15 October 2019

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UK Startup Takes Billion-Dollar Tokenization Plan Stateside
Smartlands, a UK tokenization firm, is betting on a billion-dollar security token crowdfunding model with a new broker-dealer partnership in the U.S.
CipherTrace’s Blockchain Forensics Service Now Covers 700 Crypto Assets
The blockchain analytics provider now offers a window into the data of more than 87 percent of the top 100 cryptocurrencies.
Bitcoin (BTC) Price Hesitates But Fresh Rebound Seems Likely
Bitcoin price is trading in a range above the $8,200 support against the US Dollar. BTC needs to surpass the $8,400 and $8,460 resistance levels to ...
CipherTrace adds support for over 700 crypto assets, including bitcoin cash, ether and tether
Blockchain analytics firm CipherTrace has added support for over 700 digital assets, including bitcoin cash (BCH), ether (ETH), litecoin (LTC) and ...
SEC Restarts Clock on Proposed 'Bitcoin and T-Bills' ETF
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is again soliciting comments on a proposed exchange-traded fund (ETF) based around bitcoin ...
Tim Draper: Bitcoin will change how Governments operate
Tim Draper, a popular venture capital investor, stated that he expects Bitcoin (BTC), among other technologies, to change how governments function ...
Crypto Whale Behind $898,000,000 Bitcoin Transfer Revealed – Plus Updates on Ripple and XRP, Litecoin and Cardano

From the identity of a massive crypto whale to a new proposal on the future of the XRP Ledger, here’s a look at some of the stories breaking in the world of crypto. Bitcoin A mysterious crypto whale behind a series of huge Bitcoin transfers has been revealed. On Monday, traders began noticing a series […]

Scottish OneCoin Victim Turns Whistleblower, Receives Vile Death Threats

An investor in the OneCoin cryptocurrency scheme is facing death threats after publicly speaking out about her ordeal. Besides death threats, Jen McAdam has also been threatened with sexual violence, according to the BBC. As one of the tens of thousands of victims who lost money in the OneCoin scam, McAdam was most recently featured […]

New Bitcoin Revolution Scam Touts Bogus Celebrity Endorsements
Bitcoin Revolution claims to be an automated trading app that allows those with little to no experience of Bitcoin to easily purchase Bitcoin and begin ...
Bitcoin Cash – ABC, Litecoin and Ripple Daily Analysis – 15/10/19
Bitcoin Cash ABC gained 1.90% on Monday. Following on from last week's 2.51% rise, Bitcoin Cash ABC ended the day at $227.52. A bullish start to ...
WATCH: ‘Big Four’ Exec Says Privacy Is Key to Enterprise Blockchain Adoption
"Enterprises will not go on to the public mainnet without privacy and security," EY's Paul Brody told CoinDesk.
Bitstop Says it Installs 130th Bitcoin ATM, in Miami Airport
Bitstop, the Miami bitcoin-technology provider, said Tuesday it installed a bitcoin ATM in Miami International Airport, bringing its U.S. ATM count to 130.
Bitcoin's 18 Millionth Coin Will Be Mined This Week
By the end of this week, the net volume of Bitcoin tokens available for mining will further shrink to only three million. That's after the 18,000,000th token ...
Texas Bitcoin Mining Startup Gets $50 Million From Peter Thiel to Steal China's Crypto Crown
When it comes to producing Bitcoin, China is the pre-eminent power in the world. The People's Republic boasts the largest mining companies, and ...
Technical Indicator Signals Bitcoin May Rally to $9300 Next
Bitcoin has continued trading sideways despite attempting to break up overnight, and its inability to garner any clear trend comes as multiple altcoins ...
Bear Trap? Bitcoin Price Bullish Divergences Emerge Amid Market Fear
Bitcoin Price Bullish Divergences Emerge Amid Market Fear ... While Bitcoin price (BTC) is moving in a close range and altcoins start to move upwards ...
Ford Test Driving Blockchain for Energy-Efficient Vehicles
Ten vehicles have been outfitted with geofencing and blockchain capabilities to monitor their fuel efficiency in low-emission zones.
BNB-Based Crypto ETP Now Live on Swiss SIX Stock Exchange
The new exchange traded product (ETP) will be underlaid by $20 million worth of Binance coin.
Millions of Crypto Users Can Now Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dai Via Apple Pay and Google Pay

Millions of Apple Pay and Google Pay users can now purchase crypto through Wyre. The company’s new products are designed to make purchases of Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Dai (DAI) extremely simple and fast. Users will be able to integrate three different Wyre V2 products. The first two are available today, and the third […]

Bitcoin Will Break Out Again in November, Suggests Cryptocurrency Trader
On February 9, the Bitcoin price began an upward move from a low of $3422. This was followed by a bullish cross between the 100- and 200-period ...
Analyst Eyes 10% Bitcoin Price Expansion as Volatility Creeps Closer

If you’ve followed the price of Bitcoin (BTC) at all over the past few weeks, you know there is a large lack of volatility. In fact, for the past 20-odd days, the leading cryptocurrency has been stuck in an effectively 8% range — something that doesn’t happen all too often. Related Reading: Bitcoin Price Continues...

