8 October 2019

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2019's Token Sales Have Produced a Handful of Winners
Bitcoin.com examined the first wave of IEOs in Moon Landing or Misfire? we reported that Kamari (KAM), which was issued on ZBG Launchpad, had ...
CNBC Crypto Analyst Suggests Bitcoin Price Will Rally Higher
The $8,000 mark seems to be an important price point for crypto's market leader, Bitcoin (BTC). Since its breakdown from $9,400, the digital asset has ...
Bitcoin Price (BTC) Rebounding But $8.5K Resistance Holds Key
Bitcoin price is currently rebounding above $8,200 against the US Dollar. However, BTC is still facing a lot of hurdles on the upside near $8,400 and ...
Bitcoin price prediction: Bulls power through as BTC/USD re-enter $8000-zone, peaks above $8200
BTC/USD has so gone up from $8,215.70 to $8,230.10 so far today. This follows a heavily bullish Monday, wherein the price jumped up from ...
Bitcoin on the brink of major 28% correction to $5900
If the level of support between $7,800 and $8,000 is breached, Bitcoin can be expected to slide to downside targets of $7,400, $6,750, and $5,900 ...
Bitcoin stabilizes between $8100 and $8200 after yesterday's recovery
Bitcoin trading seems to have relaxed a bit following Monday's recovery, when the price of BTC went from $7,790 to close the day above $8,200.
Top 3 price prediction Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum: Bitcoin poses the doubts that the Ethereum clears
The question is simple: Will Bitcoin collapse to support at $4,000, or will it go in search of a new historical high? It is impossible to say where Bitcoin ...
Bitcoin Eyes $8.5K Hurdle After Biggest Single-Day Price Gain in Five Weeks
Bitcoin logged the biggest single-day price gain in five weeks on Monday, opening doors for a stronger recovery rally to key resistance above $8,500.
EU Finance Commissioner Vows New Rules on Crypto, Libra Stablecoin
EU's financial services commissioner Valdis Dombrovskis intends to create a new regulations for crypto, particularly Facebook’s Libra stablecoin.
Bitcoin recovery stumbles as European Union's finance commissioner promises to regulate ...
Bitcoin bulls clawed back some ground after a devastating weekend and pushed the coin towards $8,300. At the time of writing, BTC/USD is changing ...
Bitcoin Reversal Day
Yesterday Bitcoin(+3.55) had a perfect reversal day from the $7,700 lows driving the crypto sector gains. The 24H heat map shows the majority of the ...
GE Freezes 20000 Pensions, Bitcoin to the Rescue?
General Electric has been shrinking its pensions program for years. The in-company fund will now freeze the pension plan for another 20,000 ...
UFC Fighter Ben Askren Shills Bitcoin, Gets Roasted by ‘Twitter Geniuses’

Professional UFC fighter and unabashed bitcoin bull Ben Askren took to Twitter yesterday to tell everyone he’s piling up on BTC and challenge the crypto haters. In a fairly confrontational tweet, Askren dared all of the “twitter geniuses” to explain why “crypto is a scam,” resulting in several gibes at his expense. Just bought more […]

Bankers Start Turning on Fiat, Making Bitcoin a More Attractive Alternative
Many cryptocurrency maximalists are viewing signs of a possible economic recession as the potential foot in the door for a decentralized financial ...
Cryptocurrencies price prediction: Bitcoin, Litecoin & Ripple - American Wrap - 08 October
BTC/USD has clearly broken out on the upside from the channel formation. Now the price has consolidated into a wedge formation and a break higher ...
Banking Giant HSBC Set to Fire 10000 More Employees
The banking sector continues to suffer drastic layoffs as the global economic outlook remains uncertain. The latest financial institution reported to be ...
Bitwise's Bitcoin ETF Expected to Be Approved in Less Than a Week
The Bitwise offered Bitcoin ETF will once again approach the regulatory approval of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in just a few ...
Hacking victim who paid Bitcoin ransom goes on to hack the hackers
A ransomware victim that paid Bitcoin BTC to unlock his files has enacted sweet vengeance on his attackers, by hacking them right back. As part of his ...
Bitcoin Cash price analysis: BCH/USD bulls return their focus on $250 and $300
Bitcoin Cash price action since yesterday has been defiant of the bear pressure. It is as though the bulls are on a mission to sham the prediction that ...
Altcoins Rally as Bitcoin Dominance Drops Lower, Has Altseason Begun?

