28 December 2018

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Here's How the World Will Commemorate Bitcoin's 10th Anniversary on Jan. 3
Bitcoin's 10th anniversary will fall on Jan. 3. As a decentralized currency that belongs to everyone and no one, there is no official way to commemorate ...
Bitcoin: Developer Explains Why a Multi-Asset Lightning Network Might Not Work

A contributor to the Lightning Network codebase who goes by the name ZmnSCPxj recently wrote a reasoned post to the Lightning Development mailing list detailing what he views as a limitation of the network, which is considered by many to represent the future of Bitcoin scaling and adoption. The identity of ZmnSCPxj is not known.

Dow, S&P 500 Eye Further Gains after Wild Week on Wall Street

Following a wild week on Wall Street, the US stock market looks poised to extend its latter-week recovery following the opening bell on Friday, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average, S&P 500, and Nasdaq futures indices all pointing north as of the time of writing. Dow Seeks to Extend Recovery Dow futures had risen 111

Cryptos fall $5 billion as Bitcoin is motionless in a range – Confluence Detector
Bitcoin is leading the retracement but some altcoin like Ripple's XRP and Bitcoin Cash are following closely. The bears have wiped off at least $5 ...
Bitcoin (BTC): Charts that Point to $5000 and $10000
Over the past month, we have made a living using both horizontal support and resistance levels in conjunction with angle-based work from the ...
Bitcoin [BTC] and Ethereum [ETH] face off the bear after reaching 7-month trading volume high
Bitcoin [BTC] and Ethereum [ETH], the two compatriots amongst the big three have witnessed a silver lining despite all odds in the time period known ...
UK Investors and Businesses Still Suffering Fallout of Bitcoin Crash

Hundreds of businesses and retail investors are still counting the cost of bitcoin’s 80 percent drop from its all time high at the turn of the year. A Sky News special report has revealed that alongside investment portfolios, bitcoin’s price tank also claimed several mortgages, loans, marriages and even possibly university funds for some investors’ children in

Bitcoin Price Analysis: Heading up but for How Long?
From yesterday's high at $3940 the price of Bitcoin has fallen by 4.52% and is currently being traded at $3762. Looking at the 15 min chart you can ...
Bitcoin Wallet Malware Scam Targets Electrum Users And Garners Over 200BTC

An attack on the Electrum bitcoin wallet has so far netted hackers over 200 bitcoin worth around $750,000. The attack began on December 21, 2018. Though it has victimized some unsuspecting users, it can be avoided. Electrum is a Bitcoin wallet which doesn’t require the user to download the full blockchain. Instead, servers remotely provide

No FOMO: Bitcoin Price Under Pressure as Bullish Optimism Fades
Bitcoin continued lower on Friday, capping off a mediocre stretch of trading that has threatened to undermine the latest rally attempt. The digital ...
Major Bitcoin Exchanges Accused of Faking Volume: Who's Trustworthy?
BTI has consequently concluded that more than 80% of the volume of the top 25 bitcoin pairs on CoinMarketCap is wash traded. According to BTI, for ...
Payoneer CEO Calls Single Currency Bitcoin (BTC) Unrealistic
Payoneer CEO Calls Single Currency Bitcoin (BTC) Unrealistic ... Galit's take on Bitcoin hinges more upon what he views as an unattainable position ...
Investor: Bitcoin (BTC) Could Fall Further, But $100k+ Still A Possibility
BlockTV, an up-and-coming crypto-centric news outlet, recently sat down with one Anthony Pompliano, a world-renowned Bitcoin (BTC) zealot, for a ...
Bitcoin Private [BTCP] considering hard fork to remove 2 million illegitimate coins in circulation
Bitcoin Private [BTCP] has been surrounded by a controversy involving the creation of 2 million additional coins without disclosure in the project's ...
Time Magazine Lauds Bitcoin (BTC) As An Escape From Economic Control
Mainstream media has become infamous for bashing Bitcoin (BTC). Over the asset's relatively short lifespan of ~10 years, prominent journalists (who ...
Bitcoin SV's Craig Wright denied attempts to dismiss lawsuit; alleged to “seize” billions of dollars ...
Craig Wright, the famous crypto entrepreneur, and Bitcoin SV [BSV] proponent was denied attempts to dismiss a lawsuit against him by the US federal ...
Bitcoin Acceptance: The Changing Face of Mainstream Media Coverage
In the decade of its existence, Bitcoin has been portrayed in the mainstream media in a number of radically different lights. In its earliest days, ...
(+) Tron Price Analysis: Momentum Slows Despite Strong Fundamental Activity
Bitcoin Dives Sharply As Ripple (XRP) And Ethereum Lose Ground--Here's Why
Bitcoin—which has been trapped in a bear market over the whole of 2018—has fallen sharply overnight, dragging other major digital tokens, including ...
This is why a single global currency (like bitcoin) won't happen, says online payments company CEO
First, Galit says it's unlikely the U.S. government will ever allow people to pay their taxes with something like bitcoin, because that would mean the ...
Security Researchers Break Ledger Wallets With Simple Antennae
Calling themselves Wallet.Fail, three security researchers found ways to access crypto hardware wallets in ways that weren't intended by their creators.
Abrupt Recovery: Bitcoin up 7% in Minutes, Ethereum Rises 13% from Day's Low
Within nine minutes, the Bitcoin price surged from $3,625 to $3,900, by 7.5 percent. Other crypto assets like Ethereum (ETH) followed, recording a 13 ...
Bitcoin Price Analysis Dec.28: Sideways Done As BTC Breaks Down To Retest $3600
Yesterday we mentioned about the range Bitcoin was trading at for a couple of days: $3700 from below and $3850 from above. We also mentioned ...
Bitcoin Continues to Slide
One of Bitcoin's advocates, entrepreneur Charles Shrem, said Bitcoin was down because CME bitcoin futures expire Friday. He noted that the ...
Crypto Markets Recover Slightly After Yesterday’s Drop, Equities Market Trades Flat