WATCH: MyCrypto CEO Taylor Monahan on Crypto Adoption and Ethereum
CoinDesk sat down with MyCrypto CEO Taylor Monaghan at Devcon 5 to discuss her crypto journey.
Bitcoin Price Touches $8400 While 0x Jumps 16%
Monday, Oct. 14 — Bitcoin (BTC) started the week with little to no movement in price, touching the $8,400 price mark, while most of the top-20 coins ...
Bitcoin Bear Flag Could Cause Crypto Asset To Retest February 2018 Lows
As the 2019 parabolic rally came to a close, Bitcoin began to trade within a large, multi-month descending triangle pattern that only just recently broke ...
Bitmain CEO Jihan Wu Made An 'Uncertain' 2020 Bitcoin Warning
Bitcoin halvings, where the number of bitcoin rewarded to miners are cut by half, are generally expected to have a significant effect on the bitcoin ...
Bitcoin Sees Little Price Boost From Long-Term Bull Cross
A long-term bitcoin chart indicator has turned bullish for the first time in three years, though it's had little impact on prices.
Bitfinex Sees $6 Million Bitcoin Deposit — Is a Dump Incoming?
As BeInCrypto has been reporting recently, the past week has seen many large Bitcoin wallets on the move. Two days ago, one whale moved some ...
Blow To Bitcoin As Just Two Crypto Companies Make Top 100 Startup List
Bitcoin and cryptocurrency startups made waves back in 2017 as investors piled into anything bitcoin, crypto or blockchain related. Now, after the ...
Bitcoin Price Correlations with Emerging Markets FX: USD/CNH in Lead as USD/TRY Holds Focus
One week ago, the 5-day correlation between USDTRY and bitcoin prices was 0.46; now it is 0.82. Meanwhile, the Indian Rupee (via USDINR), which ...
Indian Supreme Court Postpones Crypto Case to November
The Supreme Court of India on Tuesday once again postponed hearing the case against the crypto banking restrictions by the Reserve Bank of India ...
Bitcoin recovers from a brief dip to $8100, but markets are still on edge
During the last three weeks, Bitcoin has tried to move over or under that zone only to be brought back into place by that “invisible hand” of the market.
New Alternative to Bitcoin Uses Negligible Energy
A nearly zero-energy alternative to Bitcoin and other blockchain-based cryptocurrencies that promises as much security but far greater speeds is now ...
Latin Americans get two new ways to trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more
“Now, 100 million people in Latin America can safely invest in Bitcoin and the world's leading cryptoassets through BitPoint,” Stefan Krautwald, ...
Bitcoin Whales Move Nearly Two Billion Dollars For Next to Nothing
The ability to move large sums of money in Bitcoin (BTC) at remarkably low costs continues to prove itself true. Often referred to as 'whales', massive ...
Satoshi, the Smallest Unit in Bitcoin, Added to the Oxford Dictionary
The OED database defines the term satoshi as: “The smallest monetary unit in the Bitcoin digital payment system, equal to one hundred millionth of a ...
Bitcoin Daily: Europol Says Bitcoin Still Rules Underground Economy; ING Foresees 'Fully-Fledged ...
Europol has announced that when it comes to internet-based organized crime, bitcoin is still king,. “While we have previously reported a small shift ...
Bitcoin Sextortion Malware Mines Monero as Side-Gig
Last year in July, Cornell University computer science professor Emin Gün Sire tweeted about a new malware that bluffed its way into blackmailing ...
Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis — Holding the $8300 Support But Likely to Go Down
Bitcoin has not been showing any significant price changes over the last days. Its rate has increased by only 1.29% over the last 7 days. If yesterday ...
Consolidating Bitcoin Price May Be Setting Up Ethereum for a 30% Surge
Bitcoin (BTC) dominance remains high at 66.3% and so does the amount of attention traders are dedicating to the largest digital asset's price action.
Epic On-Stage ‘Satoshi T-Shirt’ Trolling of Craig Wright Earns Community Praise