In a rare scene today all of the altcoins are in the green and many are outperforming Bitcoin as dominance drops lower. The market share chart for the king of crypto has been showing signs of a pullback which of course is good news for the altcoins. Bitcoin Reclaims $8k But Dominance Below 69% Following...

‘Scam’ or Iteration? At Devcon, Ethereum Diehards Still Believe in 2.0
Ethereum is facing a major transition with a bevy of unanswered questions. Why is the Devcon crowd unfazed?
Telegram Finally Confirms It’s Behind TON Blockchain
Telegram publicly acknowledged its link to the Telegram Open Network for the first time Tuesday – in a terms of service on it website.
Tiny $217 Options Trade on Bitcoin Blockchain Could Be Wall Street's Death Knell
But inventors and entrepreneurs are working on it, with some initial success, albeit modest. In this case, an option premium of 0.0202 bitcoin ($217 at ...
ICE's bitcoin futures bet gets off to a slow start
Bitcoin's latest white knight hasn't slain the dragon. Bakkt, a bitcoin-futures platform created by Intercontinental Exchange, went live two weeks ago.
The Silver Lining in Block.One’s SEC ‘Slap on the Wrist’
Mike Casey wades into the thorny issue of the U.S. government settlement struck with blockchain startup Block.one over its EOS ICO.
Former DoJ Prosecutor Turned Crypto VC: Bitcoin Helped Fight Crime
Ever since Facebook announced its crypto-asset dubbed Libra, the entire market, especially Bitcoin, has come under fire by regulators and their fears ...
Cryptocurrency Donations to Politicians Legal in Japan Says Internal Affairs Minister
Crypto donations are legal and do not need to be approved for political donations like cash or securities.
Bitcoin’s Dropping Lightning Capacity Might Not Be a Bad Thing
A look at some recent data around usage on bitcoin's lightning network.
Casa announces a new version of its Bitcoin full node
Casa, the bitcoin custody services provider, has announced the launch of Casa Node 2, the second iteration of its flagship plug-and-play Bitcoin full ...
Bitcoin Will Break out in May 2020, Notes Popular Trader
Moving averages (MA) are often used to determine the direction of a trend. Also, the relationship between the price and its MAs can provide important ...
Forbes Chairman Believes Bitcoin Can Help Fight Authoritarian Gov't
Forbes calls Bitcoin “a high-tech cry for help,” due to the people's lack of trust in traditional currencies, and points out that the challenge for Bitcoin lays ...
Bitfinex Says It Shouldn’t Have to Collect Documents for NYAG During Appeal
Bitfinex and Tether say they shouldn't have to compile documents ordered by a New York court during an ongoing appeal.
Hong Kong Securities Watchdog Issues Rules on Funds Investing in Crypto
Hong Kong's Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) has issued regulations for fund managers investing in "virtual assets."
Bitcoin price analysis: recovering bitcoin is the second largest fall of 2019? – Breaking News
While you're at yesterday's, from the nine-to-five work, it increased the bitcoin share price by more than five percent of the time. For the first time in four ...
Bitcoin Trading Bullish Action Inside a Bearish Pattern, Says Analyst
For the past 13 days, Bitcoin has been trading inside a descending triangle. The descending triangle is considered a bearish pattern, making a price ...
Bitcoin (BTC) and Crypto Investors React to Corporate Controls As GE Freezes 20,000 Pensions

Boston-headquartered General Electric has announced a pension plan freeze for approximately 20,000 of its US employees. In addition to the freeze, GE says it’s suspending supplementary pension benefits for around 700 employees.  According to the official announcement, GE is targeting US retirement benefits in a move to improve its financial position. The company currently “In […]