Following yesterday’s drop in the crypto markets, most cryptocurrencies have recovered some of their losses and are trading up over a 24-hour trading period. The traditional equities market, which has seen increased volatility over the past several weeks, is currently trading flat and one prominent investor believes further instability could be right around the corner....

Biotech Billionaire Settles with SEC over Crypto-Related Penny Stock Scam

Back in September, biotech billionaire Phillip Frost and eight other individuals were charged by the SEC for a penny stock scheme deemed fraudulent. Frost was not at the core of the scheme, which involved buying up penny stocks and effectively pumping their value only to dump them at massive profits. Overall, before they were caught,

End of year crypto roundup: How did Bitcoin perform in 2018?
Bitcoin BTC — the cryptocurrency that started it all — was released in 2009 as open-source software by a person or group of people using the name ...
Bitcoin Price Suddenly Spikes $300 to Avoid Retest of 2018 Low
The price of bitcoin is up over $300 from today's low and now has its sight set on a key technical hurdle that, if surpassed, could spark a stronger rally, ...
Bitcoin Trader Troy Woody and Pal Mir Islam Charged in Philippines Murder
Tomi Michelle Masters had long dreamed of leaving her postage stamp of a hometown in Indiana for the wide horizons of California. After graduating ...
Bitcoin And Ethereum Daily Price Forecast – BTC & ETH Trade Dovish On News Driven Momentum
Bitcoin is leading the retracement closely followed by some major altcoins namely XRP, BCH & ETH. Two reasons could be coined out as major ...
BTC and Other Cryptos in the Red as CME Bitcoin Futures Expire Today, December 28th
On Christmas Eve this year, Bitcoin (BTC) surprised many as its value rose by $200 in a few hours from around $3,990 to $4,271. Many crypto ...
It’s the Crypto Network, Stupid
A simple lesson from the 2018 bearish crypto market: We are better together, argued Ian Simpson of the Crypto Valley Association.
Africa Conducts Over 17,000 Peer-to-Peer Trades Per Day Using Gift Cards

Paxful, the peer-to-peer alternative to LocalBitcoins, has reported to CCN that over 17,000 peer-to-peer trades per day take place in Africa using their platform. The majority of these trades take place with iTunes and Amazon gift cards as the payment methods. You read that right: people in Africa are acquiring Bitcoin by using gift cards,

Bitcoin Not Correlated With Stock Market, Fund Manager Says
Anthony Pompliano maintains that Bitcoin shares no correlation with the traditional stock market. For the Morgan Creek Digital Assets chief, there is ...
Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Stellar, Litecoin, Bitcoin SV, TRON, Cardano: Price ...
Entrepreneur Charles Shrem believes that the current dip is due to the expiration of Bitcoin futures on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) and ...
Prominent YouTuber Claims Brave’s BAT Payments System Violates GDPR

Prominent YouTube personality Tom Scott has accused Brave, the adblock browser, of unethical and possibly illegal behavior by collecting BAT donations on his behalf from viewers without his knowledge or consent. Writing in a Twitter thread posted on December 21, Scott stated that Brave is essentially obtaining money under false pretexts from users because he has

