30 December 2018

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Is Bitcoin ready to rebound?
It's been a tough year for cryptocurrency, and the # 1 is no exception. Bitcoin (BTC) has a drop of almost 80% from its all-time high in January, but all ...
C-Banks Will Wipe Out Bitcoin (BTC) with Own Cryptocurrencies, Nouriel Roubini Predicts
Nouriel Roubini, who often spells doom for Bitcoin (BTC), has returned with new commentary, this time suggesting that central banks may end up ...
Lite.IM Adds Bitcoin (BTC) Support to Facebook Messenger, Telegram and SMS
It is with the above background that the same team has announced that they have added support for Bitcoin (BTC) on Lite.IM. Users can now send, ...
Bitcoin Satoshi Vision
Bitcoin turned a decade old on October 31, 2018, since its first came into the public domain 10 years ago in 2008. A white paper titled “Bitcoin: A ...
FinExpertiza Lambasts Bitcoin (BTC) As the Least Profitable Investment Instrument In 2018
Bitcoin (BTC) has been through a lot this year. The digital currency has lost a greater percentage of its value since January this year. Recently, Bitcoin ...
Vitalik Buterin Bashes Bitcoin SV and Calls it a ‘Dumpster Fire’

In a series of tweets, Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, made his disapproval of Bitcoin Cash ‘Satoshi’s Version’ (BSV) known, calling the new hard fork of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) a “pure dumpster fire.” Buterin’s comments were made in an online Twitter debate with cryptocurrency commentator and businessman Tuur Demeester on Christmas Day. In the discussion, Buterin

Crypto Trading Academy: What are Barts and How They Affect Bitcoin?
By looking on small frame Bitcoin's chart, one can identify sudden movements or 'bump' in one direction, followed by consolidation and a sudden ...
Bitmain: Chinese Media Reporting Jihan Wu and Micree Zhan to Step Down

The year is not ending on a good note for Bitmain. The Beijing-based bitcoin mining giant is possibly looking at the resignation of its CEOs Jihan Wu and Micree Zhan, according to Odaily, a Chinese media outlet. The company has not officially confirmed any of the media allegations yet. But sources inside the organization have revealed

Buy Bitcoin (BTC), But Diversify Into Crypto Assets Too: Pantera Capital Partner
As the year comes to a head, a number of crypto traders and investors have sought to figure out what lies in wait for Bitcoin (BTC) in 2019.
Bitcoin Price Weekly Analysis: BTC Holding Key Uptrend Support
Bitcoin price is holding the key uptrend support near $3,600 against the US Dollar. BTC/USD is likely to resume its upward move above $4,000 in the ...
Bitcoin listed as worst investment of 2018 by Russian firm
According to an article by CCN, the Russian network of auditing firms FinExpertiza has labelled Bitcoin as the most underperforming investment of ...
The End of the First Crypto Decade
Massimo Morini is a veteran in investment banks and financial institutions including the World Bank. Some of his research on blockchain was reported here and here. The following is an exclusive contribution to CoinDesk’s 2018 Year in Review.  The end of 2018 is not the end of a year. It is the end of a decade, a decade that changed the world […]
Bitcoin (BTC) Subreddit Grew In Size by 380000 Users in 2018 – 61 Percent Growth – Despite the ...
Earlier this month, Ethereum World News reported that the Bitcoin (BTC) subreddit group has surpassed one million subscribers. The /r/Bitcoin ...
Bitcoin (BTC) Long-term Price Analysis – December 30
Bitcoin's price has been going through a series of ranging movements in the last few days, after it fell from a high seen on December 24. Currently, the ...
German Crypto Artist's Latest Sculpture Explains 'Why Bitcoin Matters'
In particular, one of his latest pieces, "Why Bitcoin Matters", which is available for sale via his website, can be purchased only using crypto (BTC, ETH, ...
Bitcoin Price Analysis Dec.30: Weekend BTC Sideways Action
Following yesterday's BTC price analysis, we saw Bitcoin correcting down marking a daily low around the $3700 support line. From there, Bitcoin had ...
Bitcoin Investor: Ethereum (ETH) Is A “Science Experiment” At Best
Tuur Demeester, an altcoin cynic, Bitcoin proponent, and crypto investor, recently compiled his years of skepticism regarding Ethereum (ETH), issuing ...
Bitcoin – A Slide in ICOs Hasn't Helped, But Things May be about to Change
Bitcoin fell by 3.54% on Saturday, partially reversing Friday's 8.69% gain, to end the day at $3,894. Tracking the broader market through the day, ...
Bitcoin-Friendly Square Uses App and Algorithms to Issue Business Loans