In Crypto Twitter (CT), your standing within the community can change very quickly. One day you may feel like you’re on the top of the world but one erroneous call or poor judgment can instantly rob you of your fame. Arguably, no other personality in CT knows this better than trader Tone Vays. The crypto […]

Watching Network Activity Can Help Predict Bitcoin Price
Determining Bitcoin's value and its trend is not an easy task. However, some experts and crypto traders believe that by analyzing BTC's network ...
CoinShares, Blockchain Launch Gold Token Network on a Bitcoin Sidechain
Two years in the making and already backed by some $20 million in digitized gold, CoinShares announced the DGLD token Tuesday.
China wants centralised digital currency after bitcoin crackdown
BEIJING (AFP) - As Facebook readies to launch its answer to bitcoin, China is set to introduce its own digital currency - one that could allow the ...
Bitcoin Bull Anthony Pompliano Proposes Facebook Drop Libra and Focus on Calibra Crypto Wallet
Appearing on an episode of CNBC's Squawk Box to discuss the fallout at Facebook over its controversial cryptocurrency project – with founding ...
Next Bitcoin Halving Could Squeeze out Retail Miners, But Jury’s Split on Price
Bitcoin halvings normally result in price increases. Maybe not this time.
Bitstop deploys bitcoin ATM at Miami International Airport
Bitstop has installed a bitcoin ATM at Miami International Airport in concourse G next to gate 16. Customers can use the ATM to buy or sell bitcoin for ...
Electrum to Implement Lightning Network on Its Bitcoin Wallet
Bitcoin wallet platform Electrum on Monday announced that its new version will add support to Lightning Network. The platform confirmed that it will ...
Bitcoin's cumulative transaction fees surpass $1B milestone
It was going to happen sooner or later, but over the past few days cumulative Bitcoin $BTC?0.48% transaction fees have surpassed the $1 billion ...
South Korea Aims to Put Trade Finance on the Blockchain by 2021
The government-backed program will bring trade and contract data into distributed ledgers.
Peter Thiel Backs $200 Million Valuation for Renewable Bitcoin Mining in the US
A vertically integrated startup has raised $30 million to bring bitcoin mining back to the U.S.
Will Bitcoin / Brazilian Real (BTCBRL) hit new all-time-highs?
At the time of writing, the Bitcoin / Brazilian Real (BTCBRL) market seems to be on a positive wave of recovery. As it is happening with most South ...
US Congressman: Facebook Should Add Bitcoin, Not Create Libra
United States Rep. Warren Davidson (R) has said that Facebook adding Bitcoin (BTC) to its Calibra wallet would be a “way better idea” than creating ...
Is Lightning Network Suitable For Bitcoin Deposits, Withdrawals?
A Twitter poll by bitcoin evangelist Pierre Rochard discussed whether the Lightning Network is a suitable tool for BTC transactions on crypto ...
Steve Shadders discusses how the original Bitcoin is being restored at CoinGeek Seoul
Many crypto projects have lost sight of that fundamental reason for the existence of digital currency, but Bitcoin SV (BSV) and its supporters haven't.
Electrum Wallet to support Bitcoin Lightning Network
Electrum Wallet yesterday announced in a tweet that the next release of its lightweight Bitcoin wallet will support payments through the Bitcoin ...
Crypto Analyst: Ethereum Has Bottomed, Expected To See Extended Rally

2019 has been the year of Bitcoin, while altcoins like Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, and others have continued to suffer and fall further from their all-time high prices set back at the height of the crypto hype bubble in late 2017 and early 2018. But according to one crypto analyst, Ethereum may have bottomed and an...

Satoshi Nakaboto: 'CNBC anchor describes Bitcoin as antique furniture, Libra as Restoration ...
Our robot colleague Satoshi Nakaboto writes about Bitcoin $BTC?0.29% every fucking day. Welcome to another edition of Bitcoin Today, where I, ...
Grayscale Reveals Blockbuster Q3. So Why Is Bitcoin Stuck?

