13 October 2019

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Bitcoin still making its way into global monetary base
This year the crypto industry lured several companies as well as countries into its ecosystem. While this did put cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin in the ...
The Crypto Daily – Movers and Shakers – 13/10/19
Bitcoin rose by 0.5% on Saturday. Partially reversing a 3.7% slide from Friday, Bitcoin ended the day at $8,319.6. A relatively bullish start to the day ...
UNICEF Will not Convert Bitcoin and Ethereum Donations to Fiat Currency
There is no global form of money today other than Bitcoin and altcoins. Digital currencies can shape the lives of future generations walking this planet.
Could Bitcoin Collapse By 25% to $6000? GBTC Premium Implies So
As reported by NewsBTC yesterday, the Bitcoin (BTC) price has been relatively trendless as of late, falling under $8,300 after attempting to consolidate ...
Ripple CEO No BTC Bear but Insists XRP Beats Bitcoin for Payments

In a recent interview on Anthony Pompliano’s Off The Chain podcast, Brad Garlinghouse, the CEO of Ripple, provided unprepared answers to questions sourced from crypto Twitter regarding the operations of Ripple and XRP, Ripple’s XRP sales, and the cryptocurrency ecosystem broadly. Garlinghouse recounts discovering Bitcoin and cryptocurrency while attending the Dialog conference – a two-day […]

Bitcoin Cast Program Gives Guests a Unique SLP Token
Bitcoin Cash has been around for quite some time, but lots of individuals are still learning about the innovative technology each and every day.
Bitcoin (BTC) Price Weekly Forecast: $8300 Holds Key For Fresh Increase
After a sharp increase, bitcoin price corrected lower sharply below $8,500 against the US Dollar. The price is currently consolidating above the key ...
Bitcoin (BTC) is a Superior Currency That Frees People: Tim Draper
Bitcoin (BTC) is a superior currency that frees people, commented venture capitalist Tim Draper in an interview with The Bitcoin of Crypto Street.
Opinion: Authorities Clamping On Telegram And Libra Could Signal Negative For Bitcoin
A lot of people, especially those who felt like Telegram was a scam and Libra was a “centralized Bitcoin” embraced the news with sort of positivity.
Bitcoin edges higher toward $8500, looks to snap four-week losing streak
Bitcoin (BTC/USD) closed the last three weeks with losses and erased nearly 25% during that period. After touching its lowest level since early June at ...
Bitcoin Is a Liberating Currency as It Is Devoid of Any Government
In the spate of ongoing clamor for regulations and even banned in some countries, on Bitcoin (BTC), it is evident that so much is yet to be understood ...
Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC Is Still Bullish, But The Next Anticipated Move Can Change Everything
Bitcoin couldn't break-out to finally close above the line, which is seen by many traders as the boundary between Bear and Bull market conditions.
Bitcoin News Today – Headlines for October 13
Bitcoin News Today – A recent report just revealed that the trading volume of Bakkt Bitcoin Futures just spiked enormously. The trading volume of the ...
Does Crypto Need a Bitcoin ETF? CNBC Analyst Says Maybe Not

If you have followed the Bitcoin industry’s news cycle over the past two years, you likely would have noticed an incessantly recurring trend: Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs). These financial vehicles, which have yet to appear in U.S. markets, are believed by some analysts to be the catalysts that could propel this nascent market to new...

Bitcoin Is Mostly Used In Countries With Major Restrictions And Dwindling Economies: Report
Despite the claims that bitcoin is mainly used by criminals, it's interesting to note that bitcoin is used for better things. Data from LocalBitcoins shows ...
Tales of Crypto-Currency: Bitcoin Jihad in Syria and Beyond
First was the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Monero, Lumens, Zcash, and of course Bitcoin, along with the increasing ease of ...
Billionaire Venture Capitalist Says Bitcoin Will Target and Transform Government, Reaching Beyond Banking and Finance

Billionaire investor Tim Draper says Bitcoin can do a lot more than upend banking, finance and real estate. In a new post on Medium, he says it has the potential to transform government by breaking down walls and tribes, uniting people into a seamless global economy. The shift will strip today’s political leaders of certain […]

Over 12000 Unique Bitcoin (BTC) Addresses Hold Over $1 Million USD in Value
A report by CoinMetrics, a cryptoanalysis firm, shows the number of million-dollar Bitcoin (BTC) wallets is increasing in tandem with the value of the ...
Global Bitcoin ATMs Market Key Drivers 2020:General Bytes, Genesis Coin and Lamassu
The Bitcoin ATMs Market has gone through rapid business transformation by good customer relationships, drastic and significant changes within ...
Bitcoin Poised For Another Breakout as It Clings to Support, Which Way Next?