Payments company Square is moving into new markets by issuing business loans and will soon move to consumer lending. Its data collecting and analyzing algorithms are deciding creditworthiness letting borrowers arrange their loans in a few taps. According to WSJ reporting, one Texan food truck owner accepted a loan offer within the Square app, then

Bitcoin maximalist Francis Pouliot says 2019 will be Big for Bitcoin
Francis Pouliot, a Bitcoin maximalist and co-founder of Bull Bitcoin, says that in 2019, the demand for Bitcoins fundamental value as a store of value ...
The 800lb Shitcoin: Why Bitcoin SV Market Cap Is Pure Fantasy
When CMC calculates the Bitcoin market cap, they do a straightforward multiplication: latest market price times the total number of existing coins.
Bitcoin Can't Seem to Stay Above $4000. Will This Change in 2019?
Every time it has been dealt a blow, Bitcoin has bounced back. However, the blows have continuously driven the expectations lower. As the year ...
Wells Fargo Says Bitcoin Too Risky for Clients, Pays $575 Million Fine For Scamming Them

Wells Fargo — the third-largest US bank with $2 trillion in assets — will pay a $575 million settlement after admitting that it systematically scammed its own customers for 15 years. Ironically, the fine comes just months after the banking giant dismissed bitcoin as too risky an investment. Pursuant to a nationwide federal investigation, Wells Fargo admitted that its employees opened more than 3.5

Chinese Survey: 40% Want To Invest In Bitcoin (BTC), 98% Know Of Crypto
According to a survey conducted by PANews, routed through Chinese crypto-friendly media outlet 8BTC, 98.22% of those surveyed had heard of ...
Paxos Standard Hassling Ethereum Traders Trying to Redeem Stablecoin PAX for Dollars

The source for this article wishes to remain anonymous. He is one of multiple sources this reporter has spoken to recently. All of them are relatively large-scale traders who have used Paxos Standard. They are a group of five traders. They trade in the millions of dollars per week via multiple exchanges including Binance and

Market Update: Bitcoin Stays Below $3900 as Ethereum Closes Gap on XRP
As we approach the end of 2018, the year bitcoin turned 10 years old , it appears the cryptocurrency ecosystem's decline may not be over yet, ...
Is bitcoin (BTC) really the worst investment of the year?
Their research found that Bitcoin was the worst one among the bunch. The analysis was requested by a Russian newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta and ...
Bitcoin Daily: Italy Plans Blockchain Strategy; Self-Proclaimed Bitcoin Creator Denied Lawsuit ...
And the price of bitcoin got a boost over the weekend, rising over $300 to trade at an average price of $3,842. Analysis by Coindesk reveals that “in ...
Crisis Breeds Opportunity

This is a submitted sponsored story. CCN urges readers to conduct their own research with due diligence into the company, product or service mentioned in the content below. It’s been a heckuva year for the markets in 2018. A year of uncertainty. A year of volatility. From cryptocurrencies to precious metals and crude oil, and at

Ethereum Co-Founder Vitalik Buterin Rebuts Criticism From Bitcoin Advocate
On Friday, Tuur Demeester, an altcoin cynic, Bitcoin proponent, and investor, compiled his years of skepticism towards Ethereum, issuing a 50-part ...
Bitcoin: Challenges abound in the new year after tumultuous 2018
Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalisation and the coin that gave Blockchain to the world, lost almost three fourth of its value in the ...
First to Worst: Bitcoin Ridiculed as Most Disastrous Investment of 2018

FinExpertiza, a network of Russian auditing and consulting firms, has lambasted Bitcoin as the least profitable investment instrument in 2018. Russian newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta requested a report on the investment ranking of 14 instruments from FinExpertiza. While precious metal palladium turned out to be the most profitable investment, Bitcoin losses were noted to be 71.15% at

Cryptocurrency Exchange Kraken Adds Bitcoin Cash and Ripple Margin Trading

Kraken has added Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Ripple (XRP) to Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Augur (REP), Monero (XMR), and Tether (USDT) bringing its margin trading offering to a total of eight cryptocurrencies. Margin trading of all eight will be available on all of Kraken’s platforms. The latter site boasts an improved user

