro-bitcoin enthusiasts that have been elected by the current administration. Others include PayPal ...
The Coin Dance Bitcoin Cash Protocol Development Tracking Page
The analytical website Coin Dance has added a lot more detail to the site's development section. The Bitcoin Cash protocol development tracking ...
Bitcoin Marches Toward $3000 As Bloodletting Continues
Bitcoin suffered further losses today, hitting a fresh, 2018 low and approaching the key $3,000 price level. The digital currency dropped to as little as ...
(+) Syscoin Makes Comeback Amid Downturn; 76% Spike Ahead of Project Rebrand
Here's what we know about the wave of emailed bomb threats demanding bitcoin
On Thursday, hundreds of businesses, government offices and schools in Canada, the U.S., Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong received emailed ...
Bitcoin Cash – ABC, Litecoin and Ripple Daily Analysis – 15/12/18
An early morning move to an intraday high $88 was the only bullish move of the day, Bitcoin Cash ABC coming up short of the first major resistance ...
President Trump Appoints Bitcoin Proponent as White House Chief of Staff
Mulvaney is a well-known Bitcoin and blockchain proponent, spearheading the Blockchain Caucus – a soundboard for policy creation handling ...
Total Market Cap Drops to $100 Billion as Bitcoin on the Longest Weekly Drop While Crypto ...
Bitcoin and cryptos are tanking and total market cap has dropped down to $100 billion. Meanwhile, Jeremy Allaire of Circle says he is long on the ...
Teenage BTC Millionaire Claims Some Altcoins May Succeed
The early crypto adopter said ether (ETH), privacy-oriented Zcash (ZEC) and bitcoin cash (BCH) have a good chance of succeeding. However, he ...
Downturn or Not, Bitcoin Has Still Outperformed Apple Since Last January
As the price of Bitcoin (BTC) dropped substantially against the U.S. dollar, outspoken critics against the digital currency have started to claim that ...
Bitcoin is in freefall! This is what I think you should do
The fall in the price of Bitcoin over the last 12 months is likely to have caught many investors by surprise. This time last year, various commentators ...
Liquid – A Bid to Improve Bitcoin Transaction Speed
Bitcoin's current transaction speeds are unpredictable, observes Blockstream's director of product management, Allen Piscitello. Bitcoin's average ...
What Crypto Winter? It’s Perfectly Sunny for Luno with 40 New Jobs Open

Bitcoin tumbled to a 15-month low today. Ethereum has all-but petered out. Heavyweights like ConsenSys are laying off staff, and many ICO startups are running out of cash before launching their products. You have to admit, things don’t look particularly good from any angle. But while crypto investors are getting used to bracing before they

Element Zero Unveils the Stablecoins 2.0 – The “Holy Grail” of Cryptocurrency

This is a paid-for submitted press release. CCN does not endorse, nor is responsible for any material included below and isn’t responsible for any damages or losses connected with any products or services mentioned in the press release. CCN urges readers to conduct their own research with due diligence into the company, product or service mentioned

Bitcoin [BTC]: Tone Vays “couldn't disagree more” with Tom Lee's valuation
Tone Vays, former Wall Street Risk Analyst and Bitcoin enthusiast/influencer, spoke about the bear market and how Bitcoin is performing and gave his ...
Legendary Investor: Bitcoin (BTC) Could Bottom At $3000, Altcoins To Crash
Peter Brandt, a legend in the commodity investment realm, recently sat down with CoinTelegraph to discuss his opinions on the current bear market.
Money Button rolls out JavaScript library, mnemonic tool for Bitcoin SV
Bitcoin SV now has a “pure and powerful” JavaScript library, courtesy of Money Button. bsv, a library for cryptography, key management and ...
Crypto is for Activists: Why We Need More Cypherpunks, Not Cypherposers
Bitcoin is activism, not a get rich quick scheme or a startup platform, says Lamassu's Zach Harvey.
Crypto Market Risks Dip Below $100 Billion After Dropping $15 Billion in Bad Week

In the past seven days, the valuation of the crypto market has dropped from $117 billion to $102 billion, by just over $15 billion. Major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Ripple (XRP) performed poorly against the U.S. dollar, experiencing losses above the 10 percent mark. Out of the three most valuable crypto assets

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