Bitcoin has spent the past two weeks consolidating just below the 200 day moving average. So far it has managed to cling to support above $8,000 but a big move could be coming soon so which way will it go next? Bitcoin Trading Range Tightens Another day has seen Bitcoin bounce between $8,300 and $8,400...

Bitcoin Price Analysis: Breakout Gets Rejected as Supply Drowns Bulls
Last night, the bitcoin market saw a strong breakout get immediately rejected as selling pressure shoved the breakout down from $8,800 to $8,200s in ...
Bitcoin's Halving May Not Lead to a Bull Run, Says Bitmain's Co-Founder
Bitmain co-founder and former CEO Jihan Wu has predicted bitcoin's price will continue to rise, even if a bull run fails to materialize in relation to the ...
Sunday Digest: Bitcoin Price Consolidation, And The SEC Spoils The Party
Japan was hit by Typhoon Hagibis this weekend, causing devastation and affecting both the Japanese Grand Prix and Rugby World Cup. So what has ...
Bitcoin proponent talks about dangers of centralized cryptocurrencies
From banning Bitcoin [BTC] and other cryptocurrencies to launching its own digital currency, China's recent developments have prompted ...
Bitcoin Will End the Reign of 'Dictators and Toll Trolls,' Says Tim Draper
Billionaire investor Tim Draper has stated that he expects Bitcoin (BTC) — combined with other technologies — to change how governments operate ...
Is This The Real Reason Behind Bitcoin's Latest Sell-Off?
Bitcoin has been struggling recently after a period of stability, suddenly moving sharply lower at the end of last month. The bitcoin price, which is still ...
The top three altcoins of 2019?
Since early 2018, when Bitcoin's dominance was on the low of around 33%, the cryptocurrency has slowly begun to regain its due credit, as investors ...
China Further Limits Digital Privacy, Increasing Potential Cryptocurrency Use
Additionally, Bitcoin is an international currency, of sorts. It allows consumers in the oppressive regime to have more freedom in international financial ...
Whale Moves 1000 BTC to External Wallet — Prepare to HODL?
One major player in the cryptocurrency market just withdrew 1,000 BTC ($8.3M) from Bitstamp to an external wallet. Is this a sign that Bitcoin is in a ...
Bitcoin down a few hundred dollars early Monday
Developments in Facebook's Libra are a bit of a weight for crypto at present. the latest I've seen (Friday) is eBay , Stripe, and Mastercard all ...
Bitcoin Cash – ABC, Litecoin and Ripple Daily Analysis – 13/10/19
Bitcoin Cash ABC rose by 1.56% on Saturday. Partially reversing a 4.10% slide from Friday, Bitcoin Cash ABC ended the day at $224.75. A mixed start ...
Bitcoin Exchange Coinbase Dives Into European Expansion, Reaches Milestone With Coveted E ...
Coinbase, the leading cryptocurrency trading platform in the US, just scored a major victory for its expansion plans in Europe. Regulators from the ...
Bitcoin Price: Which Countries Have the Biggest Premiums?
Up until early 2018, major cryptocurrency markets the likes of South Korea and Japan demonstrated high premiums for Bitcoin. At the 2017 peak, ...
What Bitcoin Maximalists Can Teach Us About Cryptocurrency Adoption
In many cryptocurrency communities, such as the Dash and Bitcoin Cash ones, the ideas that Bitcoin maximalists hold (including limited on-chain ...
Bitcoin price over 1 percent up in 7days: USDT, Whales supporting BTC price
The king of cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) is likely to hit a new high anytime soon. The prediction is based on the correlation between USDT and Bitcoin ...
Coinbase Receives E-Money License From the Central Bank of Ireland
Coinbase has secured a new legal foothold in Europe. The San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange has received an e-money license from the ...
XRP Keeps On Rallying, As Bitcoin, ETH, And XLM Are Catching Up -- What's Next?
After stabilizing in the previous week, major cryptocurrencies rose last week. Once again, XRP took the lead, with Bitcoin, ETH, and XLM registering ...
How to Buy Bitcoin on eToro?
The trade in cryptocurrencies has been greatly expanded in recent years. Today we will show you step by step guide on how to trade Bitcoin on eToro.
Fun Fact: Bitcoin Price is Up 838,000,000% in Ten Years’ Time

Since its birth in 2009, Bitcoin has been on a remarkable run. The cryptocurrency was at first a currency for the fringe — used by those that wanted to bypass the pitfalls of traditional payment solutions, wanted to make a bet on the future of fintech, or wanted to make a statement against the fiat...