Times are good at Grayscale Investments, which has had the wind at its back lately. The digital asset investment firm just experienced its best quarter ever, as evidenced by a record-setting $254.9 million flowing into its funds in Q3 2019, which is about three times as much as Q2 results of roughly $85 million.  Much […]

Bitcoin Network Transfers $1 Billion 'For Price of a Cup of Coffee'
The CEO of cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp has highlighted Bitcoin's (BTC) utility after funds worth almost $1 billion changed hands for less than $4 ...
Satoshi, bitcoin's smallest unit, is now added to Oxford English Dictionary
The OED defines Satoshi as: “The smallest monetary unit in the Bitcoin digital payment system, equal to one hundred millionth of a bitcoin.”.
Bitcoin ETF hits another snag, and approval won't come 'anytime soon,' says researcher
The bitcoin ETF has gotten the boot. Again. The Securities and Exchange Commission declined to approve Bitwise Asset Management's long-awaited ...
Bitcoin ETF Still a Long Way Away, Claim Analysts
Following the news that the US SEC has denied yet another Bitcoin ETF last week, analysts have weighed in on the likelihood of such a product being ...
Libra Is ‘Catalytic Event’ for Central Banks, Says Head of Sweden’s Riksbank
Libra, says Stefan Ingves, is forcing central banks to re-consider their primary product: money.
‘Satoshi’ Enters the Oxford English Dictionary
Satoshi, noun, “The smallest monetary unit in the bitcoin digital payment system, equal to one hundred millionth of a bitcoin," enters the OED.
Bitcoin price prediction: BTC/USD facing this one prominent barrier – Confluence Detector
Bitcoin whales are moving large sums of BTC at almost zero cost. Bitcoin is acutely vulnerable to losses especially with $8,287 functioning as the only ...
CoinShares jointly rolls out a gold token 'DGLD', built on the bitcoin network
Masters added that the use of the bitcoin network as the security layer for DGLD makes it different from all other existing gold-backed tokens in the ...
Bitcoin Is a Weapon for Free Speech in the Face of Government and Corporate Censorship
And what does China's ideological commitment to censorship say about the value of free speech and of free speech money, as bitcoin is sometimes ...
eToro Launches Crypto Portfolio Weighted by Twitter Mentions
With an AI system trawling 850,000,000 tweets a day, the eToro product calibrates an optimal coin portfolio based on Crypto Twitter sentiment.
Parroting The Negative: Bitcoin Volume Pushing Up The Daisies
Bitcoin remains stagnant today, still trading within a few points of the $8,300 level. Diversification in altcoins continues, with most of them showing little ...
Bitcoin ETF - Here's what some experts see ahead
In an interview on CNBC, Todd Rosenbluth of CFRA and a top ETF consultant Chris Hempstead said to Bob Pisani about the likelihood of a Bitcoin ...
Oxford English Dictionary Adds 'Satoshi' — Bitcoin's Smallest Unit
The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) announced on Oct. 9 that it added the word “Satoshi,” Bitcoin's (BTC) smallest unit. In the update published on ...
Large Investors' Interest in Bitcoin Futures Is Growing, Says CME
The CME Group, a Chicago-based exchange operator that's been offering bitcoin futures contracts since December of 2017, has revealed big ...
Ethereum (ETH) Breaks Range Resistance But Bitcoin Still Struggling
Ethereum price is showing positive signs versus the US Dollar and bitcoin. ETH price must stay above $185 to continue higher in the near term.
Morgan Creek Co-Founder Says It’s Better for Most Investors to HODL Crypto

If you follow some of the best traders on Crypto Twitter (CT), you would think that trading with leverage is the best way to grow your crypto portfolio. After all, some of these traders post tremendous gains in short periods of time. While these traders flex their skills, they unwittingly make many of their followers […]

China wants centralised digital currency after bitcoin crackdown
As Facebook readies to launch its answer to bitcoin, China is set to introduce its own digital currency -- one that could allow the government and the ...
CME: Despite Pullback in Bitcoin Prices, Investor Interest Is Strong
The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) Group recently tweeted that, despite the Bitcoin (BTC) price pullback, customer interest in CME Bitcoin ...
Bitcoin Whale Transfers Almost $25M in BTC from Binance to Gemini
Recently, the market has been quiet, but the odd increase in high-value transfers makes one wonder — could we see a major move for Bitcoin in the ...
The cryptocurrency market update: Bitcoin and major altcoins lack momentum
Low trading activity on the cryptocurrency market has been keeping Bitcoin and all major altcoins in tight rangers since the beginning of the week.
One Tweet Could Send Bitcoin to $6k, Here's Why
If you have been nervously holding Bitcoin for the past several months, then you might want to take a deep breath before reading ahead, because ...
Crypto sextortion scammers shifting from Bitcoin to Litecoin and other altcoins
Crypto sextortion and phishing scammers are avoiding detection by email filters by using Litecoin and other popular altcoins instead of Bitcoin.
This New Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency Exchange Can't Be Hacked
Bitcoin exchange hacks have plagued the cryptocurrency ecosystem since the first platforms for trading were launched in the early 2010s, and these ...

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