DuckDuckGo Research Makes Bullish Case For Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency
This greater interest in online privacy should have a positive impact on Bitcoin adoption over the long term, as the cryptocurrency is basically the ...
State-Owned French Bank Joins Bitcoin Startup's $8 Million Series A
“We're convinced that bitcoin is becoming more and more obvious.” That's not typically what one might expect to hear from a veteran banker at a ...
Bitcoin Is 10 Years Old, Yet It's Market Adoption Remains Elusive
Bitcoin was created in the aftermath of the 2007/2008 global financial meltdown after traditional financial institutions recklessly plunged the global ...
Bitcoin Startup Casa Updates Lightning Nodes After Shipping 2000 in Year 1
Casa, a bitcoin custody provider and manufacturer of hardware nodes for lightning, bitcoin's scaling layer, is launching a new version of its flagship ...
Bitcoin to Shine Once Liquidity Crisis Gets Triggered

The global dollar shortage is a looming crisis that doesn’t get much media attention. Instead, we keep hearing about the trade war and the seesawing stock market but almost nobody talks about the biggest problem that overshadows them all. There’s a shortage of dollars in the global financial system. China, one of the countries that […]

Why Bitcoin Is Better Than Banks: Major Credit Card Breach Exposes 60M Accounts
Sberbank, the largest bank in Russia with a regional and global presence, has suffered a major data breach. Personal information belonging to ...
Important Long Term Ethereum Signal Ready To Flip Bullish

With altcoins like Ethereum and XRP at extreme lows, and Bitcoin now falling, the entire crypto market is at risk of falling deeper into a bear market. But if an important long-term technical indicator on Ethereum price charts flips bullish in the coming days, Ethereum may break above resistance, causing price to surge and the...

Trump Threatens Turkey With Economic Ruin (Could Bitcoin Become a Lifeline?)
Donald Trump has taken to his favorite social media platform to express his views on Turkey readying itself to enter Syria, at a time when the president ...
Experts Weigh In On The Future of Bitcoin and Blockchain
Bitcoin is a revolutionary new technology that has taken the world by storm, and could not only disrupt modern financial systems, but it could also go ...
Bitcoin Price Fractal Suggests Repeat of September Drop, Is $7K Next?
After three months of consolidating, Bitcoin price broke down from the triangle formation it had been trading in. The fall took Bitcoin from over $10,000 ...
Hong Kong's Bitcoin spike: Foresight or fluke?
Bitcoin trades in Hong Kong saw a massive spike at the end of September—blowing past even the volumes seen at the height of the 2017 ...
Bitcoin could blow up as the Federal Reserve announce another balance sheet extension
Just moments ago Jerome Powell the Chairman of the Federal Reserve just announced that the US central bank will expand the Fed's balance sheet.
Grayscale Bitcoin Trust Announces Resumption of Private Placement
The Trust's investment objective is for the value of its shares (based on Bitcoin per share) to reflect the price performance of Bitcoin, less fees and ...
Bitcoin's narrative flips bullish as news of Bitfinex, Tether's lawsuit breaks
Bitcoin's price recorded a spike yesterday, invalidating its prior pattern and creating a new pattern. This is interesting because of the events that ...
“Use Bitcoin”: Swiss Government Narcs on 3.1M Foreign Bank Accounts
The Swiss government shares info on 3.1 million foreign Swiss bank accounts with 75 partner states. Handelszeitung, a German-language Swiss ...
Resistance at $8300 Halts Bitcoin Rally as BTC Faces Risk of Further Losses
After incurring a noteworthy rally yesterday that sent Bitcoin's price surging towards the mid-$8,000 region after a brief visit to $7,800, BTC's upwards ...
Bitcoin-Friendly Japan Clarifies Stance on Crypto Donations – It’s Legal

In a clear example of tech evolving faster than the law can adapt, a Japanese minster has confirmed that crypto donations are now legal due to a classification loophole. According to Reuters, on Tuesday, Sanae Takaichi, the internal affairs and communications minister of Japan, noted the newfound ‘legality’ of crypto donations. She specifically highlighted their […]

West Virginia’s Blockchain Voting Pilot Was Possibly Targeted by a Student Hacker
The West Virginia Secretary of State disclosed the attempted hack occurred during the 2018 election cycle.
UK Bitcoin Mining Firm’s Revenue Jumps 75% despite Bearish Q3

Subscription-based bitcoin mining firm Argo Blockchain has registered a profitable third quarter even though the asset it deals in witnessed a sharp drop in value. The UK-based company, whose stocks are listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE), confirmed its revenues rose to £3.6 million (~$4.42 million) in the three months ending on September 30....