New Survey Finds 40% of Chinese Want To Invest In Bitcoin
Although, only 50 percent said they had heard of cryptocurrency, digital currency or bitcoin, and 42% had heard of blockchain. One would imagine a ...
Bitcoin Private (BTCP) Accused of Pre-Mine, Discovers Coin Exploit
Bitcoin Private (BTCP) keeps creating controversy after an investigation into an extra amount of pre-mined coins led to the discovery of a previously ...
Roger Ver still trying to buy the future for the trouble-plagued Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
Earlier this year, controversial Bitcoin Cash maximalist Roger Ver released a video in which he offered a platform called OpenNode to switch from ...
Bitcoin (BTC) Enters Year-End Slump with Slide under $3700
Bitcoin (BTC) went through another relatively minor shakedown, losing $100 in one fell swoop to drop toward the $3,600 range. This time, however ...
Bylls CEO Francis Pouliot Thinks Bitcoin (BTC) Price is Undervalued, People are the Key to Recovery
Bitcoin attempted a bullish reversal on Friday, marking more than $300 worth of gains in just two hours. That hasn't exactly changed any longer-term ...
US-China Trade Deal Moving Well, Could Stock Market Rebound in 2019?

The trade war between the United States and China has placed immense pressure on the stock market of both countries since mid-2018. With a new trade agreement in the works, China-U.S. relations are expected to improve in the months to come. U.S. President Donald Trump said on December 29 that a comprehensive trade deal is

Top Cryptocurrencies Mostly in the Red, Bitcoin Falls Below $3900 Again
At press time, Bitcoin is down a fraction of a percent on the day, trading at around $3,880. Looking at its weekly chart, the current price is substantially ...
2019: The Year We Might (Finally) See Better Blockchain UX?
In this op-ed, author XX XX argues why he believes 2019 will be the year blockchain UX sees a new level of priority among developers and companies.
Bitcoin (BTC) Technical Analysis: Potential Inverse H&S Pattern Looking Promising, Here's What ...
Bitcoin is starting to show signs of recovering today after experiencing a sudden post-Christmas crash earlier in the week. In the run-up to the festivities ...
Year of the Bear: Making Sense of the Bitcoin, Stock Market Downturns
The Wall Street Journal reported that, in short-term, some sections of the US market formed a positive correlation with bitcoin. The decentralized ...
Forget Bitcoin! This market crash could be an opportunity to make a million
With the Bitcoin price having fallen by over 80% in the last year, many investors seem to be wondering if now is the right time to buy the virtual ...
Bitcoin [BTC] prices positively correlated to gold, finds research
The Wall Street Journal reported on December 28 that according to data from research firm Excalibur Pro Inc., Bitcoin [BTC] has traded with a ...
Bitcoin Hits $4000 But Retraces, is Another Drop to Mid-$3000 Next?
On December 29, the Bitcoin price briefly surpassed $4,000, initiating a promising rally from around $3,600. In the past 24 hours, the value of Bitcoin ...
Tone Vays Says Bitcoin Bull Run Will Leave Crypto Rivals in the Dust, Plus Ripple and XRP ...
From a bold Bitcoin prediction to a rebuttal from Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin, to a new way to trade XRP and Bitcoin Cash, here's a look at some of ...
How Is The Price Of Bitcoin Determined?
Bitcoin has lost more than half of its value in less than 6 months. Three months ago, it was trading at over $6,000, today, it is just $3,912.
Bitcoin Closing In On $4000 After Dropping Under $3900
Bitcoin (BTC) is getting closer to $4,000 after being traded a few hours ago under $3,900. Virtual currencies in the top 10 are operating both in the red ...
Op-Ed: Bitcoin Security — How Do We Arrive at Consensus?
If the title sounds confusing, that's not surprising. I was trying to get creative and find a set of words that could express how I perceive most will react ...
Bitcoin in 2019: Analysts See Institutional Investors Wading into Crypto
The bitcoin price got hammered in 2018 amid the prolonged Crypto Winter, but many investment experts expect the volatility to subside in 2019, ...
(+) 5 Things To Watch Next Week+ChartBook

While we were expecting a wild holiday week in stocks following the extraordinary December, the fact, that one of the most violent short-covering rallies ever happened on a Christmas week (just after the worst Christmas sell-off ever) was still surprising. The major US indices closed the week near their bounce highs, but given the extent

Censorship Resistant: Users Recommend Bitcoin After PayPal Bans Hacker News' Accounts
In response to PayPal's ban, variousTwitter users suggested using bitcoin (BTC), the flagship cryptocurrency, to send and receive payments.

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