More Nations Join the Club of Crypto-Friendly Jurisdictions
One of its members, Eligma, is the startup behind the crypto payment processing platform Elipay which allows in-shop purchases with bitcoin cash ...
Bitcoin Price Flatlines at $8.4K as Bollinger Bands Predict Breakout
Bitcoin price (BTC) bulls looked as if they were taking charge last week as BTC/USD rose by over $1,000, albeit momentarily. Bitcoin rallied ...
Bitcoin Forms Coveted EMA Bull Cross Amidst Early Morning Surge

After drifting lower throughout the day yesterday, Bitcoin’s bulls have attempted to push the cryptocurrency higher and have been able to propel BTC’s price above its 20-day EMA for the first time in over a month. Today’s tempered bullishness may help the cryptocurrency climb higher in the near-term, and one prominent analyst is noting that...

If $7,700 Holds, Bitcoin Price Could Soon Surge by 20%

On Saturday evening, the Bitcoin price started to show hints of weakness after a short bout of consolidation. As of the time of writing this, the leading cryptocurrency has dipped to $8,300 — a level which analyst Josh Rager has indicated as key for BTC to hold in order to maintain a formation of consecutively...

Bitcoin Enters China Thanks to Binance & WeChat
Investors on the Binance network are now able to purchase cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin using local payment processors like AliPay and WeChat ...
CoinDesk’s On Tap Meetup With CoinDesk Japan Is Happening Tonight In Tokyo
See you tonight for pizza, beer, and blockchain.
Zcash Will Get a Gateway Into Ethereum’s DeFi Ecosystem
The theme of Devcon 5 was clear: For smaller assets like zcash, all roads lead to ethereum.
Bitcoin: USD/BTC (BTC=X) price attempts another recovery
Bitcoin: USD/BTC (BTC=X) price attempts another recovery. Bitcoin price (BTC) bulls looked as if they were taking charge last week as BTC/USD rose ...
Dutch National Bank Says Gold Can Re-Start Economy in Case of Total Collapse
Bitcoin.com reported on September 4, De Nederlandsche Bank is also set to begin cracking down on crypto exchanges and wallets, the bank stating ...
Crypto Sextortionists Shifting From Bitcoin to Litecoin to Avoid Detection
Crypto sextortion and phishing scammers are shifting their operation away from bitcoin to litecoin and other popular altcoins in order to avoid being ...
Bitcoin SV {BSV} on its way towards $100; price analysis for the day enclosed
On the other hand, BSV was finally able to escape the oversold zone a week back; the daily RSI [for 14 periods] is at 41.85 which signifies Bitcoin SV's ...
German police investigate bitcoin transfer to synagogue killer
German media outlet Spiegel reports that a transfer of 0.1 bitcoin – approximately €750 (£660) – was made to alleged attacker Stephan Balliet in the ...
Android Tool Lets You Check Crypto Payment Apps for Double-Spends
Whoever created Bitcoin elegantly solved the difficult task, but a growing ecosystem of related products and services comes with new threats and ...
Current Takes Facebook to Court Over Logo Similarities
Back in June, Live Bitcoin News reported that an online banking firm, Current, wasn't very happy with Facebook or Libra, claiming that the project had ...
Litecoin and Bitcoin display unusual similarities in SegWit adoption
Bitcoin SegWit or Segregated Witness protocol recorded an all-time high, in terms of adoption, on 6 October when it hit 56.82%. While Litecoin SegWit ...
Bitcoin Cash Outshines BTC Retail Spending in Australia by a Wide Margin
Further, a large percentage of these merchants have chosen to accept Bitcoin Cash (BCH) in a purely peer-to-peer fashion rather than by way of ...
Data shows Bitcoin interest high in places with low economic freedom
Analysis of LocalBitcoins data shows that Bitcoin has exceptionally high rates of usage in countries with low economic freedom, supporting the ...
Derivatives: Bitcoin futures seeing more interest
More institutional investors are expressing interest in trading bitcoin futures, says Jennifer Ilkiw, vice-president for Asia-Pacific at Intercontinental ...

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