18 October 2019

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Tourists in Popular Japanese Region Could Soon Use a Local Cryptocurrency
Mitsubishi Research Institute and an Osaka-based railway company are issuing a local cryptocurrency for use in a popular tourist area in Japan.
Bitcoin Privacy Is the Only 'Big Question' for Devs, Says Poolin CEO
Bitcoin (BTC) needs to become more resistant to governments as a priority, the CEO of one of its biggest mining pools has said.
Bitcoin News: 18 Millionth BTC To Be Mined Today, Only 3 Million Left
The countdown begins to the 18 millionth Bitcoin (BTC) that is expected to be mined on Friday. The most popular cryptocurrency currently has ...
Fake Tor Browser Has Been Spying, Stealing Bitcoin ‘For Years’
Hackers have been distributing a compromised version of the official Tor Browser that's packed with malware designed to steal bitcoin.
Bitcoin Bites Child Pornographers
IRS special agents have broken up the world's largest child pornography website by tracking down the site's administrator through Bitcoin transactions ...
California plug-in hybrid maker Karma Automotive now accepts Bitcoin
Karma Automotive announced Tuesday that it will now accept Bitcoin at its flagship Newport Beach location. In addition to dabbling in cryptocurrency ...
'Dismal' Bitcoin Volumes Could Signal A Perfect Storm
Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchanges mostly make money from the fees they charge to users making trades (though that's beginning to change).
Circle to Spin Out Poloniex Less Than 2 Years After $400 Million Takeover
Less than two years after paying $400 million to acquire Poloniex, Circle is spinning out the crypto exchange to an Asian investor group.
TOP 3 Price Predictions: BTC, ETH, XRP — Bitcoin is Back Above $8000. Can ETH and XRP ...
Buyers are not strong enough to support the market in a bullish trend, and even Bitcoin is still not ready to move up. At the same time, XRP is looking ...
Bitcoin drops to $7900 amid a ho-hum trading week
Bitcoin continues to show the same relative stability in price that it has exhibited over the last two weeks, as bears and bulls fight for dominance near ...
FATF Joins BIS in Calling Stablecoins ‘Global Risk,’ Citing Money Laundering Concerns
Stablecoins pose a money laundering and terrorist financing risk to the world, the FATF said Friday.
Ex-CEO of Google Africa: Bitcoin a 'Gift' That Will Change Humanity
Computer scientist and general manager of WeWork South Africa, Stafford Masie, has said that Bitcoin (BTC) will change the future of humanity more ...
Bitcoin Store Of Value Sentiment Stronger Than Ever as Economic Collapse Looms

The state of the world economy just over a decade ago was not a pretty picture. A solution was needed and one was offered in the form of a decentralized peer-to-peer digital monetary system. Bitcoin was born and a decade on it appears to be déjà vu for the global economy. This Crash Worse Than...

Buy High and Sell Low? Circle Dumps Poloniex As Crypto Market Interest Wanes

Today, Circle, a US-based finance firm, has revealed that it is “spinning out” crypto trading platform Poloniex into its own independent company, in “an effort to create a competitive internationally-focused cryptocurrency exchange.” Circle first acquired the crypto exchange back in February 2018, around peak interest in the crypto market. Does the company switching gears signal...

Major Bitcoin Miner Warns The Cryptocurrency Needs Better Privacy
The CEO of one of the top three Bitcoin mining pools recently stated that Bitcoin needs better privacy in order to avoid a potential regulatory ...
Bitcoin lightning startup ACINQ launches a wallet for faster payments 'under 3 minutes'
ACINQ, a startup that is working on bitcoin's Lightning Network to make it a “scalable and instant” payments network, has just launched a ...
Binance Hikes Leverage to 125x for Launch of Bitcoin-Tether Futures
Binance's futures exchange is raising leverage to 125x with the launch of bitcoin (BTC)/tether (USDT) contracts today. The cryptocurrency exchange ...
Op Ed: Stablecoins Report Illustrates That G7 Leaders Don't Understand Bitcoin
In it, the working group indicates that bitcoin has failed to act as a reliable store of value or medium of exchange for its users. The report focuses ...
Five Reasons Why Bitcoin Watchers Shouldn't Worry
Pessimistic sentiment has been looming the cryptocurrency markets as we passed the halfway mark of October. Bitcoin has been trading below the ...
Lump Sum Bitcoin Investors Makes More Profits than DCA
Investors who put all their capital at once into bitcoin win more than those who invest strategically over some time, according to a study conducted by ...
With 18 Million Bitcoins Mined, How Hard Is That 21 Million Limit?
In a matter of hours, the 18 millionth bitcoin will have been mined and the world's first cryptocurrency will draw one step closer to its hard-coded cap of ...
Looming Death Cross Suggests Bitcoin May Be Nearing Price Bottom
Bitcoin's 50- and 200-day moving averages (MAs)look set to produce a death cross in the next week or two. Historical data shows the cryptocurrency ...
WATCH: How JET8 Is Injecting Crypto Into the Social Media Value Chain
Jet8 says it is taking a new approach to social media and data ownership using blockchain.
“Full Rollout”: Fidelity Opens Up Bitcoin Business to Billions
As you likely well know, Bitcoin (BTC) hasn't been doing too hot as of late, losing 45% of its year-to-date high of $14,000. Despite this unfortunate ...
Bitcoin Falls Below $8000: Will Support Hold And The Triple Top Pattern Repeat?
Bitcoin is back below $8,000 today, dragging down most of the altcoins with it. Virtually the entire market is down with figures ranging from 1% to 3%, ...
Tor Browser Malware May Have Stolen Users’ Bitcoin For Years