An Energy Blackhole? The Dirty Truth About Bitcoin Mining
This year's bitcoin bull run has coincided with record levels of mining activity--in fact, it's seen an 800% increase since $20,000 peak to 84 quintillion ...
Foreign Exchange Giant CLS Admits: No, We Don’t Need a Blockchain for That
Forex giant CLS is now using a blockchain to handle certain currency trades, but the technology is “not essential” for the task, an executive admits.
Bitcoin price analysis: BTC/USD recovery hampered under $8400, $8000 support remains ...
The market is retreating fast after most of the major cryptocurrencies failed to break past critical hurdles. Bitcoin, for instance, took the bullish action ...
Bitcoin Careful as US-China Trade Talk Leaves Investors Dubious
Bitcoin held on to its gains on Tuesday as investors remained dubious about a positive outcome from trade talks this week. The benchmark ...
Altcoins on the rise while Bitcoin struggles
Despite this, most altcoins have lost value faster than Bitcoin in the past month, indicating a new altcoin boom isn't definitely on the cards just yet.
Bitcoin Cash down to $228 after continued sell offs
Crypto is an up and down game—and today's been a down day for Bitcoin Cash. In fact, most of the top-20 cryptocurrencies by market cap had small ...
Why bitcoin hard fork is useless against attack 51%
A well-known developer explained why bitcoin hard fork is useless against "attack 51%". Those who call to fork bitcoin to protect it from "attack 51%" ...
Forbes Chairman: Bitcoin Great At Combating Authoritarian Governments

While Bitcoin has assumed many mantles over the years — digital gold, magical internet money and a currency for criminals, just to name a few — it has always been seen as a way out of the corrupt facets of the traditional world, be that overreaching governments or fraudulent economies. Related Reading: Novogratz: Billionaires Disappearing...

Bitcoin And Crypto Market Facing Hurdles: BCH, EOS, TRX, ADA Analysis
Bitcoin and the crypto market cap are rebounding, but facing hurdles. Ethereum (ETH), EOS, Tron (TRX), BCH, ripple, ADA and BNB are showing ...
Morgan Creek Strategist Says Bitcoin (BTC) Flashing 'Buy' Like Early Days of Amazon – Plus News ...
From betting on Bitcoin as a long-term play to booking travel plans with five more currencies, here's a look at some of the stories breaking in the world ...
NIXT - Nexinter Launches Exchange Offering Using SLP
Today, NextHash and Bitcoin.com have entered a technical partnership to design and structure the NIXT utility token. NIXT token is being listed in its ...
Bitwise remains bullish on Bitcoin ETF as SEC deadline approaches
The great Bitcoin hope of an SEC-approved ETF remains alive—for Bitwise Managing Director Matt Hougan, at least. Yesterday, Hougan told CNBC ...
Bitcoin Headed to $7500
The Bitcoin cash index daily chart collapsed below $10,000 two weeks ago (see chart below). I wrote on Aug. 24 that $10,000 was fake support and ...
Crypto Investors Say Bitcoin Manipulation Cost Market $466B
Law360 (October 7, 2019, 11:06 PM EDT) -- A group of longtime cryptocurrency investors say Bitfinex and Tether coordinated to manipulate the price ...
China Merchants Bank’s Latest Crypto Partnership Includes STO Investment
A security token offering for the Nervos Network could help a prominent Chinese bank tap into the DeFi ecosystem.
Bitcoin Price to Soon Recover Further: Bullish Fractal Still In Play
On Sunday, Bitcoin (BTC) found itself suffering, with bulls failing to step in to save the cryptocurrency from falling through the ever-important $8,000 ...

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