Newsflash: Bitcoin Price Pops Higher as Dow, S&P 500 Erase Pre-Market Gains
The bitcoin price and the wider cryptocurrency market made a fevered leap back toward their recent highs on Friday, shaking off Thursday's ...
Bitcoin Price Analysis: Bears Raise the Stakes
While the short Bitcoin price rally was powerful and sweet, the overall picture for cryptocurrencies remains bearish and barring the occasional oversold ...
Interdax Announces Testnet Launch and $100K Giveaway

This is a sponsored story. CCN urges readers to conduct their own research with due diligence into the company, product or service mentioned in the content below. After nearly a year and a half of development, International Digital Assets Exchange (Interdax) announced its upcoming launch in January. The trading platform will offer perpetual contracts of up

Bitcoin Continues Efforts to go Mainstream
Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, trader higher Friday, flirting with the $3,900 area, a day after reports broke that hackers ...
Bitcoin review: Litecoin sponsors UFC 232, Bank of America files blockchain patent
Sunday, Dec. 23: Toward the end of 2017, the price of bitcoin rose to nearly $20,000. Hopes were high that its climb would continue through 2018.
Nvidia: Why Low Crypto Mining Demand Didn’t Cause Share Price Woes

Several reports over the past week have suggested that the stock price of Nvidia has dropped due to a drop in demand for crypto mining. Fool.com’s report, for instance, read: NVIDIA’s revenue growth is expected to drop into the single digits this quarter. The reason: weak demand for graphics cards. Cryptocurrency mining was a key

Is Bitcoin a Fraudulent Crypto Craze?
The article is designed to induce fear and loathing of Bitcoin by incorporating the thought that because people bought into Bitcoin and suffered fraud ...
National Bank of Kuwait Taps Ripple for New Remittance Service
National Bank of Kuwait has joined Ripple’s blockchain-based payments network seeking faster cross-border money transfers.
Bitcoin price predictions for 2019: From $0 to $36000, experts make their cryptocurrency forecasts
It's been a bad year for bitcoin. After the highs of 2017, which saw the price of bitcoin surge to $20,000 (£15,700), the world's most valuable ...
EXCLUSIVE: Mystery '8 Whale' Moves 5% of Total Bitcoin Supply in the Past Month
A new Bitcoin mystery has emerged. 848,000 BTC or almost 5 percent of the total supply, is contained within 106 addresses, each one holding exactly ...
Bitcoin (BTC)'s Next Move Hinges On EUR/USD Outlook for Next Week
Bitcoin (BTC) appears all set to rally with the beginning of a new year but there is one little catch. The price action of Bitcoin (BTC) is largely dependent ...
Bitcoin May Breach $333,000 By 2023: Why This Prediction Isn’t Crazy

There’s no denying it, the crypto industry is known for its eccentric individuals, statements, and startups. John McAfee, for example, promised to consume his family jewels if Bitcoin (BTC) doesn’t reach $1 million apiece by 2020’s end. While McAfee’s call is by far the most bizarre, especially what he wagered, he isn’t the only industry...

Once a Rebel, Bitcoin Is Conforming to Mainstream Markets
Not too long ago, bitcoin and its universe of cryptocurrency peers seemed light years away from traditional markets, a distant point where assets ...
TIME Magazine: Bitcoin Development Should Be World Priority
TIME Magazine has produced a surprisingly complimentary appraisal of Bitcoin, saying the cryptocurrency “matters for freedom” and is a “way out” of ...
From “Obsolete” Blockchain to Bitcoin at $1 Mln: Predictions of 2018
2018 jumped right in with Bitcoin (BTC) hovering around $15,000 and investors being far too optimistic about the future of digital currencies. Some of ...
WSJ: Bitcoin (BTC) Trading In Step With Gold Amid Dow Jones Tumult
Although Bitcoin (BTC) remains just hundreds of dollars away from its yearly low, the flagship crypto asset has regained boatloads of volatility in recent ...
Italy Announces 30 Experts to Lead National Blockchain Strategy
The Italian government has published a list of 30 experts brought together to develop the nation's blockchain strategy.
Bitcoin’s Price Correlates to Freedom, Trumps Crypto or Stock Market Value

The mainstream media has often been critical of Bitcoin, highlighting stories of money laundering, exchange hacks, failed crypto investments and Bitcoin’s steady price declines throughout the year, wiping billions from the total cryptocurrency market cap in 2018. With global brand recognition, and the many believers and maximalists who await the day when it either replaces […]