Researchers have identified malware associated with an unofficial version of the Tor Browser. Evidence suggests that the covert software has been tricking users into sending Bitcoin to addresses under the control of scammers. The Tor Browser is the most popular method used to access the dark web. Many visitors to the dark web often use...

Major Bitcoin Milestone: Only 3 Million BTC Left To Mine
Each and every day, miners unlock more and more Bitcoin – as much as 1,800 BTC per day – into the circulating supply of the cryptocurrency.
Bitcoin's Murky Trail Across Dark Web Gets Some Light
Thus, for criminals, at times bitcoin and other cryptos are a conduit to money laundering, ransomware and, at times, just trying to hide in plain sight.
Serious Dark Web Warning Issued After Tor Browser Users Have Bitcoin Stolen
Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies have become a favorite target of hackers and scammers in recent years, spurred by the bitcoin price ...
Bitcoin Price Expected to Fall to $6k, Historical Data Indicates Big Rally Will Follow
As the bitcoin price struggles to remain above $8,000, traders anticipate a drop to the $6,000 region. But, based on historical data, 40% pullbacks are ...
Craig Wright Now Claims Satoshi Nakamoto Plagiarized His Bitcoin Thesis
The video link below appears to show Craig Wright coining the possibility that Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto may have plagiarized a thesis he ...
Bitcoin Has Failed But Global Stablecoins a Threat, Say BIS and G7
Bitcoin and other early cryptocurrencies have failed as an “attractive means of payment or store of value,” says a new report from the G7 and Bank of ...
Bitcoin Cash – ABC, Litecoin and Ripple Daily Analysis – 18/10/19
Bitcoin Cash ABC rose by 2.19% on Thursday. Reversing a 2.18% fall from Wednesday, Bitcoin Cash ABC ended the day at $219.23. A mixed start to ...
Bitcoin Is Heading to $70,000 and Naysayers Can Stay Out, Says Crypto Analyst – Plus Updates on Ripple and XRP, Ethereum and Litecoin

From a bullish outlook on Bitcoin’s trajectory to new adoption for Ethereum and XRP, here’s a look at some of the stories breaking in the world of crypto. Bitcoin Technical analyst and manager of The Active Investor service on Seeking Alpha, Brian Fletcher, says Bitcoin is moving through an Elliott Wave pattern as expected, and […]

Bitcoin as a Savings Technology: Are Interest Accounts Worth the Trade-Offs?
A new meme has begun circulating among Bitcoiners. Much like the “be your own bank” and “digital gold” memes before it, it's straight and to the point.
Bitcoin And Crypto Market Cap Facing Hurdles: BCH, Litecoin, TRX, XLM Analysis
The total crypto market cap corrected a few points, but it faced a strong resistance near $215.0B. Bitcoin price is also correcting higher, but it is likely to ...
Billionaire investor warns of big economic slowdown; how will Bitcoin react?
While bitcoin has been described as a safe haven asset by some, researchers like Thomas Lee at Fundstrat believe BTC has demonstrated qualities ...
ACINQ Unveils Its '2nd Generation' Bitcoin Lightning Network Wallet
French Bitcoin (BTC) Lightning Network (LN) implementation developer ACINQ introduced its second-generation Lightning Network wallet, Phoenix, ...
Digital Securities Exchange Taps R3’s Blockchain for Post-Trade Activities
U.K.-based Archax has inked a deal to use R3's Corda Enterprise to handle post-trade processes for its digital securities exchange.
Fidelity Digital Assets Opens to All Qualified Investors
Fidelity Digital Asset Services is rolling out its custody and trading platform to all qualified clients, after initially expecting it to launch in March.
Bitcoin Price “Death Cross” 10 Days Out as BTC Stagnates at $8,000

While mere days ago analysts were calling for Bitcoin (BTC) to correct higher to $9,000 and potentially even higher, this bullish scenario has not panned out. On the contrary, in fact. Since the weekend, the leading cryptocurrency has returned to $8,000 and has even started to flirt with the $7,000s once again. Related Reading: Bitcoin...

Analysts Target $6200 as Bitcoin Faces Bearish Technicals
After a short period of upwards momentum earlier this week that appeared to be bull's attempt to bolster Bitcoin's price action, bears have once again ...
Kik Sells Messaging App, Reaffirms Kin Crypto Integration
Kik has sold its messaging business to a holding company called MediaLab but plans to continue enabling Kin on the platform
CME Bitcoin Futures Sees Institutional Interest and Demand from Asia
Global markets business CME Group said that institutional interest toward the firm's Bitcoin futures is thriving and 2019's third-quarter data showed a ...
What to Make of the SEC's Latest Bitcoin ETF Rejection
So said the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) last week when it rejected Bitwise's bitcoin ETF proposal in a mammoth 112-page order ...
Signet Could Give Bitcoin a More Stable, Predictable Testnet Option
What's better than the current Bitcoin testnet? A testnet that is highly predictable. This is the goal of the Bitcoin signet, a new sort of testnet proposed by ...
Bitcoin Startup Takes to the Swiss Streets With Tram-Side BTC Marketing Effort
Footage posted by a Swiss crypto startup earlier today shows a tram emblazoned with the word “Bitcoin” and the firm's branding travelling through the ...
Bitcoin price: is the market heading for a 'perfect storm'?
Bitcoin's turbulent summer has been followed by an equally rocky autumn - and it could have major repercussions on the cryptocurrency industry as a ...
Bitcoin review: Facebook has Libra troubles; only 3 million bitcoins left
Facebook Inc.'s ambitious plan to create a mass-market digital currency akin to bitcoin appears to be unraveling. That's according to a feature ...
Bitcoin re-enters $8000-zone, but what is its upside potential? - Confluence Detector
Following two straight bearish days, which took the price below the $8,000-zone, BTC/USD is on the course to recovery. Bitcoin had gone up from ...
Bitcoin Isn't a Ponzi Scheme — Negative-Yielding Bonds Are
More than $17 trillion is currently stuck in global negative-yielding bonds, prompting many economists to speculate over the possibility of grave ...
Huobi Plans to Open Fiat Gateway with Lira-Tether Pairing in Turkey
Global crypto exchange Huobi plans to roll out a fiat gateway in Turkey that could increase access to more than 250 cryptocurrencies for local investors.
Bitcoin price prediction: BTC/USD bracing for more bumps after re-entering the $8000's ...
As Bitcoin continues to find its space above $8,000, Craig Wright continues to fight for recognition as the true Satoshi Nakamoto. He even went ahead ...
Tor Weaponized to Steal Bitcoin
Criminals are using the Tor browser — long a favorite of privacy-conscious users — to steal Bitcoin from their victims, researchers at ESET have ...
Cambodia’s Central Bank Testing Digital Wallet to Ease Cross-Border Payments
Cambodia’s Central Bank wants to slash the cost of cross-border payments and is studying how its Bakong digital wallet might help.
Bitcoin Weekly Forecast: Nothing to crow about
Bitcoin (BTC) attempted a recovery above $8,400 and resumed the decline into the end of the week. At the time of writing, BTC/USD is changing ...
Bitcoin (BTC) Price Accelerating Losses Below $8K, $7.5K Very Likely
Bitcoin price is struggling to rebound above $8,100 against the US Dollar. Therefore, BTC is likely to resume its decline below $8,000 and $7,900 in ...
China’s Cryptocurrency Plan Has a Powerful Partner: Big Brother
Facebook’s Libra project led Beijing to accelerate its efforts. The government could soon know a lot more about how people are spending.
Bitcoin, Gold Dives in Tandem as China Posts Poor Economic Data
Perceived safe-haven assets Bitcoin and Gold were trending downwards on Friday as investors processed the emotional aftermath of China's weak ...
Bitcoin Billionaire Says There Are Now 17,000,000,000,000 Reasons to Buy BTC

Gemini co-founder Cameron Winklevoss thinks the skyrocketing level of global stock held in negative interest bonds is a boon for Bitcoin. Winklevoss and his twin Tyler became billionaires by buying into BTC early, when it was worth around $8.00. Cameron thinks it’s still smart to invest in the currency, in part due to the some […]

SEC Wants Second Look at Bitwise Bitcoin ETF Proposal
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is reviewing its order issued last week pertaining to a rejected proposal for a bitcoin ...
Crypto Exchange Upbit’s Operator Eyes Blockchain in OTC Securities Trading
Dunamu, the operator of Upbit, is releasing a new app this month for trading unlisted securities with a plan to add in blockchain next year.
Multi Trillion-Dollar Asset Manager Fidelity Ramps Up Bitcoin and Crypto Custody Business

Boston-based Fidelity Investments, a multinational financial services firm with $2.8 trillion in assets under management, is ramping up its custody and trading services for crypto assets. The Bitcoin-friendly powerhouse first started mining BTC in 2014 by setting up a $200,000 crypto mining facility “just for fun” and turning it into a profit. Fidelity CEO Abigail […]

If Bitcoin Fails a Reversal Above $7000, Look Out Below (Claims Analyst)
On Sept 24 the Bitcoin price suffered a flash crash of roughly 18% in a day. Since then, it has been trading inside a range of $7,800-$8,800, creating a ...

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