Electrum Wallet Phishing Attack Nets Hackers $900K in Bitcoin
Hackers managed to steal close to $900,000 worth of Bitcoin from Electrum wallet users via a phishing attack. While the attacks seem to have come to ...
Report: Bitcoin Conforms to Mainstream Markets, Strong Correlation with Gold
A recent report in the Wall Street Journal details how Bitcoin is becoming an increasingly mainstream asset and is starting to develop strong ...
Bitcoin Price Begins a New Ascent Inside Giant Bear Pennant
Bitcoin price on Friday surged more than 7% against the US Dollar on a 24-hour adjusted timeframe. The bitcoin-to-dollar rate noted sudden spikes at ...
Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC/USD finds big buyers after bouncing off important near-term trend line
The Bitcoin price late on Friday was seen holding up gains just shy of double-digits, up some 9% late in the session. A chunky amount of renewed ...
Electrum Wallet Attack May Have Stolen As Much as 245 Bitcoin
A phishing attack on the Electrum wallet network has reportedly managed to steal bitcoin worth over $800,000.
Bitcoin Artist Explains “Why Bitcoin Matters” Through New BTC Sculpture
A sculptor inspired by Bitcoin has created a beautiful piece of artwork commemorating the financial and technological innovation. Each element of the ...
Hackers Siphon Bitcoin In Electrum Wallet Attack
Based on blockchain data, at least 200 BTC, worth nearly $730,000, have already been sent to the attacker's bitcoin address. While the wallet software ...
Cryptocurrency's Terrible 2018
Around this time last year, Bitcoin hit a record value of $19,783.21 after several whirlwind months on the market. It is now worth about $3,700.
Why Bitcoin Matters for Freedom
Today, Venezuelans are adopting and experimenting with Bitcoin to evade hyperinflation and strict financial controls. Speculation, fraud, and greed in ...
WSJ: Bitcoin Trading at Strong Correlation with Gold as Traditional Investors Step In
28, suggests that Bitcoin (BTC)'s correlation with traditional assets markets has been high in recent days. Citing data from research firm Excalibur Pro ...
Bitcoin Price Watch: BTC Turned Bearish Below $3800
Bitcoin price is under pressure below $3,800 against the US Dollar. BTC may correct a few points, but it remains sell on rallies near $3,720 and $3,800 ...
How Mexican Cartels Use Chinese Crypto Brokers to Launder Drug Money

Law enforcement agencies in the United States have expressed worries that Chinese crypto channels are increasingly being used to launder money by Mexican drug cartels and other transnational organized crime groups. This comes at a time when the size of Chinese exports such as chemicals and other ingredients used in making hard drugs to the

Despite Taking Down 90 Crypto Scams, US Regulators Recovered Just $36 Million for Victims

Regulators in the United States have filed over 90 cryptocurrency fraud cases in the last two years, the Wall Street Journal reports. While it is difficult to determine the amount that investors have lost, regulators at both the federal and state level have only managed to get back US$36 million, a figure considered paltry. What

Craig Wright Denied Attempt to Dismiss Lawsuit Over Billions in Bitcoin
A U.S. court has denied crypto entrepreneur Craig Wright’s attempt to dismiss a lawsuit alleging he misappropriated at least 300,000 bitcoin.
2019: The Year Digital Securities Offerings Become the New ICOs
The ICO market may be waning, but a new way to tokenize assets is coming to Wall Street.
There May Be (Some) Tax Relief Options if You Sold Your Bitcoin at a Loss
For investors whose first time investing in bitcoin was in 2018 or after late 2017, there is a high likelihood that they have incurred substantial losses for ...
This time last year everyone was talking about Bitcoin — so what happened?
The price of Bitcoin surged in 2017, from levels below $US900 ($1,276) in January to its peak of nearly $US20,000 ($28,363) in December.
Bitcoin price prediction: Downside is the path of least resistance - Confluence Detector
Bitcoin is hovering around $3,600 level. The first digital coin has lost about 4% since this time on Thursday and entered a short-term consolidation ...
The True Crypto Alternative to Government Money
Evan Kuo is the co-founder of Ampleforth (formerly Fragments), a startup developing advanced technological solutions for the stablecoin market, and the former founder of on-demand delivery startup Pythagoras Pizza. The following is an exclusive contribution to CoinDesk’s 2018 Year in Review.  “I don’t believe we shall ever have a good money again before we take the […]

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